Eternal Summer: Chapter 3: Desperate Friends

Pudgy was scampering as fast as his little legs could carry him away from Mr. Bear’s cabin.  He was so upset that he had chosen to run away from the bear’s cabin.  His friends had lied to him, something he never had expected, resulting in his sobbing terribly as he maneuvered through the tall grass.  Their actions had been going on for a long time, which made it hurt even more.  Eventually he ran out of energy, and collapsed onto the bank of the original stream that once bordered the path to the human town.  As the birds chirped in the tree branches above, the little hedgehog wheezed as he tried to catch his breath.  A familiar chirp started to approach closer, and soon Pastor Blue Jay could be seen flying down out of the trees to land beside him.  Noticing the tears flowing from the little hedgehog’s eyes, the former human looked at him with a concerned look.  “What is it Pudgy, are you all right?”  The critter sobbed, and had to repeat himself a couple times for the Pastor to understand what was going on?  Once the full story had been told, the bird was quiet while contemplating the story told to him. 

The two watched the stream flow past them, splashing against the various rocks that jutted up from the bottom of the stream.  The blue jay chirped, “I see, that is indeed concerning that all of your friends would do such a thing to you.”  The bird paused a moment, to allow time for the upset critter to recover, before he asked further questions to clarify what was going on?  As with any upset individual, there was the initial triggering event, but also an originating event that was the root cause.  “If I may ask a question however … Pudgy …If you knew something that would risk your friends: would you tell them?  Or would you keep it to yourself?”  The little hedgehog looked at him while sitting up, “NO! Pudgy would tell them.  That is why Pudgy upset, they knew, and didn’t tell Pudgy!” 

The pastor nodded again, “did you ask why?  Perhaps they had a good reason to avoid telling you this information?”  The critter started to look grumpy again as the tears dried on his cheeks, “yes … they said they didn’t want Pudgy to go on an adventure again!  It was too dangerous!  Pudgy has gone on plenty of adventures, and Pudgy has come back from every one!”  The former human chirped as he laughed, “well I can certainly understand their concern.  Ever since I have been here, it seems like you are on a never-ending series of adventures that grow more dangerous each time.”  Reading the situation, and the increasingly upset expression on the hedgehog’s face, he lifted his wing tip to gently pat his head.  “If you had known this information as soon as they did, what would you have done?”  The hedgehog wiggled his nose, “Pudgy would have stocked up the steam ship, and sailed to Manilla.”  The Pastor nodded, and contemplated once again.  It would be useful to try and convince his little friend to return to the cabin from whence he came, and to discuss with the others what was advised.  Perhaps the blue jay could broker a peace between the arguing parties? 

Before the blue jay could speak again, the sounds of an owl hooting could be heard approaching.  As both hedgehog and bird turned to face the right side of the creek, they watched as a gray and black owl was flying across the water.  Opening up its wings, it coasted in and landed a short distance from Pudgy on the river bank.  Pale yellow eyes locked onto him, as a small pale gray beak opened.  A familiar voice escaped from within the owl, “PUDGY! OH MY GOD, I FOUND YOU!”  The little hedgehog stood up and scampered over and immediate started hugging the owl.  “Heather!  Pudgy so glad you came to Pudgy’s forest!  Pastor, this is Heather, Pudgy friend from Georgia.”  The blue jay waved his blue feathered wing tips at the owl, “a please to make your acquaintance, I’m a Pastor.  I think I had a name once, but can’t remember it anymore.  So, Pastor works, “the former human said while chirping happily.  Heather hooted softly, “likewise Pastor, I am glad to meet you.  Pudgy … Beth will be coming shortly; she was having trouble with some bramble bushes higher up on the hill.”  The little hedgehog bounced excitedly, “Blood Honey is coming too?”

