Blood Fang: Chapter 12: Wolf Mother

The owls, eagles, and hedgehog were safely perched high in a series of tall pines. Far away from the former site of Niagara Falls.  As the lava cooled, it was solidifying into a stone cliff.  The new falls of Erie, were thundering as the water poured over them and into the newly expanded Lake Ontario.  Yet somehow, the sound of crying was all that anyone could hear.  Pudgy looked up, and could see the face of the Wolf Mother with a sorrowful expression.  Her tears were falling from her soft blue eyes, and were floating down from the skies above.  Softly glowing blue chain links were starting to appear, almost as if they were descending from the lunar surface.  Link by link, each corresponded to a mournful howl that filled the air.  The animals perched in the trees all started to tense, unsure what the outcome of this would be.  All except Pudgy, who was scooting over carefully to Cobalt on the branch. 

“Cobalt, Pudgy talked to goddess Hecates.  She says the Wolf Mother is the goddess Selene, from the moon.  She is nice, she was chased away by Blood Fang.”  The former human chirped, and looked at Ice Feather, “stay here.”  The female owl nodded, and watched as Pudgy turned around so Cobalt would be able to grasp the rods that extended from each side of his backpack.  The tree watched as in one quick movement, Cobalt snatched the hedgehog, and flew off.  Striped Feather chirped angrily, “hey wait!”  She took off as well, leaving the White Feathers to guard the owls.  The two eagles soon were flying side by side, gliding primarily, as they watched the ethereal chain softly touch the earth.  Once the connection was made, the chain began to glow with an intense bright light.  It pulsed slightly, almost as of there was a heartbeat.  The sound of crying only grew louder, as a white wolf began to run down the chain, and towards the earth. 

As Striped Feather flew, she started to maneuver in front of Cobalt.  “Cobalt, I am in charge of this operation, understood?”  The former human chirped, “yes, though I’m surprised the Aerie sent you.  I thought I was on my own.”  The female eagle angrily chirped for a moment, before recovering her composure.  They made a wide banking turn, circling the chain, and watching as a white wolf leapt to land on the ground beside it.  Pudgy wiggled his nose, like Blood Fang, she was easily double the size of a normal wolf.  Her fur was snow white, with almost a silver tinge at the very tips of each strand.  The bluest of eyes glowed with a soft light, and scanned the destruction of the area.  They also watched as six normal sized wolves descended the chain as well.  Two white, two gray, one brown, and one black wolf assumed equidistant positions around her.  They did not face her, but stood stoically to guard her in all directions. 

When the wolves caught sight of the circling eagles, they looked at Pudgy with a curious look.  The little hedgehog was waving his paws at them.  Striped Feather cried out, and with Cobalt following, they landed in front of the one gray guard wolf who was standing in front of the Wolf Mother.  As Pudgy was dropped off, he scampered up beside Cobalt.   Striped Feather looked over at him, and watched as Ice Feather the arctic owl landed beside Pudgy and bounced up as well.  The owl hooted, “hey, if two eagles get to go address the Wolf Mother, the owls should as well as our honorary parliament member.”  The guard wolf looked down with soft brown eyes, and waved his paw at them.  “May I inquire as to whom you are?”  The wolf was soft spoken, and well mannered, a far cry from what Pudgy had experienced before.

The female Eagle chirped, “I am Striped Feather.  Third in command of the united Aerie of eagles, and representative of Iron Wood.  This is Cobalt, a former human, who has been converted into one of our kind.   Standing beside him is Pudgy Hedgehog, from the forests far to the south of here.”  The arctic owl hooted softly, “I am Ice Feather, of the Arctic Parliament, far to the land of the setting sun.”    The guard wolf nodded, “we are the Lunar Guard.  Sworn to defend the Wolf Mother at all costs, do no harm, and no harm will befall you.”  The other guard wolves turned and nodded, but kept a watchful eye on them.  The Wolf Mother turned and looked down at the assortment of birds, but focused her eyes on Pudgy.  “You were with Blood Fang, as he carried you to the Fang of the Moon’s cavern.  Why did you accompany him?”  The little hedgehog scampered forward, and past the guard to stand in front of the white wolf. 

