Blood Fang: Chapter 10: Calamity

In the weeks that passed since Pudgy left with the wolves, he was followed high above in the air by his eagle friend Cobalt.  Rarely out of view, the progression of the wolves and their shadowy monster was tracked.  The little hedgehog had always been closely guarded, and held within his smokey tendril restraints.  The eagle’s plan was to swoop in and save him, but no opportunity had presented itself.  His body was caked with snow and ice, with his eyelids frozen open, yet the former human continued to fly.  With the words of the aerie ringing in his mind, it only steeled his resolve to save Pudgy and return to the forest with him.  The aerie high command had refused to help, and had given orders for him to observe and report.  The nagging feeling kept coming back that he was really overdue to report, but since he was on his own for all intents and purposes, Cobalt was using discretion.  However, the lack of regular reports by the former human had resulted in much attention being placed on Pudgy’s forest.  The lack of communication from the forest had triggered a response. 

Far away to the North East, in the Adirondack mountains in the land that once called New York, there stood the Lightning Tree.  It was the centerpiece in Iron wood, and the eagle’s high command.  At the top of the tree, on a platform worn down by weather and centuries of eagle claws, the eagle’s supreme leader Silver Claw was listening to a report.  An ethereal blue shimmering eagle was speaking in front of the high command.  “Sir, I arrived to the hedgehog’s forest at midday.  The destruction is terrible here … the land has collapsed.  A gaping maw has formed all the way from the former site of the ley line node to a large lake south.  The animals of this forest have little homes scattered around, with one resembling a human cabin.  The animals are shaken, but otherwise ok.  The lake waters are backfilling the chasm, and filling up the ravine.  Huge caverns appeared in the ravine, and water from deep within Gaia is shooting out, as if they have been under pressure for ages.”

The ethereal eagle turned his head, as if he was looking somewhere, then turned back to face the Aerie.  “The animals have rallied to the spot of the hedgehog’s underground home.  It appears to be quite large, and is accommodating the displaced animals.  As I investigated, a large brown bear and an elk stopped by to visit.  They said a force of close to a thousand wolves and coyotes marched through the area.  The predators were led by what can only be described as a monster.  It was at least double the size of a normal wolf.  Its body was ethereal, and swirled with smoke of various dark colors.  Red glowing orbs floated in its head, and could turn in any direction apparently.  The monster commanded Pudgy Hedgehog to appear, or his friends would be harmed further.  The hedgehog agreed, and a smoke tendril shot across the woods to snatch him up.  The monster then walked away, with his forces falling in behind him.” 

The second in command, a golden eagle named Copper Claw nodded, “I see …  It would appear that something very interesting is happening in that forest.  Perchance … did you come across any sign of owls?”  The subordinate eagle nodded, “not when I arrived.  The forest is silent, with nary a bird anywhere.  However, the animals here told me that on the night of Pudgy’s departure, they heard a tremendous sound.  A full parliament of twenty snow white arctic owls flew through the forest in the twilight of evening.  The animals told their leader, a female owl, what had happened.  The owls departed soon thereafter, and headed to the north in the direction of the predators.”  The second in command nodded and rubbed his beak with his wing tip.  “I see, and while you were there, did you find any sign of an eagle?”

The subordinate eagle shook his head, “I found a nest, of very poor design, high in a petrified elm tree.  The nest was cold, and covered in snow, so it has not been used for a while.  There is eagle sign here, but I have not found one as of yet.”  Copper claw nodded and spoke with a flat tone, “Cobalt … the former human who recent joined our aerie … appears to have abandoned his post and disregarded our orders.”  The ethereal eagle shimmered with a faint blue energy, “from what the forest animals are reporting … during the attack, this … Cobalt … was doing attack runs on the wolves.  When Pudgy was captured, he followed after him.  This ends my report, what are your orders?”  The shimmering visage bowed slightly, and extended his wings, before folding them back alongside his body.  The tree grew silent, with only the sound of the wind causing the branches of the dead tree to rattle against one another.   