As the trio watched, a white tigress came rolling down the hillside.  The bramble bushes had wrapped around her legs, resulting in her tripping, rolling, and eventually winding up in the creek.  A terrific splash was sent in all directions, as the larger animal kicked and snapped the brambles free of her legs.    As a water-logged Beth stood up while she recovered, there was a mixture of curse words and tiger growls.  Several of the brambles floated down the creek away from the tiger, and while turning around to reveal a few brambles still curled around her white and black striped tail, pale blue eyes located Pudgy.  “Pudgy!  Oh, my goodness, did we make it to your forest?”  The former human padded up out of the creek, and started to shake off the water, sending it in all directions.  Thankfully Beth kept the splashing to a minimum, and didn’t wet the smaller animals.  Wet or not, the little hedgehog scampered over and started to hug Blood Honey’s white furry leg.  Heather hooted softly, listening to a soft purr come from the tiger. 

Pudgy turned back to the blue jay, “Pastor … this is Blood Honey.  She also lives in Georgia, somewhere near to Heather, Pudgy thinks.”  The tigress giggled, and waved her paw, “hello Pastor, you can call me Beth.”  The blue jay chirped, “a pleasure to meet you both.  I was just discussing a personal matter with our hedgehog friend here.  There was a disagreement of some sort between him and his friends, which I would like very much to resolve.  Pudgy, I know you are still upset, but can you take us back to Mr. Bear’s cabin?  I would like to discuss matters with the others.”  The hedgehog sniffed his nose, “ok Pastor, Pudgy thinks Pudgy ok now.  Thank you for listening to Pudgy,” the little hedgehog said while releasing the tigress’s leg, and started to scamper past them and towards the cabin.  Motioning with his paws to follow: Heather, Beth, and the Pastor started to follow behind their critter friend.  Up through the forest path they went, through the field of tall grass, to reach Mr. Bear’s cabin. 

Beth and Heather were so excited, since they were getting to see all the places that their little hedgehog friend had told them about.  It was just as the critter described it: a dark brown log cabin, with green shutters, and a stacked stone chimney.  The copper still pots were not part of the story though, which made both the former human women giggle.  As the hedgehog came back into view of the covered porch, the eagle spotted him first and hopped off of the porch and waved his wing tip.  As the owl, blue jay, and white tiger approached next, Cobalt chirped in greeting at the approaching group.  “Pudgy … welcome back …I see that you found some friends to join you.  Hello to all of you, I’m Cobalt, welcome to the Friendship Town outer limits.”  Both the owl and tigress blinked, seeing the former human man had been turned into a bald eagle.   Pudgy wiggled his nose as he sniffed again, “Hi Cobalt.  Pudgy found Heather Owl and Beth Tiger along the creek.” 

Heather hooted softly, before bouncing up to hug the bald eagle.  “Yup, Stellar Heather and Blood Honey have finally made it to Pudgy’s forest.  Although I always expected to drive here, and go to that Italian restaurant that had the Pudgy sized meatballs.  Never did I expect to bet turned into a screech owl, and fly with a white tiger to reach here.”   The tigress purred happily, and wiggled her striped tail. “Hello Cobalt, I am glad to see you are here with Pudgy. You look good as an eagle, but I somehow expected you to be bigger, given what happens to Pudgy all the time?  Is this Mr. Bear’s cabin, from Pudgy’s stories?”  A deep voice called out from the covered porch, as the large brown bear sat up and waved a large paw.  “Hello, I brought out the refreshments, please stop for a visit.” 

The group headed back onto the crowded porch, and after some maneuvering around, every animal was sitting happily.  Argente the silver fox waved per paw at Blood Honey and Stellar Heather in greeting.  After introductions of the various occupants of the porch were made, the female animals giggled as they looked at the little hedgehog.  Pastor blue jay was perched on the railing of the porch beside Cobalt eagle, watching as the bear daintily poured cool tea from a pitcher into a variety of cups.  Once all cups had been poured, they were passed around so all could enjoy.  The eagle and Pastor started to dip their beaks into the cups to drink.  While the newcomers lightened the mood, they did notice a bit of tension in the air.  Beth was carefully holding a metal cup in her paws, and trying not to spill as she attempted to drink.  “This is so difficult … I miss my hands.,” she said while giggling.  Heather had tried to drink like she once did, but could not pick up the cup, so she followed the birds lead and found it to be much easier. 