“Pudgy had to go with him.  Blood Fang came to Pudgy Forest, destroyed ley line node, attacked Pudgy friends.  Pudgy went with him, so friends would be safe.  The wolves, the coyotes all followed him and left friends alone when Pudgy departed.”  The white wolf nodded, “I see.  I watched your actions on the island of the bears, helping restore their chain.  You absorbed a tremendous amount of magical energy from within Gaia.  With your exposure to the ley lines, you further absorbed magical energies, which is why Blood Fang sought you out.  I can sense no more magical energy within you, so you are safe now.  The destruction which was wrought by Hades can not be undone.  His legacy will be felt on the surface of Gaia for years to come, I just hope I am able to mitigate the damage.”   The eagles looked up at her, as well as the owl, and listened intently.  Pudgy bounced happily, and scampered over to hug her paw.  The guards at first tensed, but relaxed when Selene started to giggle. 

Striped Feather waved her wing to get the Wolf Mother’s attention.  “I apologize for being forward, but what happened with the wolves?”  The white wolf nodded, “Blood Fang was able to control them.  Not by magic, but through coercion.  Inspiring tales, great feats, boastful pride … he used these measures to amass forces of wolves undreamt of.  He devastated the packs, took only the choicest of males to follow his causes.  When these measures did not work, he used fear and anger.  The other animals took your dignity away, therefore they must be punished.  Drive your enemies from the land, so only the strong shall thrive.  That was his way, and the weak minded followed without question.  In time, few could stand against him, so the peaceful chose to remain silent.  All evil needs to do to win, is for the good to do nothing.”

Ice Feather hooted, “what will you do now?”  Selene nodded, “it will take time.  I will visit the packs.  I will explain the events of today, and will work to restore the balance to this world.  There will be wolves who reject my way, brand my teachings as heresy, but in time their numbers will dwindle.”  Cobalt chirped, “and what of the humans?”  The female eagle shot him a look, but watched as the Wolf Mother sighed.  “The great spirit Anningan has sealed them away once again.  Perhaps in time, they will return once again as animals, but for now this world will remain as it is.  Those who were evil in their previous life, will be dealt with according to their beliefs.  I suspect most will not like the outcome of their actions, be it wolf or human.” 

The little hedgehog wiggled his nose, and scampered back over to Cobalt.  He turned and waved at the white wolf, bouncing happily.  The antics drew a smile from her, as well as the guards.  “Maybe you can come to Pudgy Forest?  Pudgy make tea and cookies!”  The wolves all started to laugh softly, while Selene nodded.  “I would like that Pudgy.  Perchance I can bump into Hecates, or her daughter while I am there.  It has been so long since I heard any gossip from Mt. Olympus.  I look forward to my visit, and accept your invitation.  Though, you must return home first, to prepare.  I too must be off, there is much work to do.  I think a suitable course of action would be to make a new home here, since I will be spending more time on the earth.  The newly formed island to the setting sun of here would be sufficient for my needs.  Please spread word, if you require assistance, to come to my island.  Fare the well …” 

The light soon became blinding, and all the animals in attendance quickly covered their eyes.  In time, the light faded, and soon the twilight of evening had appeared once more.  Pudgy uncovered his eyes, and wiggled his nose.  “Goddess Selene left, but look….”  As the birds opened their eyes, they turned to face the direction the little hedgehog was pointing.  The chain had changed locations, and was now over the island between the great lakes.  Ice Feather hooted softly, “now we know where her island home will be located.”  Striped Feather nodded as she chirped, “we should return to the others.  Cobalt and I have to file a report with Iron Wood.”  The birds nodded at each other, and soon Pudgy was being carried once more through the air.  This time he was dangling under Ice Feather, who hooted softly.   In a short time, he was once again in a pine tree, and surrounded by owls.  As the little critter hugged his owl friends, and explained what happened,