The third in command eagle nodded, and fanned her striped brown and white feathers.  She shot Copper Claw a look, which was noted by the male golden eagle.  Silver Claw nodded, “I understand.  Thank you for your report, please return to your post.”  The ethereal eagle nodded, and faded from view.  The elder was quiet, and sat with a contemplative look.  Copper Claw nodded once again, “he defied his orders … that is grounds for discipline.”  The female eagle shook her head, “what did you think would happen when we told him no?  It was not even a maybe, just flat out, no you are on your own.  Now we have a former human, who is now an eagle, tracking a force of around a thousand predators.  Led by a monster too horrible to think about, heading to the north of the forest.  Cobalt had he remained to wait for backup, could have halted the owls before they took off.  Now we are without eyes on that region, and valuable intelligence is being lost!” 

Silver Claw nodded and rubbed his beak with a silver feather tipped wing, “it would appear that we have another report coming in.” The trio which formed eagle high command’s leadership nodded, and watched as new ethereal blue glowing eagle appeared in front of them.  “High Command, this is White Beak.  I am stationed along the vast lake in the direction of the setting sun from Ironwood.”  Striped Feather nodded, “go ahead White Beak, what do you have to report to us?”  The eagle bowed slightly, “a terrible snow is falling, and the air freezes one’s skin, making it so difficult to stay warm.  In the evening of one day prior, I observed with my mate a force of wolves and coyotes approaching along the lake shore.  They were led by a horrible monster that looked like a wolf.  Its body was made of smoke, with glowing red eyes.  There were at least eight hundred wolves and coyotes following behind it.”

Striped Feather chirped, “eight hundred … are you sure?”  White Beak nodded, “yes.  We observed the monster ordering the forces to move, in a tone that can not be described.  They had their heads down, and looked like they were being forced to follow.  My mate watched as their numbers dwindled, as they fell in the snow, to pass on.  There is a big flow of water that separates the land, which was frozen in both directions, save for a spot in the middle where the water still flowed.  The wolves and coyotes that made up the forces, crossed the ice to reach out side of the shoreline.  Many fell into the water and drowned, which resulted in an insidious round of laughter from the monster.  They spent the night beneath our tree, and then in the morning moved on.”

Copper Claw nodded, “perchance … was there a hedgehog with the monster?”  White Beak nodded, “yes … the critter was telling a story, but we could not hear.  He floated above the monster, wrapped in smoke, and all predators were looking and listening to him.  After the force left, we watched as an eagle flew overhead of us.  We called out, but he did not respond back to us.”  Silver Claw narrowed his eyes for a moment, “this eagle that did not respond, what was his condition?”  The subordinate eagle nodded, “we observed him coated in ice and snow.  My mate said that we should have gone after him, he looks like he might fly to his death if we didn’t stop him.”  Striped Feather chirped, and looked at her two fellow leaders.  The ancient eagle, rubbed his beak top again once more with his silver tipped wing.  “Thank you for your report, stay where you are and report back if you find anything strange.”  The subordinate eagle bowed, and faded from view. 

The aerie’s supreme leader nodded, “we have a conundrum.  Cobalt has defied his orders, which warrants a response.  However, it is also a result of actions taken by our aerie, and had he responded differently … There would have been a different response.  Copper … Striped … your thoughts?”  The female eagle chirped angrily, “I was against this plan of action.  Now we have a member of our Aerie out alone, tracking a force of eight hundred to a thousand wolves, who thinks he’s on his own!”  The male golden eagle shook his head, “he is the lowest of our ranks, and a human on top of it.  He is lucky we even allowed him in this aerie to begin with.  I say we send some of our forces in the area to retrieve him.  We will bring him back to Iron Wood, to re-educate him.”  Striped chirped even angrier, “and what good will that do?  By the time we find him, bring him back, and retrain him … his little friend will have perished.  Don’t forget what Pudgy told us, Cobalt always helps him.  He would probably try to escape to go find his critter friend.”