Heather stood up with her beak dripping, “this is good tea Mr. Bear.  It feels so good to rest after our long trip.  We escaped Georgia in the nick of time, before it was completely flooded.”  Pudgy looked up at his owl friend, “Georgia is under water?”  The tigress nodded as she finished her drink, and put the cup down on the porch’s floor boards.  “Yes Pudgy, the ocean rose up like a tsunami, and crashed far inland.  As the water pulled back, it took the land with it.  It was terrible … every time we thought we were safe … the waters came again and destroyed the land.  If the oceans had reached that far inland, that means Florida is completely gone.  Realizing nowhere was safe, we escaped with the other animals to higher ground.  Eventually Heather and I started to follow the mountain ridges of the Appalachians, heading north east as we went.  I wanted to stop in Tennessee, since it seemed to be high enough.  But Heather insisted we find your forest, so we continued on.”  The owl hooted, “oh please … you were just as excited to come up here as well.  And I’m glad we continued on; we now get to have tea at Mr. Bear’s cabin.”

The two bears looked at each other, before looking down at Cobalt.  The eagle nodded, “I was there to see the devastation … saw the oceans reclaim the land.  What’s worse … is that this destruction is not limited to just the east coast.  The eagles are reporting vast sections of the Midwest is under water.”  The owl and tigress blinked, and their faces started to change to worry while the eagle started to go over the intelligence report once again.  Not only did the pastor’s beak drop open, Heather and Beth’s eyes went wide.  After each party on the porch went over their component of information, the pastor nodded.  “I see, that is definitely something major, and greatly concerning.”  All eyes turned to the little hedgehog, who looked up at the group members one at a time while wiggling his nose.  “Pudgy dreams show Pudgy have to go to Manilla!” 

Cobalt nodded, “Pudgy, stand up please, and walk to the end of the porch by Grandpa Bear.  I will head to the other end of the porch where Mr. Bear is.”  As the group watched both animals navigate around the various animals sitting on the porch, a deafening silence filled the air.  Turning to face each other, Cobalt spoke again,” I represent your destination: Manilla.  The distance between us represents the trip to Manilla.  Argente will be Hawaii, so please move five steps towards me,” the eagle said while the silver fox nodded and moved into position.  The little hedgehog wiggled his nose, seeing the distance between his eagle friend.  “Pudgy doesn’t understand what we are doing, we do not have time to waste!   Pudgy have steam ship, Pudgy can sail there.”  The former human man nodded, “please humor me my friend, it will become clear what I am trying to explain.  Please take two steps forward,” The critter heard Cobalt say, and followed the instructions.  The eagle’s yellow eyes of his friend lock onto his. “You just ran out of fuel, now what?” 

The hedgehog nodded, “Pudgy will sail the ship to the side of the river, gather more wood, and sail again.”  The eagle nodded, “take two more steps forward … you are out of fuel again.”  The hedgehog repeated his answer, and the eagle motioned with his wing to continue.  This pattern repeated a couple times, until Cobalt asked the Pastor to hop beside where Pudgy was standing.  As the blue jay flew down, he nodded and started to understand why the animals on the porch were so concerned.  The nature of this adventure was so extraordinarily dangerous, that they were extremely worried about their hedgehog friend.  The eagle spoke once more, “welcome to the ocean Pudgy.  There are no more trees to cut, or fuel to burn.  Now what?”  The little hedgehog whimpered as he looked around, “but … but … but … Pudgy have to go to Manilla!  In Pudgy dreams, there is Argente running on the ocean waves heading towards a tall island.  She keeps telling Pudgy to go there!”  The silver fox looked at him with her brown eyes starting to blaze, “do not listen to that dream Argente!  She is not me!  I would never tell you to do something so reckless!  It could be some bad person trying to influence you!” 