All the owls and their hedgehog friend watched as Cobalt flew with the eagles to a separate tree.  Each of the large birds landed on a separate branch.  They then faced the trunk of the tree, and using their talons: etched into the bark a magical glyph which allowed communication with Iron Wood.  The tree started to glow with a faint ethereal light, and the eagles’ bodies went rigid as their eyes glowed white.  Ice Feather hooted softly, “we have to learn how to do that.  Now, Pudgy, please tell us what happened.”  While Pudgy told his tale, far away on the top of the lightning tree, the ethereal eagles were beginning to appear on the platform.  Striped Feather was standing in front of the three white feathers and Cobalt.  Silver Claw had to be awoken by Copper Claw, since it was late into the evening.  Once the supreme leader of the Aerie was awake, he looked at the assembled group of eagles in front of him.  “Striped Feather … report.” 

The third in command chirped and bowed slightly, and began to give her report.  The eagles had flown as quickly as they had been able to, despite the frigid temperatures and incessant snowfall.  Upon their arrival at the falls, they observed the black wolf monster, and his terrible chain stretching into the sky above.  The skies then turned black, with no the stars and moon disappearing, and the Great Spirit Gitche Manitou appeared.  The battle was terrible, with the thunder eagle being attacked.  His fiery claw descended from the heavens above, and cleansed the evil with holy fire.  They also observed Cobalt, flying directly at the monster, making several attack runs.  The former human had partially blinded the monster, which required aerial support from the third in command.  The report entailed the escape, and then the arrival of the Wolf Mother from her lunar home, to her new one on the island of falls between the great lakes. 

Copper Claw’s beak fell open in disbelief, as Silver Claw chirped with a shocked tone.  After taking a moment to ponder, the supreme leader nodded. “Cobalt … report.”  The former human bowed slightly, and started speaking of the point past his last report.  This entailed more of what transpired with Blood Fang, and his terrible black chain.  After more clarifying information, his story lined up with the report given by Striped Feather.  With both reports given, the eagles stood quietly, awaiting their next orders. The second in command golden eagle chirped, “white feathers, you are dismissed.  Await orders from Striped Feather,” he said with an authoritative tone.  Three eagles disappeared from the ethereal images, with only Striped Feather and Cobalt remaining.  “Now … we will discuss the situation with our human friend here,” the silver winged eagle said. 

The second in command chirped angrily, “despite all which has been reported, and the actions of the former human, we can not ignore the fact he deserted his post.  We need to immediately recall Cobalt to Iron Wood for punishment.”  Striped Feather chirped angrily back, “the reason he acted the way he did was your stupid orders.  You told him that we would not assist, and that he was on his own.  Then his little friend, whom we all thoroughly enjoy the stories of his adventures, was taken by the wolves?  What would you have done, if it was one of us, or even your own mate?!?!”  Cobalt remained silent, and watched Silver Claw’s reactions to the exchange.  The two argued angrily between each other, turning into a laundry list of complaints, from troop placements to training issues.  As the two argued about an oath of loyalty, the former human raised his wing. “If I may interrupt … what oath of loyalty?” 

The three leaders all turned to each other, then back at the former human.  Silver Claw blinked, “did no one administer the oath of loyalty during your training?”  Cobalt shook his head, “no.  I was told I would get the bare minimum of training.  I didn’t deserve the rest, and once Pudgy had recovered, I was ordered to leave.  Striped Feather showed me how to use the glyph to communicate if need be.”  The supreme leader turned his head towards his second in command, “is that true?”  The golden eagle was still angry, so he started to stammer between a series of chirping noises.  Striped Feather shot him a look as well, “you told me…”  The supreme leader chirped angrily, “IS THAT TRUE?”  The second in command hung his head, “yes Silver Claw.  I felt it was beneath our proud aerie to administer the oath to a human.  I assumed you would pass away within a month, and we would not have to be concerned with him ever again.”  The two other leaders angrily stared at him, before turning back to the former human.