Copper angrily chirped back, which was silenced by a stern look from Silver Claw.  The elderly bird sighed, “it is true that Cobalt is the lowest rank of our Aerie.  It is also true that his training was rushed.  We were short sighted … kept him at wing’s length.  Hindsight is always clear, but in this circumstance, we have to consider all the facts.  The topic of punishment is to be tabled, and will be addressed in a future meeting.  I … it would appear we have a new report?”  The trio turned back to the platform, as an ethereal blue image of an eagle appeared.  Despite the magical energy, the sight of the condition of the eagle, caused all three leaders to chirp sharply out of concern.  Cobalt was standing there, and his eyes were frozen open.  His body was coated in ice and snow, “This is Cobalt.  Aerie high command, I have a report, for what it is worth?”  The supreme leader nodded and motioned with his wing tip, “Cobalt … you are overdue for a report … please proceed.”

Cobalt nodded, “I don’t know how long it has been since last I reported.  A huge force of wolves and coyotes attacked Pudgy’s forest.  The monster made of smoke I reported, took Pudgy with him.  I have been tracking the forces.”  Copper Claw chirped sharply at him, “you deserted your post!  And you have not reported in as required, we should …”  The supreme leader chirped even louder, and shot the second in command a stern look.  “SILENCE, we have already discussed that matter!  Cobalt …  We have received multiple reports of the wolves and coyotes, as well as their monstrous leader.  We have also received a report of you apparently flying past one of our posts, and you did not respond to their cries.  Is there a reason?”  The former human tried to blink, and finally his left eye lid moved, causing a tiny bit of ice to break off. “Ohh…finally….one eye can blink.  To be honest Silver Claw, I couldn’t see or hear them.  The snow is terrible, it is falling down and flying sideways at the same time.  I had not idea I passed over an eagle nest.”

The supreme leader nodded, “it is customary to respond to your fellow eagles, and to render aid if needed.  Your training was rushed, and things apparently were missed.  Where are you now?”  The former human was finally able to blink the right eye, and chirped happily.  “I followed the wolves and coyotes along the lake, around its eastern most bend, and along a huge river.  The river weaved to and fro, until the predators crossed a human bridge to reach an island in the middle of the river.  I think it’s the Niagara River, but do you know where the two sets of water falls are that cascade down to the next part of the river?”  Striped Feather nodded, “I am familiar with that area.  There is plentiful fish in the area, both above and below the falls.  What of the wolves?”  Cobalt nodded again, “the seven hundred or so wolves and coyotes encamped on the island.  They joined a standing force of at least four hundred already there.  The entire island is covered with wolves, of a myriad of colors and shapes.”  Copper Claw chirped, “seven hundred joining four hundred?  In earlier reports, we had intelligence of at least a thousand.  Can you account for the discrepancy?”

The subordinate eagle sighed, “the monster ordered a death march.  I observed the various gray wolves and their coyote cousins falling along the way.  The bodies lay behind them, covered with the falling snow.  When the wolfpacks apparently complained, I observed the monster howling and pointing at the fallen.  I watched as those who remained, began to eat the dead.  What I can not account for, is that I watched as the black wolves appeared to die and then came back to life.  I do not know the reason why that is occurring?  However, it was not all black wolves, because some did indeed pass on.  There appears to be a limit as to how many times that this cycle can occur.”   All three eagle leaders chirped in horror, and Silver Claw narrowed his eyes.  Cobalt blinked again, “oh … it feels so good to be able to blink again.  I am currently stationed on a high tree overtop of the island.  Trying to get the feeling back into my wings, before I start my search.  I have not seen the monster, nor Pudgy for that matter.  The wolves encamped here are acting strangely.  They … are … Gitche Manitou … help us …” 

The trio of eagles watched as Cobalt’s ethereal image quickly disappeared.  Striped Feather chirped with a concerned tone, “Cobalt!  Darn it … what is happening there?”  Silver Claw looked at Striped Feather, “our forces have reported a high number of wolves in that region. And now, a monster of smoke, leads reinforcements to an island that is only able to be attacked from the air.  Something very important is on that island, and we need more than one set of eyes on the location.  Striped feather … take a convocation of white feathers with you.  Head to the island, locate Cobalt, and report back as soon as you are able to.”  The female eagle bowed, “by your will Silver Claw!”  She turned and quickly flew off from the platform, crying out.  As the supreme leader walked to the edge of the treetop platform, he saw four younger eagles fall in behind his third in command.  Copper Claw remained where he was and narrowed his eyes, staying quiet for now. 

