Blood Fang: Chapter 4: Grasslands

The battle was never ending, and the hours passed with never ending combat.  The light of the day, had faded with the setting sun, and the unrelenting waves of wolves crashed against the defenders of the rocky hill.  The bodies of their fallen foes piled high around the trunks of the cacti, and the proud desert plants stood strong.  This rocky hill was too precious, and must be defended at any cost.  If the wolves were to take the hill, and access the magic within, all would be lost.  To their collective shock and horror, after a few minutes in a deceased state, the wolves rose up, and began to attack again.  Just as quickly though, they would be smacked back down by the angry cacti, over and over and over and over again.  Kekti shouted, “I just took care of these ones around six times already!  What the heck is going on?”  

What the confused cactus did not know, was the secret to the black wolves’ ability to return from the dead.  Blood Fang had ordered the former humans sent first, due to their regeneration capability.  Each time they came back, the humans lost more of themselves.  Only a berserk wild animal existed with next to no conscious thought, with a taste for pure battle.  However, the repeated deaths of the wolf turned former humans were starting to prove an issue.  Some had reached their seventh and final regeneration, their limit before annihilation.  The young saguaro reached up and thrust his appendages forward.  Kekti struck down the nearby attacking wolves once more, and flung their bodies high into the air.  The flanking cacti on either side of him, did the same, flinging their foes away like insects.  This time was different, and a strange sight started to be seen by the fighting plants.  The former humans started to burst into flames, and the bodies lost all definition within seconds.  Their bodies never hit the ground, as the resulting dust was scattered upon the wind. 

Kekti shouted out, “now we know their terrible secret!  We need to strike them down seven times, to make them disappear for good!  Stand strong everyone,” he said with an inspiringly defiant tone.  The black fur wolves who could still remember, began to react to their allies bursting into flames.  They began to howl sadly, and started to back away from the plants slowly.  Their mindless compatriots surged forward, around the cowardly humans.   Far away at a safe distance at the rear of the advance, an enormous black wolf stood with red glowing eyes.  Noticing the former humans beginning a retreat, he howled the attack command, resulting in the former humans to halt their retreat and continue to press the assault from the rising sun location of the stone.  The wolf like creature began a slow advance forward, as black wolves streamed around him and towards the front line of desert defenders.  The sight of the advancing smoke-filled wolf inspired the attackers, and fortified their resolve.   

Meanwhile, to the southern side of the rocky hill, the gray wolves were being more resourceful.  Targeted strikes, rushing forward en-masse, and pulling back.  The relentless waves of attacks resulted in keeping the plants off guard, and not able to recover.  The losses were almost nonexistent, as these wolves did not want to die, and were being smart with their attacks.  The white fur alpha wolf stood tall in the back, and howled attack orders.  After an attack order howl, one younger gray wolf ran up to his side, and panted out of breath.  “Silver Fang … the former humans are starting to explode into flames.  Blood Fang is pressing the attack, but we are losing too many on that side.  The coyotes are not making much progress on the side opposite from us.  But it is keeping the attention of these foul plants focused there, and unable to reinforce the other sections.”  The alpha nodded, “I care not about the former humans.  They are lesser creatures, tools to be used for our conquest.  How are our forces doing?”  The young beige fur covered wolf nodded, “well, we have not lost any at this time.  Some are injured, and are licking their wounds to our rear.”  The wolf leader nodded, “good, we will continue our attack … signal Blood Fang to strike.”

The young wolf nodded, “yes sir!”  He turned quickly, and shot off at top speed towards the eastern side of the rocky hill.  The distance to the wolf like creature was not too great.  And within a matter of minutes, the subordinate wolf had traversed the distance.  Sliding to a halt on the hot desert sands, he looked up at the creature’s blood red eye. “Silver Fang says to strike at once,” which drew a grin from the evil creature.  Taking a deep breath, Blood Fang howled a demonic mixture of guttural growls and echoes of words that could not be deciphered.  The black fur covered former humans all nodded in unison, and immediately rushed forward.  The desert plants were flailing as best as they could manage, but could not stop the onslaught.  Kekti watched as friends he had known for decades were ripped from the ground and trampled.  An opening was torn in between where the fallen cacti once had been rooted.  The wolf like creature seeing the path, rushed through the separation at top speed towards the crest of the rock covered hill. 