Striped Feather chirped again, “given this new information, I move to suspend punishment.”  Copper Claw started to speak, before the silver winged eagle cried out with an angry tone, “SILENCE!”  After a time passed of uncomfortable silence, the aged leader spoke once more.  “I had assumed my leaders were capable of training a new recruit.  I admittedly had my own misgivings about admitting a human into our ranks.  It would seem my words and actions were misinterpreted.  Cobalt, while your actions do warrant punish, I will offer leniency.  The oath of loyalty, is a pledge that all eagles make to the aerie.  It binds our flock, and codifies our beliefs and teachings.  As this was not done, you were not aware of our rules.  Striped Feather, administer the oath at this time.”  The female eagle chirped and turned towards Cobalt.  The oath consisted of pledges to abide by the claws’ orders and instructions, to render aid to any eagle that requires it, to hold oneself accountable in accordance with eagle beliefs, and defend Iron Wood and the surrounding lands.  The former human responded in the affirmative, and was now bound by Iron Wood’s and the united Aerie’s rules.    

Silver Claw chirped softly, “ok, now that is taken care of.  Cobalt, you are hereby ordered to return to your post with Pudgy Hedgehog.  You are ordered to report daily, no matter what.  Our world is changing at a frightening rate of speed, and we need intelligence.  If so ordered, you must respond and act accordingly.  Striped Feather, return to Iron Wood with the white feathers.  Once the snows have melted, we will need to make a trip to Pudgy’s forest.  This is now of concern to Iron Wood, since so much seems to happen there.  You two are dismissed!”  The ethereal images disappeared, and the tree grew dark once more.  The supreme leader grumbled as he started to nestle down to fall asleep again.  “I will deal with you tomorrow … Copper …”  The golden eagle remained silent, and walked slowly away from the leader’s perch on the platform.  He headed to the edge of the tree, to stare at the full moon.  The faintest of outlines could be seen, like a threat of light stretched from the ground to the moon above. 

The former human blinked, and looked at the other eagles nestling down on their tree branches.  It was too dark to fly, so he nestled down as well.  The night was bitterly cold, but thankfully there was no snow.  It was a difficult night to sleep, but all were so exhausted from the events of the day, that rest was quickly found.  The owls were up, and flew off in pairs to hunt.  There was always one owl with Pudgy to ensure he was safe.  The story he had told them was terrible, of his time with the wolves.  The things they spoke of, and the terrible monster they followed.  The little hedgehog was still trembling, while he shivered, sleeping in fits and starts.  Time passed, as it always did, and the owls returned to the tree.  As they nestled down to sleep for the day, Alabaster carried over a sleeping hedgehog, to set him next to Cobalt.  The eagle had just awoken, and pulled his hedgehog friend close.  “Alabaster, I was ordered to return to Pudgy’s forest today.  Can you tell the other owls good bye for Pudgy?”  The arctic owl hooted, “I will Cobalt.  We will stop by for a visit on our return trip as well.  Mother says that the ley line node might be repairable.  Good bye Cobalt, good bye Pudgy, till next we meet.” 

The eagle watched as the owl took flight, and flew back to nestle up against his mother in the pine tree opposite of them.  She waved her wing sleepily, as she closed her eyes.  Cobalt waved his wing tip at her, and then turned to look at Striped Feather.  The third in command had just woken up, and chirped softly, “I see the owls brought Pudgy over?  Cobalt, remember your orders.  You got off with a warning, but the next time this happens, you will be bound by Iron Wood’s rules.”  The former human nodded, “yes I remember.  Can you tell the others good bye? I am going to leave, since it is such a long flight back to Pudgy’s forest.  I hope there is no more snow, I have seen enough.”  The female eagle chirped as she nodded her head, and watched as soon he took flight with Pudgy once again.