Cobalt nodded, “take four steps forward Pudgy.  You are now out of food.  What do you do now?    Turn around, can you get back to the forest with no food or fuel?  What then, how do you return safe in time?”  The little critter turned around, and noticed Grandpa Bear frowning.  The animals looked at the distance between where Pudgy was and the elderly gray bear was, then to where Cobalt was.  Heather shrieked, “Pudgy!  You can’t go to the Philippines!  You would never make it there!  We would all be sad if you died on the way there, never to return again to the forest.”  Argente nodded, “that’s right Pudgy, it is too dangerous!  We want you to stay home where it is safe!”  The little hedgehog looked at her, “but the water keeps rising.  The forest will flood if Pudgy don’t go to save us.”  Cobalt spoke again, “we all know the forest is in danger.  There is no safe way to get you there, let alone back to the forest.”  The critter whimpered, “but you can fly!”  The eagle nodded, “I cannot fly you there Pudgy, even if I push myself, I have to set down for rest and food.  Once we get to where Ohio was, we will encounter the open ocean.  There is nowhere to land, and I would plummet into the ocean with you.”    

The little hedgehog started to look angry again, “fine … the ship cannot be used.  Pudgy can use teleportation stone and ley lines to go!  The wolf mother said she fixed the ley line node.”  Heather looked confused, “teleportation stone?  Ley line?  What are you talking about?”  Beth nodded, “I will admit I am confused too.”  Mr. Bear chuckled, “welcome to the forest … we are at the beginning stage of the latest hedgehog adventure.  If we don’t let him go, Pudgy gets majorly pouty.”  The animals chuckled softly, while the critter stomped his paw, “Pudgy don’t get pouty!”  As the various animals gave the Beth and Heather a crash course in what was going on, the two former human women started to understand somewhat what was going on.  The little hedgehog also calmed down, and stopped pouting while he listened.  In time, the newcomers were up to speed, and the refreshments ran out.  The day was approaching midafternoon, which resulted in everyone deciding it was time to head back to their respective homes. 

Mr. Bear and his father Grandpa Bear waved as the group began to depart from the cabin’s porch.  The pastor said his goodbyes, and flew quickly back to his flock to tell them of the news he had heard.  The eagle waved as well, and took off quickly following suit.  The animals watched as Cobalt banked hard to the left, and followed the river up the middle of the forest.  This left Argente, Pudgy, Beth and Heather to head back to Friendship Town.  The little hedgehog was riding on the silver fox’s back, while she walked beside Beth Tigress, and a yawning Heather Owl who quickly flew up to ride on top of the tigress.  The group crossed the bear bridge, made the left to follow the path, then a right to the bear road that ran to the proper part of Friendship Town.  While the group travelled, Pudgy narrated as they passed the various places in the town, until they reached the site of his underground home.  It was just as he described, with round wooden doors and windows sticking out of the hillside.  There was a metal chimney pipe, which was not puffing due to no fire. 

As the little hedgehog scampered off of Argente’s back, “do you want to see Pudgy home?”  Beth frowned as she sat down on the ground, “I’m too big to go inside!”  She was not full adult size yet, but the former human’s body was too large to fit through the door, due to the fact that she was at least 4 feet long and two feet tall.  The tigress watched as the gray owl followed Pudgy inside the home.  Heather even shook her tail feathers as she hooted playfully as she bounced inside, which irked the white tiger female.   Argente giggled, “do not feel bad.  Despite Cobalt’s efforts to make this underground home more accommodating to larger animals, we all keep growing as we get older.  Well, except Pudgy, he always stays that height.  I have been having trouble again getting inside.”  The silver fox’s words made her the tiger feel a bit better, and she nodded while turning to look around the forest to see what else there was?  The two watched as the river flowed past the underground home, and the water wheel spinning at a fair pace at the end of the dock.  The soft hum from the alternator could be heard, as power was generated. 

The town ran on both sides of the river, with little cabins scattered about.  There were also clear signs of bunny warrens, and groundhog burrows around as well.  There were fields of crops planted, and all manner of little barns that housed a variety of projects.  Beth giggled, “I would dream of this place.  Tales of fantastic hedgehog adventures, and his friends in the forest.  I’m glad you actually do exist Argente, and I was able to meet you.”  The silver fox smiled, and wiggled her ears.   Inside the home, Heather was bouncing excitedly as she got to see the inside of the underground home.  Pudgy opened his round windows, which would let a pale blue tiger eye appear occasionally to look inside.  The descriptions of the home as told by the hedgehog in his stories were spot on.  After the guided tour ended, Pudgy headed back outside with Heather to a slightly pouting tigress.  The little hedgehog made sure to give her lots of hugs, and then scampered with her tail to stick it inside of the home to show she could go in as well.  That made the former human woman laugh, and feel better. 