What the eagle high command could not see, was what Cobalt was watching from his tree top perch.  The sun was just starting to rise over the eastern horizon, and was casting long strands of pale white light over the snow-covered lands.  As the ground below was illuminated, the eagle observed the encamped predators below him.  Upon waking, mournful howls began to fill the air.  Blood covered the snow in all directions, so much so, that it was getting into the river and cascading over the falls on either side of the island.  The sense of terror was palpable, and observable fear was spreading throughout the island.  The wolves were exploding, sending chunks of flesh, and sprays of blood everywhere.  Chunks of coyotes were dangling from low tree branches, and the smell of death hung heavy in the air.  The wolves and coyotes having been so horrifically slaughtered by an unseen force, could be seen standing as shimmering forms.  It was the spirit of the animal, which stood confused for a time, before sinking into the ground. 

The various packs were responding to the horrific events, and began to panic.  Those that could move, weaved between the ones that were exploding.  Covered in the blood of their brethren, the wolves and coyotes started to run towards the bridge that allowed passage to the island.  With each step their numbers dwindled, until the only living thing left on the island was the eagle in his tree top branch.  Cobalt turned back to the magical glyph he carved into the tree with his talons.  “Too bad that only works once per day,” the eagle quipped while shaking his wings free of some errant ice that had just broken free from his body.  “Well, the wolves are all gone, time to find Pudgy,” the former human said while leaping from the branch to take flight once more.  Thankfully it had stopped snowing, and was just bone chillingly cold out.  The sounds of rushing waters as it cascaded through the rapids and over the falls was the only sound that could be heard. 

Now that the eagle was able to blink once again, his vision had cleared up, and could see the ground below.  It was a horrific sight up close, and the smell was not great either.  Scanning the ground below with his eyes, Cobalt started to make several passes over the island.  He also made a circuit in both directions around the island’s shorelines.  Just for good measure, the eagle also flew and over the falls a couple times.  However, there was no sign of the monster or hedgehog.  The island had reverted back to nature like most human areas, with the trees covering most of the island.  There were wide areas that were still open, near the waterfalls.  Swooping in to land on a stone statue, Cobalt saw a rusted sign.  “Nikola Tesla… why does that name sound familiar?”  The eagle pondered, but could not remember who that was?  The name sounded familiar, but thoughts quickly turned when he saw a sign that said Cave of the Winds. “Well …wolves like caves … sounds like a plausible lead.” 

Hopping off the statue, Cobalt glided over to a tall concrete fence support structure that was starting to crumble.  Looking around the area, the first clue was spotted.  A large print was in the snow, “hmm,” The former human chirped before flying over to a wood post sticking out of the ground a short distance away.  Landing there, the former human slowly turned his head and looked for any other visible sign.  The water was relentlessly pouring over the falls, with the overspray freezing on the rocks that stretched beside and around the precipice of the falls.  The aerosolized water was also turning into snow in the frigid air, and falling around the area.  There was a path, that no human could safely walk, which led down what could be charitably called a cliff.  The large prints resembled wolf prints, but the toes were not present in the snow.  It was as of the animal was walking on the heel of its paws.    

Nodding to himself, the eagle took flight once more.  He started to follow the path, which had a series of switch backs along the cliff.  Gliding as much as he could, he weaved and watched the water pour perilously close to him.  The water thundered louder than anything he had ever heard before.  However, as he navigated the final switchback, he could see a narrow trail along the ice-covered rock.  It seemed to head behind the water falls.  That was the path he followed, and flew as close as he could manage next to the vertical rock cliffs that began to tower overhead.  In time, he was unable to fly any further, and landed on one of the few rocks free of ice.  It was very cold, and the wind howled through the space where the water fell and the rock.  With his wings folded along his body, Cobalt started to walk.  The path was treacherous, with one wrong move, and you would fall into the rushing water.  However, it was only a short walk, before the outlines of a cavern entrance could be seen. 