The ground was made of windswept ancient granite, and had stood watch over the desert lands for immeasurable time.  The power of Gaia pulsed beneath the creature’s paws.  Grinning, Blood Fang began to chant softly in his evil tones, as he summoned the world chain.  Kekti shouted, “NOOOO!”  All watched as the links of the world chain started to slowly form.  Unlike the other chains the wolves had seen before, this one reached only half the distance of the others into the sky.  It glowed with a faint blue light, and pulsed weakly.  Blood Fang nodded while speaking, “Ahh … I see …this is an ancient chain.  No matter, we can still use the power within for our purposes …. now …. SEPERATE!”  The chain links exploded, and disintegrated into a fine white dust.   The connection point of which the chain once touched the rock began to hiss.  Suddenly, a narrow fountain of light began to emerge, shining high into the star filled night sky above the hill.  Blood Fang looked down into the beam, and opened his mouth.  He began to inhale, and breathed in the magic flowing forth from within the earth. 

Kekti did not feel so good, and found soon that he could no longer move.  The other cacti began to feel the same way, and watched as the world faded away into darkness.  The wolves watched as the cacti suddenly stopped moving, almost as if they were frozen.  In unison, and without much sound, they all started to sink into the ground.  At the start of the battle there were ninety-one desert plants.  Seventy remaining defenders soon were gone, and the once valiant line of protection around the rocky hill was now gone.  This meant that the path to the rock was now open for all predators.  As the wolf and coyote forces proper began to approach the summit, Silver Fang ran ahead of the combined packs, to reach the wolf like creature.  The white fur alpha wolf looked down at the fountain of light that was erupting from deep within the rock.  The smoke-filled wolf like creature pulled back, and motioned with his paw towards the font. 

The alpha moved forward with purpose, and stuck his mouth over the beam.  The light was pure magic, and a fine white mist was soon being breathe in by the wolf leader.  The power coursed through his veins, and the wolves around him, watches as his eyes glowed a bright silver, and his overall body began to grow.  The other half of his tail grew back, and the scars of previous battles were healed.  The alpha turned towards his natural gray wolf forces, and motioned for them to step forward.  “Step forward my gray wolves, and be healed!”  The alpha wolf stepped back, and watched as his pack members filed up the rocky hill to take turns breathing in the magic from the font.  Their wounds were healed as well, though none were able to breathe in as much magic as the two leaders.  After the procession of natural wolves had been healed, the Alpha was about to speak, when the flow of magical light ceased.  Blood Fang frowned, “this was an ancient font, with limited magic remaining.  The cacti have been using it for countless years, which allowed them to move around and speak.  Our former foes have returned to Gaia from whence they came.” 

Silver Fang watched as the black wolves, and the coyotes were starting to look at each other and grumble.  Dissention between the members of the combined pack was not a healthy prospect for the leader, which required some thought as to how to quell a potential uprising.  Nodding to himself, as the alpha wolf realized a potential resolution, he began to speak with an authoritative tone.  “The font was extremely limited, because those plants sucked it dry over the years.  Those who did not drink will be allowed to drink first at the next chain.”  The black wolves continued to grumble quietly, while the coyotes barked in protest as well, before both groups quieted down.  Strange looks formed on the predator’s faces as they watched Blood Fang begin to laugh evilly.  The wolf like creature turned and faced Silver Fang properly, “I wonder how King Larry is doing?”  Silver Fang chuckled with a sneer, “betrayed his own kind for a title.  What a pathetic creature?”  The Alpha turned slowly to do a rough count of the forces remaining.  The black wolves were about two hundred less than what they had started with. 

Blood Fang nodded, “the cacti proved to be formidable foes, and we have lost many of our former human friends.  But throughout our time in the desert lands, I have learned some very interesting information.  On my travels with the would-be king cactus, I touched many lesser stones.  These stones are connected to one another, and I saw visions of animals within them travelling.”  The wolves and coyotes quieted down, and began to listen intently.  The strange wolf like creature continued to speak, “the owls are using these points to travel primarily.  Although I did see a strange quill covered creature, a raven, and several eagles as well.”  Silver Fang folded his left ear back with a cock eyes expression on his face, “and this pertains to us how?”  The wolf like creature nodded with a sadistic grin, “patience my dear Silver Fang, patience.  The animals travelling through the earth via these connection points, spent time far to the north on the island of the bears.”