All three females watched Pudgy as soon he scampered back inside his home and shut the windows.  Moving the wiggling tiger tail out of his doorway, he shut the front door and secured it.  Pudgy wiggled his nose and spoke while looking at his fox friend.  “Argente … Pudgy want to go to ley line node!  Angeliki will be able to help us.”  The silver fox frowned, “Pudgy, I don’t think that is a good idea.”  Beth purred softly as she gently grasped the hedgehog with one of her paws, and tossed him up in the air.  In a quick movement, soon the hedgehog had landed on top of the tigress’s back.  He carefully scurried to start peeking from on top of her head, making the former human woman giggle again.  Beth spoke softly, “I want to see the ley line node too, where is it Pudgy?”  The screech owl looked at Argente, “I have to admit … I am curious too.  There should be no harm, we will all make sure our little friend doesn’t run off and do something rash.”  The silver fox nodded, and motioned with her paw as she grumbled under her breath.  She knew her hedgehog friend better than these females did, but also realized that it was best to do it now.  Otherwise, he would sneak off at night, and they could wake up the next day with no hedgehog.      

The group began to walk once more: past the round store house door, around the river bend, past the dragon cove, behind the steam ship dock and its wood storage sheds.  Argente padded quickly in front of the group, with now a tired and yawning screech owl riding on her back.  “Ok … we will go look … but there will be no unscheduled trips Pudgy!”  Beth purred as the fox spoke, following behind her as they continued on up the steep hill, past the dragon cave, following the path between the trees, to reach the ley line node.  Heather leapt off of the fox’s back, and coasted out to land beside a series of round white stones.  They were arranged in a circular pattern, with the largest stones in the innermost ring, while the smallest stones at the exterior ring.  A raven was standing on top of a large center rock, and turned around to see the newcomers with Argente and Pudgy.   Angeliki chirped as she waved, “hello Pudgy and Argente!  I see we have new friends in the forest joining us?” 

The gray screech owl waved her wing tip, “hello … I used to be called Stellar Heather, but Heather is fine.”  The white tigress waved her paw, “hello …I was once called Blood Honey, but my name is Beth actually.”  The raven chirped as she giggled, “I am the daughter of the goddess Hecates, though I do not mind if you call me Angeliki.”  The former human women all laughed and waved, recognizing each other from a variety of online shows comment sections that they used to interact with.  The black bird flew across the field of stones, and landed beside Heather.  All watched as the hedgehog slid down the side of the tigress, which tickled and made Beth laugh.  Eventually the critter was on the ground, who made a beeline for the ley line node.  However, Argente was too quick, and blocked his advance.  This resulting in a pouting hedgehog, while Heather pointed with her wing tip, “what does a ley line do, Angeliki?”  The goddess’s daughter nodded, “a ley line is a magical font of energy that flows through the earth.  There once stood one stone, surrounded by a ring of ancient oak trees here.  Then the wolves came, and the dark god Hades destroyed the node.  With the assistance of the Mother of all Wolves, she restored the stone to the best of her ability.  But … it is still not working right.” 

Argente looked at Angeliki, “what do you mean?”  Before the raven could respond, Pudgy broke free and shot off as quickly as his legs could carry him.  Beth called out, “PUDGY WAIT, YOU GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!”  Heather hooted angrily, “what is up with him today?  I’ll go get him!”  As the owl started to flap her wings, she watched as the critter was weaving between the rings of stones.  Before anyone realized it, Pudgy reached the main stone in the middle.  He leapt up and landed hard on the stone, which did not react to his teleportation stone’s presence.  Beth watched as a visibly upset silver fox turned to stare angrily at the little critter, who was still jumping up and down to try and make the stone work.  He even got out his blue teleportation stone from his little vest, and was tapping it on the ancient stone.  Heather folded her wings back, and dropped back to the ground, giving her hedgehog friend a quizzical look.  There continued to be no reaction from the ley line node, and confused looks from the various animals in attendance, which prompted further explanation from Angeliki. 

