Crimson Dawn: Chapter 11: Judgement

In the days that followed Pudgy’s arrival at the prison, he followed a set schedule.  This first couple of days was a bit rough, with his shinobi guards being rather harsh with him, until the little hedgehog was able to acclimate to their way of doing things.  Wake at sunrise, a scant meal of radish or carrots and tea, then being escorted to a gigantic room nearby to his area in the kitchen / maximum security.  Out the stainless metal door, down the hall, make a left, down the hall, make a right, and to another wide room near the front entry of the structure.  In the time of humans, this area was used as a reception room for dignitaries as they waited to be escorted to their sleeping quarters.  Many rich and powerful humans once stood here, making polite conversation while sipping tea from fine porcelain cups. 

The shinobi rabbits interrogated him over and over, asking the same questions different ways.  The hedgehog noticed a theme to their questioning, and tried his best to give them the answers that they wanted.  However, by day four the questions, and their corresponding answers all started to sound the same.  That resulted in much harsher lines of questioning, or members of his crew being escorted to join Pudgy in the intense questioning.  The rabbits wanted to know the exact timeline of events of when the humans disappeared.  They also wanted every detail to the tiniest of minutiae of the dragon transformation of Cobalt, and the former human’s ultimate conversion to an eagle.  There were many talks about the Great Spirit, and the battles both observed and heard by the critters within the prison. 

The little hedgehog relished every moment he could spend with the various members of his ship’s crew.  He was able to find out what had happened in the time that he had left the ship till now.  The combination of starvation and exhaustion hit his friends all about the same time.  They immediately fell asleep, and slept so soundly that none were aware that they had been carried off while they slept.  When the various animals woke up, they were in the imperial guest quarters.  At first there were helpful townsfolk who said they had been summoned to assist with this recuperation and acclimation to Japan.  However, it was not long until new animals arrived: armed and watching with disapproving eyes.  Mr. Bunny could not hold his sons back as they excitedly bounced to greet the ninja bunnies as they called them.  That resulted in a harsh rebuke of their excitement, and an immediate distrust between both sides.  The crew had remained confined to a large room with grass woven mats of varying shades of pale brown.  There was a mural of a mountain that had been hand painted by humans from long ago on the wall. 

After each long day of interrogation and scant time with his friends, the hedgehog was led back to the cells.  Pudgy was locked inside his chicken cage turned prison cell, and provided another scant meal of carrots or radishes.  There was a polite indifference being shown towards him, with few bits of levity offered by his captors.  While at first fearful, Pudgy began to look forward to the time during the evening with his fellow maximum-security resident.  Genghis the Pallas cat was following a similar schedule, though he was led down an opposite hallway to a different room for his questioning.  The cat always had a sour expression on his face, but that was the way nature had designed him.  There were several nuances to his expression, which the critter was starting to pick up on.  He had generally a pleasant disposition, though it was mixed with long bouts of boastful pride.

The hedgehog had learned that Genghis was the ruler of a large tribe of Pallas cats.  They were primarily in Mongolia, which was a mountainous country to the North of the human lands once known as China.  Over time, and with no humans to prevent their conquest, they had reclaimed the northern lands where their ancestors once hunted.  Not content with ruling that land, their conquest spread to the south by south east to reach the coastline of the Yellow sea.  His conquering force was amazed by the destruction of the human cities.  The salt water had spread so far inland, that the human city of Shenyang was now ocean front property.  Due to the flooding of the land, construction on a fleet of junk ships was required to ensure that the conquest proceeded on schedule.  Local animals were conscripted into service, and in time there was enough materials gathered to construct a dozen vessels.  The fleet sailed shortly thereafter, hugging the coast line of the Korean peninsula, which too had greatly shrunk in size due to the high ocean level.