A quick leap, and a short glide later, Cobalt was able to enter the cavern’s entrance.  Stopping to turn and look at the rushing water, the eagle chirped softly, before turning to head further into the cavern.  The rock was smooth granite, with faint white veins of a different rock mixed within it.  There was a soft click noise as the eagle’s talons connected with the stone.  The cavern itself soon narrowed, to a space that could accommodate two wolves’ width.  It was a fairly straight cavern, until it slowly veered to the left and then back to the right.  The light quickly diminished to near darkness, but as the former human progressed, he could see a faint white light coming from ahead of him.  Slowing his pace, he tried to make his approach quieter, and soon could hear a deep voice talking from up ahead.  Around another slight bend to the right, and then back to the left, he hugged the wall, and stayed as low as possible.  Until he could see a larger interior cavern begin to open up. 

The monster was sitting at the far end of the cavern, and was corporeal.  No longer made of smoke, it was flesh and blood.  Thick black fur seemed drip like oil, while a hiss from black shadowy magic was escaping his hide.  Large black obsidian claws could be seen adorning each paw, and it was as if the scan light was being sucked within the monster’s body.  Blood red orbs were its eyes, and glowed with a crimson hue, locked forward onto a point in the center of the cavern.  Twelve wolves of varying sizes, shapes, and colors were positioned around the center of the room in a circle.  On the roof of the cavern, was a large black circle, made of a material similar to the monster’s claws.  The eagle clenched his beak, watching as Pudgy was floating underneath the black circle.  The little critter was starting to glow with a green light. 

The monster sneered from his spot at the rear of the cavern.  “Your brave forces have all given their lives towards the greater good, you should be proud.”  The twelve wolves that were situated around the central point all growled at the monster.  The wolves struggled to move, but were locked in place by an unseen force.  Pudgy whimpered, “Blood Fang … please … let us go.”  Cobalt narrowed his eyes as he squinted in the pale light, then spotted a place closer to creep towards that had a good cover behind a rock.  As he drew closer, the monster spoke once more.  “Let you go?  I think not, my dear Pudgy Hedgehog.  All your adventures have led here, now … let us get started.  I call this meeting of the Fang of the Moon to order.”  The wolves around the center of the room whimpered a bit, and all started to glow with a crimson hue a shade lighter than the monster’s eyes. 

Pudgy called out, “what are you doing? Pudgy will never help you!”  The little critter said defiantly, making his determined face.  Blood Fang laughed insidiously, with a demonic filled voice, “merely fulfilling my destiny.”  The black wolf took a deep breath, and then called out in a clear voice, “Anningan!  It is time for the wolf’s ascension, and I will take back what you stole from us long ago!  Chain of Gaia … ARISE!”  The twelve wolves all started to howl in unison, with pain in their voices.  Their bodies all started to float, and contort their shapes into a flat shape.  The flat was then curved, and a black shadowy chain link appeared in the center of the cavern on the floor.  One by one the other wolves converted and connected to each chain link.  The links at first were not big, but were growing as they connected to one another.  The little hedgehog was screaming, as he could feel energy being pulled out of his body.  He was starting to feel very tired, and watched as green magical energy was flowing out of his paws.  Looking upwards, he could see the black circle was absorbing the light as well as the energy.  Suddenly, he was drawn inside the circle, along with the twelve chain linkages behind him. 