“I can feel the magic flowing underneath our talons and paws.  The stone was shattered by Blood Fang, and I have done my best to gather all of the stones that were created from the original ancient one.  I have laid out them in this pattern, to try and take advantage of the natural cycles of the moon and sun, as well as the stars.  I must admit, I am at a loss however.  I was able to communicate with my mother in Mt. Olympus once, but have not been able to re-establish communication with her.  I …umm …”  The raven trailed off as she watched the blue sapphire stone beginning to glow blue as it floated a good height over the ley line node’s central rock.  The little hedgehog also was frozen stiff, and began to float over the rock, and directly underneath the sapphire.  Argente whimpered, “NOOO!  He is going to leave again!  We have to stop him!”  But when the silver fox tried to move, she found she was rooted to the spot she was standing.  Beth noticed that her paws seemed to be glued to the ground as well.  Heather looked at Angeliki, and then back at Pudgy, “PUDGY!  GET BACK HERE!” 

The little hedgehog did not respond, and the group watched helplessly as the stones on the ground started to float as well.  The concentric rings of stones started to change position, with some turning left, while others turned right.  Angeliki stared intently, trying to memorize every detail.  The stones would occasionally crash into each other, which then resulted in many starting to merge into much larger stones.  However, many continued to crash against one another, causing them to realign into a different pattern.  The silver fox desperately tried to break free of her invisible bonds, but could not seem to break them.  She watched as her little friend turned to the west by south west, and the blue sapphire stone began to shoot a light beam up into the sky.  The stones all stopped moving, and the ground shook hard with a sudden powerful jolt.  There was an accompanying thump sound that was so pronounced that all could not only hear it, it felt like something deep within their bodies went click. 

Without warning, the stones began to drop onto the ground hard and wedge themselves into the dirt.  The light beam from the sapphire also ceased, while floating down towards Pudgy.  The stone slipped back into Pudgy’s vest pocket, while the critter remained floating and locked into position.  The invisible bonds which restricted movement were released for the other animals, which resulted in a very cautious advance by Argente and Angeliki.  The raven noticed the pattern of the stones had completely changed, and the number had decreased by one seventh.  There were 6 distinct patterns that were within the newly formed concentric circles.  “My goodness … what did our little friend do?  The stones look completely different.”  The raven remarked, while the silver fox maneuvered around to look at her hedgehog friend.  His body was rigid, and his eyes were glowing white.  Every quill on his body was sticking straight out, and his fur was puffed up and energized.  “Noo… Pudgy …please be all right…” she started to whimper out. 

As Heather and Beth cautiously approached, Angeliki was starting to bounce, chirping excitedly.  The owl looked at the raven, “did something good happen?”  The raven nodded, “the patterns indicate directions, I think.  One seventh of the stones are missing, and the remaining six that remain, are pointing different directions … see?”  The owl bounced over, and sure enough the stones were lined up by color and size in six very specific directions.  Beth nodded, “I can see that … I wonder what is to the north west of here?  Hey Argente, is Pudgy, ok?”  The fox ‘s ears were folded down, and she looked visibly upset.  The owl, raven, and tigress carefully maneuvered between the stones, to reach the silver fox.  They could see why she was so upset, as the hedgehog was standing on his hind legs locked into place.  Angeliki chirped softly, “it looks like he is having a vision.”  Beth frowned, “I hope he can break free soon, for all of our sakes.  I do not want our visit to herald doom in the forest.”  Heather hooted softly, “Pudgy …please wake up.”