The alpha wolf’s eyes focused on Blood Fang’s red glowing eyes, “you have my attention, what did you find out?”  The black wolves looked up at Blood Fang, and watched him as he spoke to their leader.  “Do you remember the ice bridge, far to the north?  The bears had help from a winged blue creature.  The owls called the creature Cobalt, and the small quill covered animal was called Pudgy Hedgehog.  The blue creature was called a dragon by the owls, and had assisted him with the trip to the snowy north.  I am not one hundred percent certain, but the quill covered animal had some sort of power as well.  They had been summoned by the Mother of All Bears, and assisted her on the island.  After the battle at the ice bridge, the dragon apparently died from its injuries, somewhere along the ocean facing coast.  Some time afterwards, is when the raven and eagles used the travel points to obtain the dragon soul, and return far to the rising sun lands.  The Hedgehog returned to his home, somewhere south of the lands of the eagles.”

Silver Fang nodded, “a fascinating tale, and this pertains to us how?”  Blood Fang motioned with a talon covered paw to the east, “the dragon whom killed so many of your wolf pack members is somewhere to the east.  Do you wish to avenge those who have fallen at the ice bridge?  If we can find Pudgy Hedgehog, we can force him to reveal the location of the dragon soul.”  The white fur alpha sneered, “there would be no greater pleasure than ripping that soul to shreds in my claws.  We will head to the rising sun, and find this … hedgehog.  Any animal who helps the bears, is an enemy of all wolves and coyotes.  If this … Pudgy Hedgehog … resists, we will encourage his cooperation, in our special way.  We leave this instant, let us leave these desert lands henceforth.”  Silver Fang grinned, and started to howl with a terrible tone.  The wolves all started to howl, turn and then fell into line behind their leader Silver Fang.  Down the rocky hill, and back onto the hot desert sands the combined wolf packs headed.  Those who had drank from the magical font, had a spring to their step, moving fairly quickly.  The coyotes fell to the rear of the column of troops, and were barking at each other.  They complained about being last for everything, but such was their lot in life.  As the forces moved through the desert lands, they saw a small round cactus with pink flowers partially submerged in the desert sands.  Those within sight of the pitiful plant bowed out of contempt, and spoke with a sneer, “hail King Larry.”  The plant did not respond, and soon was left behind in an empty desert. 

Once the wolves disappeared from view over the desert horizon, the land began to shake violently.  The scarce plants withered, and crumbled into dust.  Large cracks formed in the earth, and the ground began to sink violently in large jagged chunks.  Rocks and sand fell within the gaping void, as the sink hole began to spread quickly in all directions.  As the destruction of the desert lands spread, in the skies overhead, a golden eagle cried out and banked to circle overhead.  The land was silent, devoid of any sign of life.  The eagle cried out once more, before flying to the north, and the high mountains.  Day turned into night, with the stars twinkling in the skies.  The shaking eventually subsided, and the land hissed as steam escaped from within the deep void of the earth.   A waxing moon floated through the sky, as a set of eyes formed from the stars.  No visible display of emotion could be seen, and the eyes looked upon the land from above.  The stars faded, and then moved back into their original position.   

Far to the east, the desert sands gave way to never ending fields of short brown grass.  The grass crunched under paw, as the rains had been scant this year.  The land was flat in all directions, with nary a tree in sight.  The wolves had crossed into the start of the great plains, and were thankful to be out of the desert.  Unknowing they crossed what was once the border of the human state once called Texas.  Once night had arrived, the wolves camped around a small creek of water that meandered its way through the short grass.  The predators followed a pattern: wake, travel, sleep.  And as the days passed, the forces traversed a fair distance.  What was of concern to the animals, was the scarcity of water and prey.  The land was quiet, almost dying a slow death under a relentless sun.  There was water coming from somewhere, otherwise the plants would not be able to live, or at least that is what the leaders of the combined wolfpack thought.  Their bellies ere empty, and mouths dry, which halted the advance of the forces just before hitting their limits.  The predators had reached a large series of human ruins, that was in an almost total state of decay.