With tree of eagles, and owls slowly disappearing behind them, the former human started to flap his wings hard to gain altitude.  Higher and higher he flew, into the much colder air.  The skies were clear, and the ground stretched below them covered with a blanket of white.  By the time the little hedgehog woke up, they could see the snow-covered shorelines of Lake Erie.  The two friends settled in for a very long trip.  The weather cooperated, with nary a flake of snow falling.  The winds were fair, and the sun was bright.  They flew along the shoreline of the lake, watching as the water receded out into the middle of the lake.  Due to the new series of water falls, the great lakes were being diverted in various ways.  Pudgy could see all manner of objects appear: boats, cars, shopping carts, gigantic logs, and many other strange things.  Bears could be seen dancing happily, as fish were caught in pools, and they feasted upon the found bounty.  While normally the large predators were asleep this time of year, the violent movements of the planet had woken them up.

By the time the sun was setting, the eagle had managed to fly the whole way to the outskirts of the human city once known as Erie.  Setting down in a tall pine, the two friends fell asleep.  Pudgy was still cold, but he was covered by fluffy brown feather wings of Cobalt.  Night passed, and the morning sun once more arrived, with both friend’s stomachs rumbling.  The little hedgehog looked up at Cobalt, wiggling his nose.  The eagle responded, “I know Pudgy, I’m hungry too.  Maybe I can force myself to get to the forest tonight.  We’ll see … then no more adventures until spring!”  The two friends laughed, and once more took flight.  Pudgy watched the world pass by underneath him, as the eagle banked to the south.  With wings blowing south by south east, thankfully they did not have to buck a headwind.  The sun moved throughout the sky during the day, as clouds began to form.  Once more, the snow began to fall, though this time it was light and fluffy. 

As the sun began to set, Cobalt landed onto a tall dead oak tree.  The former human watched as Pudgy cling to the branch, and slowly slide himself towards him.  Once safely in range, he opened his wings, and then covered up his hedgehog friend once again.  What his little friend was not aware of, each stop, he reported back to Iron Wood using the glyph.  They enjoyed the sight of a sleeping Pudgy in the eagle’s wings, and the report was short.  As the snow fell, the two friends slept until morning once again.  Running on empty, the eagle took flight for what he hoped to be the last time to get to Pudgy’s forest.  The landscape was starting to look familiar, and once they found the Allegheny River, it was a clear sign of home was near.  Pudgy pointed, “Cobalt look at the river!”  The river was triple its normal size, and running fast with floating ice chunks.  The eagle chirped, “I see Pudgy, the river almost covered all of Arnold …New Ken is not looking too good either.  Glad I never bought a house there …” 

As they followed the river, a strange sight could be seen, as a new water fall was cascading down towards the river proper.  “Pudgy, I don’t remember a water fall there?”  The eagle said with a curious tone, which prompted the hedgehog to wiggle. “The goddess Hecates showed Pudgy a vision.  A huge river is going through Pudgy Forest now, it connects to the Allegheny River here!  Follow the new river, and we will be home soon!”  The former human nodded, and banked to the left to follow the new water way.  The falls were gentle, and rushing fast with ice covered water.  It weaved in between huge tree covered hills, and flooded sections of once bountiful farmlands.  New coves had been formed, which was frozen over.  Pudgy watched as a murder of crows were busy sliding around the ice surface.  They were calling out to each other loudly, and clearly having fun.  Pudgy was under why they called a group of crows that, but was glad they were having fun. They weaved back and forth between the trees, until they started to see a tiny cabin perched precariously above the river.     