The monster howled louder than anything ever heard, and the ground began to shake violently.  The eagle felt his body being violently thrown around.  He could see nothing, as only a void of darkness remained.  Trying to recover as best he could the eagle turned around and started to run as best as he could.  However, he kept being flung back and forth, striking the cavern walls.  The rocks were cracking loudly, and the tunnel started to collapse.  Dodging the falling debris, the sounds of rushing water could be heard.  The former human ran as fast as he could, until he could see light.  Then he took flight once more, and started to weave back and forth, before he shot out of the tunnels’ entrance.  Banking hard to the left, he flew under the waterfall.  Dodging the water, and chunks of falling ice, he made it clear of the waterfalls.  Flapping his wings hard, he started to ascend.  But something was off, as it was now twilight.  When Cobalt had flown over the island, and found the cavern, it was still light out. 

As he continued to ascend, Cobalt could see the reason for the darkness appear.  A gigantic chain was sticking straight out of the ground and high into the skies above.  However, unlike the other world chains, this one was made of pure shadow.  The magical energies seemed to be drawing the life from the land.  The trees which had already ben dormant due to the winter, were splintering and turning into dust.  The ground was generating heat, so much so, that the blood covered snows were melting.  The blood water mixture was flowing over the falls, and the sound of mournful howls could be heard as the remnants of the predators cascaded into the river below. 

Blood Fang strode up to his newly formed black chain and called out loudly, “SEE THAT ANNINGAN!  I have brought back the one chain, made from the dozens of your chains and ley line nodes!  And now with this one true chain, I will control this land.  I will choose who lives, who dies, who breeds, who loves, who hates … I will control everything!  Now … let me test my power.”  The monster pointed towards the lands once known as Canada opposite from the falls, “I never did like Canada … SINK BACK INTO THE WATERS FROM WHENCE YOU CAME!”  The creature pointed his left paw, and watched as the chain bent several linkages down, and towards the direction he pointed.  The monster watched as the cliffs that stretched along the western side of the Niagara River started to crack into huge sections.  As the gigantic chunks of rock and earth began to fall, the creature could see an eagle flying by the waterfalls.       

Cobalt watched in horror as the land was beginning to sink.  At first it was slow, with loud insidious cracking noises filling the air, but the destruction quickly took root.  Deep ravines were forming and the waters of the Niagara River rushed in to fill the void.  What the eagle did not know, was that the various birds that resided along the entirety of the river between the falls and Lake Ontario had taken flight at the same time.  The land was sinking violently along the entire stretch.  From Crystal Beach to the south, all the way to Mississauga beach to the north, the entire stretch of land sinking into the earth.  As the destruction reached the frozen shorelines of Lake Ontario, the water of the lake began to back fill and flow into the newly created void.  As the destruction reached the northern shore of Lake Erie, the water began to spill over and rush to flow down below.  An entire new stretch of waterfalls had been created by the monster.  Eighty miles of waterfalls had been created in a matter of moments.  The city that once known as Hamilton was now teetering on the edge of a cliff. 

Blood Fang howled with demonic glee, and motioned with his paw. “Who said to stop?  I want to connect all the lakes together!”  The chain wiggled several times, and three more linkages bent down to join the others pointed west.  The monster noticed the eagle flying again, and he was heading along the chain, towards the last linkage.  At the very end of the chain, was Pudgy hedgehog.  Then the stories of the hedgehog came back to the front of his mind, of how Cobalt his friend, had been turned into an eagle.  Calling out, “try as you might Cobalt, you will never break Pudgy free of my chain!”  The monster whipped his head to the right, causing the chain to fly to the north.  The eagle was struck, and started to fall.  Laughing in his demonic tones, “well one errant eagle taken care of.  Oh my, I pointed my chain of destruction towards the human city of Toronto.  Whatever shall I do?  Sink the land into Gaia, and connect my lake.  Blood Lake has a certain ring to it …”

As the chain responded, far away to the north of Lake Ontario, lay the former city of Toronto.  The animals there all were fleeing, as the ground shook violently.  The ravines formed, and the land sunk as the others had done before.   With more magical energy being used, the process was far quicker, and the land collapsed into the earth in minutes.  Lake Simcoe soon joined Ontario, and the former human city of Barie was starting to be swallowed by the rushing lake waters.  The destruction spread all the way, until Lake Erie before, Georgian bay soon was beginning to spill over into Ontario below.   The widespread devastation was horrific, and the animals that could flee did so.  In a matter of hours, two entirely new sets of water falls had been created, and three of the great lakes had been connected.  The land continued to fall, and waters flowed into places they had not stood for hundreds of years. 