Blood Fang strode up to a green sign, painted with a red white and blue flag.  There was but a single white star, rusted out from many years standing along the former road leading into the human settlement.  Reading out loud with a clear tone of disgust, “the lone star state welcomes you to Amarillo.  What a strange name for a human … oh what was the word they used to use? City: yes, I believe that was the term?   I wonder if any of our former human friends were from around here?”  The creature cast his gaze on the back fur covered wolves that were standing around him.    One former human padded slowly up to their strange animal, “I think I was.  I am having so much trouble remembering things.  I used to … sell …”  The creature patted the wolf on his head gently with a smoky paw, “I see … Do not stress your mind too much, it will only hurt.  Go off and play: I will be fine.”  The former human nodded, and padded off to rejoin his friends.  The small group of former humans were busy toying with a series of crumbling bricks, along a wall to what was once a car dealership.  Silver Fang strode up beside the smokey creature and looked up at him, “what was that about?” 

The wolf like creature nodded, “a confirmation of a theory, my dear alpha.  As the humans die and come back, they lose their memories.  That one,” he motioned with his paw, “has come back four times. The memories remain that show that he came from this city.  But the rest of his memories are gone, and he is becoming pure animal with each conversion.  I will ask him again when he comes back a fifth time, to ascertain how much human is left?”  The two leaders walked slowly, and watched as the wolf pack members were all starting to collapse onto crispy brown grass.  It was a combination of hunger and thirst, which was becoming of great concern.  The white fur alpha wolf nodded, “our progress has been swift, but I fear our forces can not proceed without rest.  I have sent our coyote cousins out to search the surrounding area.  The initial reports are that they have scouted several places which have small bodies of water.” 

The smoke-filled creature nodded, “we will need to divide once again.  The individual packs will be smaller, and able to use the available resources.  Presumably, there will be sources of sustenance nearby to the watery areas.”  Silver Fang nodded, “agreed, but I hesitate to do give the order until I have confirmation.  I thought however, that heading into the grass lands would mean that there would be more water.”  Blood Fang nodded, “now that the humans are gone, the world is changing in ways both seen and unseen.  The so-called Great Spirit’s talons are in many things, and he is manipulating this world to an end, that none are aware of.  Raging fires burn the western lands, scorching trees that stood for hundreds of years.  The ground is withering and dying, before cracking and being swallowed deep within Gaia.  Where land once stood, water has sprung forth to cover the void.  I fear in time, there may be no land left for any animal to live upon…” 

The alpha nodded, “I have been meaning to ask you something.  Why do you hold such anger towards the Great Spirit?”  The creature snarled in response, “that is rather an odd question to ask of me!”  Noticing the white fur wolf’s stern look, and several natural gray wolves also looking at him, Blood Fang calmed his voice and raised his paw.  “I owe you an explanation, my dear Silver Fang.  I was once a wolf like you, an alpha that led a massive pack of wolves.  I was Blood Claw, of the timber wolf clan.”  The alpha looked up at the creature, “Blood Claw?  I have heard that name spoken of before, by my father’s father, as Luna was fullest in the sky when I was but a child.  The wolf claw ruled the various clans for time untold.  There was a general peace amongst the various clans, until something unforeseen happened.  The claw disappeared, the various clans separated, and soon the alphas rose to lead each pack.”  The wolf like creature shook his head, “one day I will tell you that tale in full.  Suffice to say, the so-called Great Spirit betrayed the wolves.  From that day onwards, I pledged my life to growing powerful enough to challenge our would-be God.  But that is a tale for another day, when our battles are over, and wolves rule Gaia once more.  I see your coyote scouts are returning …”

Three small brown coyotes were quickly walking up to Silver Fang.  They excitedly barked in their shrill tone.  They all spoke at the same time, “we found water!”  After a sharp howl, to refocus the coyotes, they started to talk one at a time.  There were three lakes, that were close to where they were, but none could support the entire wolfpack.  Silver Fang nodded, and gave the order to separate the combined wolfpack, led by each coyote scout.  Blood Fang led the former human wolves towards the north, where there once stood a vast farm.  The white fur alpha led his natural gray wolves, along with the coyote scout to follow a nearby long irrigation trench that led to the south.  There was water in the trench, and was seemingly being fed by a lake somewhere nearby.  The remainder of the coyotes continued to head east, towards a large rectangular rock structure filled with blue water.  That stood in the shadow of a tall building that had collapsed on its side, with a green sign that mentioned the word Holiday.  As the forces separated, the sound of the combined wolfpack diminished.  The trip to the respective watering holes was not long, and soon the thirsty predators were drinking deeply. 