Their ocean voyage was going well, until a horrific typhoon struck the fleet.  Many ships, and good soldiers were lost at sea.  What little survived of the fleet was then picked off by sharks and other monsters from deep below the ocean’s surface.  It was sheer luck that his ship had survived, and encountered Pudgy’s ship.  The hedgehog protested, saying the Determined had not made any aggressive motions towards the Pallas cats.  With eyes burning brightly, he demanded to know why Genghis had ordered to attack.  His golden eyes twitched, and just as he was about to speak, the shinobi guards suddenly burst in and pulled the cat away for questioning.  The little critter curled up to fall asleep on the cool metal cage floor, and awoke for a short time, when the guards returned his fellow prisoner back to his cell.      

Of course, as the two captives spoke, every word was written down and reported back.  The next day’s questioning would invariably include the story from the night before.  But by the time the seventh day had arrived, Pudgy and Genghis were served their morning breakfast by a new shinobi guard.  Two bowls of Okayu was served, and while the cats hissed as he ate, Pudgy munched away wiggling his nose.  It was soft, wet, and bland, but Pudgy thought he could see grains of rice.  It was in fact a weak rice porridge, and a welcome change of pace from the usual diet of local vegetables.  The guard watched them, and started to speak with a familiar voice.  “Well, I think we have learned all that we can from you two.”  The hedgehog looked up with a look of realization as he connected the voice to a face, “Sichio Touma?”  The rabbit nodded, and started to undo the black fabric covering his face.  The black rabbit’s nose twitched as he looked at the hedgehog as he finished his meal.  “Pudgy … you will be released from this place … later today.  You will be able to join your crew.  There may still be questions to be asked, but we do not feel that you are as much of a threat as we once suspected.” 

The sour looking cat looked up from his much larger wooden bowl as he swallowed, “and what about me … rabbit?”  Touma narrowed his eyes, “if it were up to me, I would not feed you and let you starve.  If I could get away with it, I would strike you down where you sit.  Alas, the emperor has not willed such am action to occur.  For now, your status will remain the same.  Our hedgehog friend provided all that he knew, with minimum persuasion.  You on the other hand, still appear to be lying and withholding key information.  Therefore, you remain a risk to national security, and subject to confinement.”  Touma turned around and spoke in Japanese to the original two guards who were standing just out of view, and exited the room with measured steps.  It was not long until their normal guards took their positions around the room, and began observation once again.  As Pudgy set his empty wooden bowl in front of the cage, he wiggled his nose, “thank you for breakfast.”  The little hedgehog always thanked the guards, despite their harsh attitudes at time.  That general pleasant disposition was causing the steadfast protectors of the realm, to soften towards the Determined’s captain. 

There was no morning session of questioning for Pudgy, though he watched as Genghis was escorted by his guards to continue with their conversations.  This meant the critter was alone in the cavernous empty kitchen, surrounded by stainless steel surfaces.  There was no sound at all, and the air grew stale as the morning sun warmed the structure.  There was not much to do, nor things to look at, so he curled up and fell asleep.  It was almost noon, when the guards entered the room, and opened the cage door for Pudgy.  They gently shook the sleeping hedgehog, who woke up and rubbed the sleep away from his eyes with the back of his paws.  A paw motion was made by the rabbits, and the hedgehog scampered behind them.  He had no restraints on, and could finally run as he normally did.  It felt so good, to walk normally.  The rabbits were hopping on their hind legs, trying to remain upright, though sometimes too had to steady themselves on all fours.  Out the stainless metal door, down the hall, make a right, down the hall, and another right they headed.  At the end of the long hall way there was an open set of wooden doors covered by white paper. 