The words and concerned looks from the animals did not have any discernible effect on the hedgehog, who remain transfixed to the west south west.  As the hours passed, it was decided that they would keep a vigil at the stone to keep an eye on their hedgehog friend.  Heather chose to fly up to a nearby tree, and perched on a branch.  She immediately fell asleep, which made Beth giggle.  Owls were nocturnal, but the events as of late resulted in her having to keep Heather awake during the day.  This would prove useful, as she could watch while they slept.  So, with Argente, Beth, and Angeliki positioned around the stone, they sat down and waited.  Darkness fell, and soon their eyes became heavy.  Despite all attempts to resist, all three females fell fast asleep.  Heather was exhausted, and did not wake up when she was supposed to, which left no one awake to watch Pudgy. 

Not that their being awake would have mattered, as Pudgy’s physical body was locked into place.  His mind however was somewhere else entirely.  He indeed was having a vision, and was flying quickly. He could not speak, hear, nor feel anything for that matter.  Quickly he flew over the river in his forest, past the otters who were visibly upset as they spoke to Cobalt.  Over the Allegheny River, past the remnants of where the city of Pittsburgh once stood.  The river had grown immense, and spread out far in all directions.  Weaving through tall hills, he followed the river farther and farther, watching it open up even further.  Just as his eagle friend spoke, where West Virginia and Ohio’s border once stood, opened up into a massive bay.  Higher he flew, until he could see better what was going on.  The ocean had completely covered from as far south as Mississippi to as far north as Michigan. 

Missouri and Arkansas were almost gone, and what remained of the two states had formed into an island.  Once more he started to fly quickly, over the now covered east Texas sea.  Pudgy would have cried if he could, but noticed something important.  The river which one formed the southern border of Mexico was now a wide passage.  The desert lands had sunk, and formed a series of lakes and ocean coves.  Cacti stood guard on the desert sands, as the river now cut a path all the way to the Pacific Ocean.  Faster and faster, he flew, over the massive ocean, until he could see the remnants of Hawaii sticking out of the ocean.  Quickly passing by, the deep blue water stretched out in all directions.  It was just as his friends told him, there was no way to cross this.  However, the ethereal dream version of Argente was running along the ocean’s surface, heading to the west by south west.  Until in the distance, a tall mountain stood out, covered in green luscious foliage on its slopes. 

In the waters below, the little hedgehog could see a polar bear on a massive chunk of ice.  Floating in a sargasso sea, with the mountain in the distance.  The translucent Argente pointed, “Mount Apo … head to the tall mountain surrounded by the pacific.  Pudgy … you don’t have much time … Mount Apo!”  The little hedgehog tried to speak, but soon found himself flying backwards.  The vision was starting to make his eyes and mind hurt, as it was apparently being forcibly written into his memory.  As the world faded to black, he started to hear the sounds of bubbles.  Then a new vision started to appear, dark and murky, with whales swimming silently by.  The pressure the hedgehog felt was the water pressure on his body, and realized he was deep under water.  As he struggled to move, he could see sharks approaching.  Their mouths began to open, and they swam very quickly towards him coming in for a strike. 

“NOOOO!!!!!!” Pudgy woke up screaming, as his body was released from the vision.  He dropped hard onto the ley line node, and started to whimper.  The smell of salt air was in his nose, and his body was wet.  Argente woke up immediately, and saw her friend was upset. The stone was drenched in water, that smelled funny, and tasted salty when she licked the stone.  Spitting out what she tasted, the concerned silver fox looked at Pudgy, “Pudgy … are you all right?  What happened?”  The hedgehog looked up at her, “you showed Pudgy how to get to Mount Apo in the Philippines.  Then Pudgy wound up in ocean, and was being attacked by sharks.”  Angeliki nodded as she woke up, “tell us everything you saw in your vision … no matter how trivial.  Every detail is important, do you understand?”  The little hedgehog nodded, and started to speak.  Dawn was approaching, and a decision would be made as to what their course of action would be?  The ocean was calling, and the green mountain farther away than the hedgehog had ever travelled upon this world. 

By Cobalt

Cobalt is a normal guy that goes to work. Pudgy is his hedgehog friend who lives in a hobbit style home nearby, and goes on epic adventures. All Pudgy stories are copyrighted to Cobalt. Doomcock, Harvey Cthulhu, and Xanadoom is copyrighted to Overlord DVD.

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