The monster gleefully howled, keenly aware of his actions.  As he motioned with his paw, the chain links started to point upwards once more.  Unlike the previous chains, its power did not wane, and pulsed with black shadowy magic.  “Thus is the power of death … in destruction, I will bring order to the chaos that is life.  I will … oh … I was wondering when you would show up?”  The monster trailed off as he looked upwards into the skies.  The twilight had faded to black, and the stars disappeared.  Gigantic feathers appeared, as a wing spread over the skies above the chain.  The feathers were irredescent, and changed colors as they floated overhead.  Blood Fang stood defiantly, ready to strike down the so-called Great Spirit.  Unaware of the parliament of arctic owls that had taken roost in the few trees that remained behind him.  Their yellow eyes locked onto the monster, and its dark chain.  Then watched as an eagle was flying once more towards the chain.

Cobalt had gotten the wind knocked out of him when he was struck by the dark chain.  But he had recovered, circled around the now gigantic lake that lay below the falls, and had started to fly back upwards.  Circling the chain, he could feel the death magic seeping out of it.  Inside each chain link, he could see wolf spirits swirling around and howling in terror.   At the very top of the chain, was Pudgy, who was floating at the very end of it.  The green magical energies had been replaced with black shadows, and his quills were dripping with an unknown substance.  Crying out, “Pudgy I’m coming!”  The eagle flew as fast as he could, and knew he only had one shot before the monster would react to his presence.  Faster and faster, he flew while circling higher and higher, until he could see his little critter friend.  Stretching out his claws, Cobalt snatched the rods of the backpack.  Twisting his body hard, and adjusting his wings, the eagle broke the hedgehog free of the chain.  The chain snapped and wiggled a bit, before a new link of shadow formed in Pudgy’s place. 

The eagle flew as hard as he could, with his friend in his claws.  Pudgy whimpered out, “Cobalt … Pudgy knew you would save Pudgy … Pudgy … so … tired …”  Cobalt chirped, “I got you Pudgy, so you can rest a bit.  But we still have to get out of here somehow, we don’t have to worry about stopping the monster.  Look in the river water below Pudgy, the great Spirit Gitche Manitou is here.”  The little critter looked down, in the now calm water of the Niagara River.  The reflection of the thunder eagle was in the water.  “The Great Spirit Unetlanvhi looks angry.  The last time Pudgy saw those looks in his eyes, the moon dinosaurs were destroyed.”  The little hedgehog said as he dangled underneath the eagle.  Cobalt nodded, “all the reason more to get out of here as quickly as possible Pudgy!” 

Pudgy watched as twenty white owls leapt from the trees below on the southern most tip of the island took flight.   They quickly flew towards them, and started to send greeting calls.  They were the arctic owls, and soon flew in formation around Cobalt.  Ice Feather wiggled her wing tips at the hedgehog, before flying beside Cobalt.  She called out, “good job saving Pudgy!  It looks like we got here too late.”  Overhead the skies started to flash with lightning, and the thunder began to rumble loudly.  In the river water below, all birds could see the Thunder Eagle’s reflection in the water.  His voice boomed, “HADES!  I WARNED YOU ONCE BEFORE NOT TO TRY THIS!”  The little hedgehog whimpered, “so that is who Blood Fang really is … the Greek god of death …”  The little hedgehog’s strength waned, and he passed out. 

By Cobalt

Cobalt is a normal guy that goes to work. Pudgy is his hedgehog friend who lives in a hobbit style home nearby, and goes on epic adventures. All Pudgy stories are copyrighted to Cobalt. Doomcock, Harvey Cthulhu, and Xanadoom is copyrighted to Overlord DVD.

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