The various animals that comprised the Determined’s crew were lined up, and moving slowly towards a group of town animals who were serving wooden bowls of a white substance.  Pudgy recognized it as the rice porridge he had been served in the morning by his guards.   The rabbits escorted him to the back of the line, and then slowly hopped off to head back towards the open doors.  Directly in front of him was Angeliki, who had not noticed yet who was standing behind her.  She chirped, “while I am glad for the sustenance provided, I hope it is not carrots again.”  The little hedgehog nodded, “it is some type of rice porridge.  Pudgy had it earlier, it is ok.”  The raven quickly spun around and started hugging him, “PUDGY!”  The other animals in line turned around and started to bounce happily, which also included the town animals serving the meals.  The guards started to give disapproving looks, which quieted the room down, and resumed order.  One by one the various animals were served in wooden bowls, and scampered off to their respective places around the room.  Pudgy was last to be served, and a sad looking field mouse in a kimono scraped as best she could what was left. 

“Arigato …Pudgy think …is thank you,” he said as he accepted the half full bowl.  The field mouse twitched her nose and bounced nodding.  Carefully the hedgehog moved to sit down beside Angeliki and Pastor Blue Jay.  The two birds were pecking their beaks into the porridge.  The former human priest chirped happily, “glad to see that you are well Pudgy … ugh …this stuff tastes like paste.  But I will not turn down a meal offered; the good Lord provides sustenance in mysterious ways.”  As the little hedgehog nodded and quickly finished his meal, he whispered quietly.  “Angeliki … did you find the ley line?”  The black bird nodded, “yes Pudgy.  It is not located on the shrine property as Shima said, but nearby to where the imperial palace is.”  The blue jay chirped, “we were scouting a temple … Buddhist I think  … called Kiyomizu-Dera.  I was telling the local birds about our lord and savior Jesus Christ …when …”  The raven chirped as she swallowed the last bit of the porridge, “we were detained by several screech owls for unauthorized entry and religious extremism.  It turns out, that the Shinto religion is the only religion allowed here.”  The pastor nodded, “I have been educated at to local laws and customs, and have been instructed to not bring that up during the remainder of my stay here.  Anyhow, the owls escorted us here for intensive questioning.”     

As the various animals finished their meals, the wooden bowls were gathered, and then returned to the town animals who were placing them on a little wooden wagon.  Zippy the squirrel hugged Pudgy, took his bowl, and scampered off quickly.  Argente and Shima were sitting alongside an open doorway that looked out towards a shallow pond with large orange fish swimming around.  The two foxes spotted Pudgy and waved their paws at him, which Pudgy smiled and waved back.  Turning back to Angeliki, “do you know if we can activate the ley line like we did on Mt. Apo?”  The raven nodded, “it should be the same process as before Pudgy, we just need you to activate the stone.”  The little hedgehog nodded, “ok, Pudgy understand.  We need to figure out a way to get there, and then Pudgy can activate ley line.”  The pastor nodded, “provided we can get there, then what?  It is mountainous, densely covered forest to get there.  There is no way we can get everyone safely there.”

Pudgy got a thoughtful look, and soon was joined by the four squirrels: Zippy, Zany, Digger and George.  They hugged and bounced with the hedgehog, who returned their embraces warmly.  It was not long until the four chipmunks arrived and sat nearby: Acorn, Peanut, Walnut, and Filbert.  They all started chatting excitedly, and caught up with Pudgy who described what had happened since he left the ship.  Unlike his normal adventures, this one was boring.  Head to town, tell story, head to shrine, tell story … but the crane emperor and princess did draw some interest.  Argente and Shima had told everyone what had happened at Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine, so they were aware, but hearing Pudgy tell his part provided some needed context.  Eventually the bunnies, field mice, and foxes joined the semi-circle and were chatting.  The hedgehog hugged every animal one at a time, and apologized for getting them into this mess. 

The words spoken by their hedgehog friend was unlike anything he had said before.  As they grew quiet, Pudgy entered the center of the circle and started to address every animal.  “Pudgy will figure out way for us to return home, and then we will never go on another adventure again.  Pudgy just want to go home, and have all friends come home, and have tea parties and play tag.  No more danger, no more excitement, just boring days along the river.  Steam ship rides to the lake, meet the beavers, visit with the blue herons who live in the marshland.”  The various animals nodded, and started to sigh sadly as they remembered their homes and happier times.  Shima frowned, with her ears drooping down, “I did not know things would turn out this way.  I only wanted to see my daughter, and perhaps visit her home once the ley line was activated.”