It was the Waffle Cats’ cabin, and the chimney was spoking with a white puffy smoke.  The two friends looked at the condition of Pudgy’s forest home.  The land had been violently reshaped, and a huge river was flowing past the underground home.  Thankfully, it was safe, and high up enough to avoid being destroyed.  The eagle swooped in, and then banked to circle around the forest proper.  “Cobalt, can you take Pudgy to see Argente?  She looked so sad in the vision, Pudgy need to stop by her house first.”  The eagle chirped, and then flew over the raging river.  The water had formed a huge cove between the silver fox’s cottage and the former dragon cave where the red panda and snow fox lived.  Thankfully the cottage was safe as well, and had a bit of land in front of it to land upon.  As the ground came into range, the eagle released his talons, Pudgy landed and slid in the snow up to her door.  “THANK YOU COBALT,” the critter said while knocking on the door. 

The cottage door opened slowly, and Argente appeared.  Tears were welling up in her brown eyes, “Pudgy …is that you?”  The little critter nodded, “Pudgy back from the north.  Pudgy missed you!”  The silver fox reached out and quickly pulled him inside her cottage, and began hugging him frantically.  The door was shut quickly behind, and she sobbed constantly.  The fox whimpered, “NO … more … adventures …please … Pudgy!  I can’t take it anymore!”  The little critter looked up at her and nodded, “Pudgy don’t want to leave forest again.  Pudgy want to stay with Argente, with Cobalt, with all of Pudgy friends.”  The fox nodded, and quieted down.  There were no further words spoken, until the little hedgehog’s tummy rumbled loudly.  “Pudgy hungry, want to get food?”  The female fox nodded, and scampered after her friend as they exited her cottage. 

Through the deep snow, to the tunnel entrance they went.  After some digging to free the doors, the two friends entered the tunnel that ran underneath the hill.   Upon entering, Mr. and Mrs. Field Mouse appeared at their doorway, and waved at Pudgy.  The hedgehog waved back and scampered through the tunnel towards the big storehouse.  Argente pulled the tunnel doors shut, and then carefully maneuvered around to follow after her friend.  The field mice followed behind the silver fox, scurrying behind with happy expressions on their faces.  Through the doorway to the storehouse they went, down the aisles, around the front past the ramps, and through the interior door to the hedgehog’s home the group headed.  Pudgy took off his backpack, and mining helmet.  He set them down on his kitchen table, and then headed over to the wood stove.  The home was cold, but since it was underground, the temperature was constant.  As the critter began to make a fire, Mrs. Field mouse squeaked, “oh Pudgy … your backpack is almost shredded now.  You might not be able to use it.” 

Argente noticed the eagle talons and owl claws had really done a number on the fabric.  Even the dowel rod which was installed by Comix Hawk was beat up and splintering.  The critter nodded, “it was really difficult to fly when the Great Spirit appeared.”  The animals grew silent, and looked at the hedgehog with timid expressions.  As the flames finally caught hold of the wood inside the stove, they spread and began to burn evenly.  More wood was added, until a nice crackling fire was going.  Shutting the firebox, the warmth began to spread through the near silent underground home.  Pudgy turned, and started to pull off the soaking wet winter weather gear.  The field mice scurried over to help, and once he was freed of the arctic clothing, he began to shiver.  The female fox saw a blanket lying beside the table, and snatched it up with her mouth.  Quickly she covered her hedgehog friend, who wiggled his nose as he shivered by the fireplace. 

Time passed, and once the hedgehog was warmed, he made tea for all of his friends.  The hot liquid did just the trick, and put the pep back in each of their steps.  Word quickly spread of Cobalt’s arrival with Pudgy, and soon Mr. Drew and Mary arrived, along with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver.  As food was served: biscuits and apricot jam, the hedgehog began to tell his terrible tale of what happened when he had left with the wolves and their monstrous leader.  The room sat in hushed silence, as the critter described the terrible actions of the predators.  The monster’s killing of the alpha wolf, then death march to Niagara Falls, and the cavern of the moon.  The hedgehog spoke of the summoning of the Fang of the Moon, and the death of the amassed predator forces stationed above the island.  The tale of the summoning of the black chain, and the destruction of the lands around the lakes, was told next. There was a pause to allow another round of tea to be served, before Pudgy spoke anew.     