At the rear of the room, where the doors were open, an authoritative voice called out.  “Is the food not to your liking?”  As the group turned, they could see the Crane Emperor and his daughter standing behind him in the doorway.  Pudgy immediately bowed, which his crew turned and did the same.  The guards grinned as their prisoners had finally been properly trained, and bowed as well.  The two tall white birds strode in slowly on their spindly legs, and crossed the distance to reach the Determined’s crew.  Shima spoke for the group, “the food is wonderful …crane emperor.  We thank you for your generous offering of sustenance.”  The princess looked around, and could see the sad expressions on the animals’ faces, as they occasionally looked up to sneak a glance of the two birds.  The emperor nodded, “you may raise your heads, I have questions.  My shinobi guards have questioned all of you: individually and in groups.  I have now come to better understand your intentions on coming to my country.  But there is something that troubles my mind, and my daughter has questions as well.  Princess Chinatsu, please ask your questions first, I wish to know more as well.”

The female crane nodded, and strode up to stand beside her father on the left, though slightly behind to ensure he was foremost.  She watched as the crew of the Determined started to tense up, and whimper softly.  The princess shot a sideways look at her father before speaking, “please everyone, do not be afraid, I only wish to know more of your home.  Captain Pudgy … what is this … Friendship Town … like?”  The hedgehog nodded and sat up so he could better look at her, “Friendship Town was built around Pudgy’s underground home.  Pudgy used to live in a little cabin with a pond in the middle of the forest, and Pudgy friends would visit for tea.”  The princess honked softly, “that sounds nice, what happened to your cabin?”  Mr. Bunny laughed, “oh he blew it up when the rocket took off.”  The two birds looked at each other, and then listened as the animals slowly started to open and speak freely.  The town was very much like Fushimi village, with little houses and homes built of the various animals.  They wanted to live in peace and happiness, though the hedgehog and his adventures upended those plans on a consistent basis.     

The river that ran through their town connected to a large lake, where Mr. Bear’s cabin was and further down where Beaver Town was located.  Going the opposite direction took them to the Otter outpost, and the large Allegheny River that led to the ocean.  Unlike the mean bears in Japan, Mr. bear was nice and lived with his father, making bear drinks from funny copper pots that bubbled.  The stories quieted down as the princess nodded, and took a step back and bowed her head.  The emperor nodded, “the stories you have told sound pleasant.  I know not why you would want to leave such a place; therefore, I believe it to be best that you would return there.  In your stories Pudgy Hedgehog and Angeliki Raven, you spoke of a ley line.  It allowed travel between vast distances through the earth, connecting places to one another.  Have you located such a place here within my country?”  Both the hedgehog and black bird nodded, which drew a pleasant-sounding honk from the large bird.

The emperor nodded, “here are my terms.  You will surrender your ship, and all property within to the sovereign nation of Japan.  My shinobi guard will escort you to the location of the ley line, and you will instruct me on its operation.  Once I am satisfied, you will be allowed to return home.  Know this, you will not be permitted to return ever again … unless I deem it necessary.  Are my terms agreeable?”  The crane watched as the various crew members of the Determined looked at each other, and then nodded in unison.  The hedgehog bowed deeply and spoke, “on behalf of the crew of the Determined, we humbly accept your terms … oh mighty crane emperor.”  The princess giggled, “someone taught them how to flatter properly.”  That remark drew a sideways glance from her father, who honked happily.  “Excellent … my shinobi will properly be able to patrol the waters around Kyoto now.  I will leave you in their capable paws, and coordinate your transport to Kiyomizu-Dera.”

The animals all began to bow deeply again, and stayed in that position as both cranes exited the room.  Once it was safe to rise, the various animals stood up and started to talk excitedly amongst themselves.  The shinobi guards were silent, but soon started to approach and line every animal up.  The crew of the Determined started to be marched out through the open doorway, make a right, down the hall, make a left, down the hallway, and to the open doors that led into the guest house/prison.  The group turned and followed the shinobi rabbits as they walked at a brisk pace. There was once a service road where cars could travel, which had been reclaimed by the forest.  However, there was still a passable stretch of asphalt the animals could use, and it snaked through the trees, until it reached a large crushed stone concourse.  Pudgy sort of recognized where he was, and if they continued straight, they would head towards the imperial palace where the emperor lived.  The guards turned left, and they started to walk towards a large dark oak wooden gate structure.          

Due to size of the group, composition of its animal make-up, and the general heat of the day; a rest stop was needed at the gate.  The shinobi rabbits were already covered in black fur, and wearing black fabric on top of it, so they were absorbing heat and sun from every angle, making them even more miserable.  The rest stop was brief, but welcome, and once more they were marched off to the east.  Through the tall Torri gate and barracks the group passed, and forward until they reached a crumbling concrete canal.  Sliding down the smooth walls, the group turned right and followed along a river that varied in depth.  Hoppy bunny dipped his nose into the water and sniffed before taking a drink, and it smelled funny.  “Daddy, the water doesn’t smell good.”  One shinobi nodded as he stopped by the younger rabbit, “do not drink the water.  This canal is polluted from an unknown source up river.  We are still trying to locate the pollutant.”  The water had an iridescent purple and blue hue to it, that seemed to condense into swirls, before trailing off as the current increased.   

The march continued until late in the evening, when they reached a suitable place to rest for the night.  Unlike the prison, there was no helpful town animals who brought a meal, but the residents of Friendship Town were happy to be outside.  They started to scout the area, under the watchful eye of the shinobi rabbits, and soon found a plethora of wild plants to eat.  For a change, most animals had a nice full belly, and wiggled as they watched Shima and Argente catch fish out of a creek nearby to the main river.  The foxes ate just out of view of the animals, but within view of their guards.  They huddled around each other, and soon fell fast asleep under a cloudy night sky. 

The next day was the same pattern of brisk march, rest, gather food for meal, brisk march, gather food for meal, sleep.  They followed the river canal a far distance, before turning left and heading up a crumbling highway.  The asphalt and concrete were crumbling so badly in spots, that the chipmunks had to be lifted over the deep gouges that stretched below the road surface.  The highway soon narrowed considerably between a row of tightly packed homes on each side of a two-lane road.  The homes were falling apart, and many had collapsed into their centers.  There was virtually no sound, save for the occasional bird chirping in the roof rafters.  Angeliki and Pastor Blue Jay really wanted to fly, but were forced to walk with the rest of the group.  The guards had tied their wings, and the pastor’s beak shut, to ensure compliance.   The road became steep, and wound its way up the mountain, and towards a series of Torri gates that could be seen in the distance.

Once again, they rested for the evening, and started their travel once again early the next morning.  Unlike Fushimi Inari Taisha, the buildings of this holy shine were in terrible disrepair.  The buildings had been struck by lightning, and burned to shells of their former glory.  The ground was cracked and jagged rocks stood where Buddhist priests lived and practiced their faith on the eastern mountains that overlooked Kyoto.  The Shinobi rabbits which once had numbered about a dozen, had swollen to over thirty, as they had appeared along the way during the march.  Argente was covered with exhausted squirrels and chipmunks, while her mother had the bunnies and field mice riding on her back.  Pudgy was scampering, though at a slower hedgehog pace, while following Angeliki.  The raven protested that it would be better for their efforts if she would be allowed to fly, but the black fabric covered rabbits declined her request.  It took hours of painstaking exploration, to find their destination. 