More biscuits served, and Pudgy spoke of the battle between Blood Fang and the Great Spirit Unetlanvhi.  The actions of Cobalt and the eagles, and the defeat of the monster.  The story finished with the arrival of the Wolf Mother from her lunar home, and the start of her new island home.  The return trip was glossed over, as that was not too exciting.  As Pudgy ate hungrily, his woodland friends all watched with a sense of disbelief.  They knew he spoke the truth, but the level of destruction … was unimaginable.  Yet, all they had to do was look out of his front door to see the river flowing.  That was all the proof needed to show that something terrible had occurred.  Blood Fang was destroyed, and his followers obliterated.  What wolves remained in this world was being sought out by Selene, the moon goddess.  She would right what was wronged so many years ago.  The little hedgehog bounced, “you will all like her so much when she stops by for a visit!” 

Argente started to choke, “w …what?”  The critter wiggled his nose, “Pudgy invited her to come for tea.”  The animals looked at each other, then back at Pudgy.  The red panda lifted his paw, “did you invite anyone else to come?”  The hedgehog shook his head, “no.  Pudgy expect the owls to stop by eventually though.  Cobalt will have eagles coming too, but that is much later.  Our forest will be quite busy soon, which means we must prepare.”  Mary wiggled her ears, “Pudgy … prepare how?  I don’t know if I can take another terrible battle.”  The critter shook his head, “no battle, no evil … Pudgy staying home now.  Pudgy say we move forward with the plan!”  The critter scampered over to a wall closet, and popped open the wooden panel to reveal some shelves.  He retrieved a rolled-up piece of paper, and then scampered over to the table.  Sliding his pack off beside the field mice, the paper was unfurled. 

As the animals looked around the room at the paper, it was the original plans for their town.  The little hedgehog beaming with pride, “Pudgy say we build Forest Town, so all may live in peace and safety.”  Argente giggled, “we are going to need to update these plans to account for the river.”  Mr. Drew raised his paw, “and a boat.  Pudgy, we can rebuild your steam ship!”  The little hedgehog nodded, “and we now need a road to get to Mr. Bear’s house.  But first … “the little hedgehog started to yawn, “can we all get a good night’s sleep?  Pudgy want to sleep in bed for change, and not in a tree, or dangling above a wolf.”  The room started to laugh, and each animal friend took their turn to hug him.  Blankets were passed out, and everyone snuggled inside the underground home to sleep over.  Pudgy did as he said, and scampered over to his bed.  Climbing under the covers, he immediately fell asleep.  The room quieted as his friends slumbered as well, and yet another light snow began to fall outside the windows.  Pudgy was home … at last. 

High above the underground home, Cobalt had two fish in his nest, and was hungrily eating.  The snow was softly falling, and quickly passed.  He watched as the night sky started to appear, and the face of a large bear begin to appear.  The Mother of All Bears was watching over the forest, and the stars formed a soft smile.  Cobalt waved as he ate, and watched as a new face appeared in the southern skies opposite of the Bear Mother.  It was the Lupus constellation, and rearranged itself into the shape of the Wolf Mother’s face.  The eagle waved as well, and watched as the two celestial faces grinned at each other and watched over the land.  The moon was waning, as it began to pass behind the earth’s shadow.  The land had once more returned to peace.  The eagle hoped it would last longer this time.  The stars in the skies looked a bit off, but maybe he was just tired.  But first, he had a second fish to eat, and it tasted delicious. 

By Cobalt

Cobalt is a normal guy that goes to work. Pudgy is his hedgehog friend who lives in a hobbit style home nearby, and goes on epic adventures. All Pudgy stories are copyrighted to Cobalt. Doomcock, Harvey Cthulhu, and Xanadoom is copyrighted to Overlord DVD.

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