The central building of the shrine was a gigantic structure.  Its roof lines were so steep, and its frameworks so iconic, that the structure could be seen from most parts of Kyoto.  Though the trees had grown much taller over this time without humans, the shrine could still be seen from the imperial palace.  However, time was not kind to this ancient wood building.  Without the hundreds of monks attending to the building, it had to begin to deteriorate.  Pastor blue jay chirped sadly, and said a silent prayer that the monks would be at peace.  The large building had a path beside it, that led down a narrow set of hand cut stone stairs.  By the time of the third evening had arrived, the group had arrived at an ancient shrine.  The rock was granite, with a mixture of limestone mixed into its veins.  Green moss was growing everywhere, as the sound of water falling could be heard.  There was a faded red panted structure that resembled a house on top of the wall, which led a stone Torri gate that had three streams of water flowing out of the supports.  The streams of water fell into a shallow pool, that had seven white stone circles, surrounded by green plants which swayed in the constant current of water.    

The animals dropped onto their bellies, and exhaustedly wheezed as they looked at Angeliki for confirmation.  The black bird nodded, “we are here.  This is where the ley line is located.  I believe the Buddhists built this shrine on top of it, because they could feel the ancient power stored deep within it.”  One of the shinobi rabbits nodded, “I took my wife here once.  Those three streams of water are said to be sacred, and will bring long life … longevity and love.  You would pay a donation, and take a cup of water from the flowing stream.  This place was always packed, and there would be long lines.”  The crew of the Determined nodded and smiled at the guard, who immediately quieted down when he realized he had spoken out loud.  The other guards did not respond outwardly, but thoughts of home and family spread in their minds. 

As the night sky started to be revealed, the trees all began to move.  The screech owls made this temple their home, and began to send out their nightly calls.  The squirrels, chipmunks, and field mice quickly moved closer to Argente and Shima, trying to hide from the owls’ view.  Pudgy wiggled his nose, missing Alabaster and his snow owl friends.  He wondered how the arctic owls were doing, in this ever-warming world?  It was not long until an owl quickly flew down and landed in front of where Pudgy was sitting.  Turning around he waved his wings, “Pudgy, it’s me Fett 4 Hire … when did you come here?”  The little hedgehog bounced happily, and tiredly moved towards the tall slender owl covered in brown feathers.  He hugged him, and wiggled his nose, “oh boy, Pudgy glad you are ok Mr. Fett!  We got here earlier today; the emperor has decreed that we can go home to Friendship Town.”    

The former human turned owl hooted softly in confusion, “how can you go home from here?  This is a mountain temple in Japan.”  The owl watched as Pudgy started to scamper towards a large white stone box covered in kanji carvings.  Upon reaching the edge of the shallow fountain, he started to glide over the water.  The stone circles started to move, sliding along the bottom of the fountain, and moved into equidistant positions around the center of the fountain where Pudgy was floating.  The ground started to shake, and soon a burst of ethereal blue light began to be emitted from the ground and towards the skies above.  Fett sounded a warning call, and soon dozens of screech owls began to fly down and land along various places on the stone wall at the rear of the shine.  The various animals of the Determined woke up and watched with wide eyes as the light illuminated the area. 

The shinobi rabbits stood guard, and watched too with unblinking eyes.  Angeliki Raven quickly bounced along the ground towards the fountain, and chirped happily, “good job Pudgy!  You activated the ley line, now we need to find Friendship Town.  Start slowing turning to the right,” the bird said while she watched as the rabbits and owl guards staring at the hedgehog intently.  As the critter turned, he started to see visions of the area he faced far to the distant horizon.  It was ocean waves, rolling and crashing.  Shima giggled when the chipmunks excitedly pointed in the sky above, “look it’s the ocean!”  The shinobi looked up as well, and soon saw a gigantic mountain come into focus.  Shima grinned, “Mt. Apo.”  Pudgy stopped and the light changed to a bright white, and the ground shook violently, with a clanking sound coming from somewhere. 

“MISTER DAVE!  ARE YOU AWAKE? PUDGY MADE IT TO JAPAN!”  The little hedgehog shouted, and the sound started to echo as it moved straight up.  One shinobi rabbit guard looked at Angeliki, “what is he doing?”  The raven nodded, “we need to align the ley line to the various nodes.  We know where Mt. Apo is, so now we can dial in where friendship town is located.  Have you ever used a radio?”  The rabbit nodded, and then pointed as the strangest looking bird appeared overhead.  It had pale blue eyes, and was covered in a mixture of yellow and brown feathers.  Soon a voice could be heard, “PUDGY! I was so worried about you.  I am glad you made it safely to Japan!”  Dave the Philippine eagle had appeared in the skies above, and was waving his brown tipped wing.” 

Pudgy wiggled his nose, and called out, “Pudgy needs to find Friendship Town now.  The emperor has told us we have to go home now.  No one can come to Japan.”  The eagle nodded, “ok, I understand.  Please let me know when you are home safe and sound.  I would very much like to visit Friendship Town.”  The hedgehog waved, and started to turn to the left, and soon the eagle disappeared from overhead view.  Fett the owl nodded, “it was dark on that mountain … is Japan … what … 12 hours ahead of the United States?  That means it should be around …. “Angeliki nodded, “probably noon time.  The visions of the ocean soon were replaced by densely covered forests, then ocean again, then forest, until a very familiar set of trees could be seen.  “MISTER DREW!  ARE YOU AWAKE?” 

Instead of a red panda’s face appearing, a large white tiger appeared with pale blue eyes.  The shinobi rabbits shrieked at the rows of sharp teeth exposed as it started to talk.  “PUDGY!  It is Blood Honey!  Oh, my I was so worried about you and the others!”  The hedgehog smiled, and the ground shook hard again with a loud clanking sound.  The second coordinate had been locked, and the portal to home had been opened.  Before the shinobi rabbits could respond, the crew members of the Determined immediately rushed towards Pudgy.  The owls watched in amazement as the animals immediately became bathed in blue light, and soon started to shoot upwards into the skies and disappear.  The white tigress started laughing from the skies above, “wait … I am not ready yet … oh sure fire squirrels at me!” 

Argente looked at her mother, who winked back, and lunged towards the open portal.  Both foxes became bathed in blue light, and soon shot upwards into the sky.  Angeliki and Pastor Blue Jay quickly bounced next, and as one shinobi rabbit tried to grab the pastor’s tail feather, he chirped hard as it was ripped out as he started to float upwards.  Fett looked at his parliament, and without a second though quickly flew into the beam of light, and soon he too was flying upwards behind the raven and blue jay.  Mr. Bunny and his sons were last to enter the light beam, and once they began to float upwards, the youngest son Bouncy called out. “I thought ninja bunnies would be cool!  You are a bunch of stinky tails. I want to be a robo-bunny now!”    

The shinobi rabbits looked in awe and amazement as the light beam started to fade.  They immediately rushed towards it, but found an invisible wall had been formed.  Pudgy was the key to the ley line, and he wiggled his nose as the light faded, as well as his body.  The little hedgehog went ethereal, until he faded from view.  It was not long until the temple fountain was dark once more.  The stone circles slid back to their original positions, and the three streams of falling water began to fall once again.  The gaijin had returned home, and their land was peaceful once again.  The black fabric covered rabbits all looked at each other, wondering who would tell the emperor what had happened?  The two closest to the fountain made paw motions, “guu … paa … choki!”  It was rock paper scissors, and was going to take a while.    

By Cobalt

Cobalt is a normal guy that goes to work. Pudgy is his hedgehog friend who lives in a hobbit style home nearby, and goes on epic adventures. All Pudgy stories are copyrighted to Cobalt. Doomcock, Harvey Cthulhu, and Xanadoom is copyrighted to Overlord DVD.

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