The wolves of the northern pond soon saw black and white dairy cows grazing in the vast farmlands of grass.  Without a second thought, they soon had started to stalk their pray.  The cows sensing danger all started to run, heading back to the decaying wooden barns that housed them.  Teeth and claws bared, they attacked, taking down any prey that came within range.  The cries of the cows filled the air, as painful moos floated on the wind.  The smoke-filled creature grinned as he walked behind the former humans, and watched as they tore at the hides of the animals.  “Cow is good eating.  Too bad I have not a stomach within my body anymore.”  Watching the wolves under his care feast upon the fallen bovine prey, the creature turned to see in the distance, a vast field of green plants.  The neat rows that once stood had become horribly overgrown with weeds, and covered by mountains of manure from the large grass-fed animals.  Making note to try to avoid the large piles of excrement, the creature continued to head into the fields. 

The plants were once called soybeans, and were used in many human processes including food, oil, and ink.  At the end of the field, stood a large four-legged animal with a thick dark brown hide.  A huge set of antlers were atop of the animal’s head, and were pointed towards the fields of slaughter.  The four-legged animal quickly looked up, and locked eyes with the smoke-filled creature.  Turning quickly, it began to run as fast as its legs could carry it, in the opposite direction.  It was an elk, that had travelled far from the north, throughout the plains of grass.  Grumbling out loud as he huffed, “darn it all to heck … what was that thing?  I have to warn the girls!  I’ll be darned if they get eaten, after just finding them!”  It was the human once called Stone Loki, friend of Pudgy hedgehog and Cobalt.  The former human had been searching for his three daughters in the time since Pudgy last visited him.  It had taken months, and a thousand miles, to reach the burned-out grass lands of the west Texas plains.  It was there when he found his confused daughters, who had also turned into elks like he did?  There was no word of their mother, though she was of little concern to him.”

Loki ran as fast as he could go, stepping in many piles of cow dung along the way.  Through the fields of soybeans he raced, until he reached the pasture land where the farm’s horses once were kept.  Slowing down to navigate a tight split rail fence gate opening, the father could see his daughters grazing on the tall grass that was plentiful in the area.  Sounding a warning call, which almost sounded like a car horn, the trio of doe looked up.  Sliding to a halt, “April, Isabella, Gretchen!  We have to go now, there is a darned monster across the soybean fields.”  The three does were light brown, and looked at their father.  Gretchen gave him a look with her brown eyes, “a monster Daddy?”  Loki nodded, “yes, it was easily two times taller than me.  Its body was made of smoke, and had these blood red eyes.  I also saw at least a hundred black wolves with it.  They were slaughtering all the cows that live on that side of the farm.” April whimpered, “no … they were nice … they said we could stay here.”

The concerned father nodded, “we can’t help them.  My concern is you three girls, and your safety.  We have to go now.  Isabella was the third daughter, and she was unusually quiet.  Her eyes were wide, and ears were sticking straight up.  As his other two daughters did the same, Loki started to turn around to see the creature was walking towards them.  It had reached the split rail gate, and was silently watching them.  Loki growled, “girls…RUN! Run as fast as you can go, I will catch up with you.”  Isabella whimpered, “no Daddy, we just found you!”  The male elk lowered his head, with antlers forward in an attack position.  He honked angrily, signaling his intention to fight.  “GIRLS …. GO NOW!”  The three does nodded, and began to ran as fast as they could towards the opposite side of the pasture.  The male elk began to walk forwards, towards the monster.  “What the hell do you want … monster?!?!?” 

The creature had an amused look on his face, “my word … yet another former human?  And you were turned into this ridiculous form, no less?”  Loki shot him a look, “that’s right … I got turned into an elk.  And who might you be?”  The smoky creature easily leapt over the fence in one swift motion, and soon closed the distance between them.  Stopping about a dozen yards from elk still in attack position, “you need not know my name.  Know that with one howl, I can summon hundreds of wolves to my command.  Your loved ones currently feeling, will never make the end of the pasture.  What I want …is very simple …. information.”  The elk nodded, but kept his antlers down in attack position.  “I do not know what you are looking for, I am confused to what is going on in this world anymore?”

Blood Fang growled with a mixture of animals, and demonic tones as he grinned sadistically.  “How would one make it to a place called …Pennsylvania?”  Loki lifted his head slightly, “Pennsylvania?  That is a very far distance away, why would you want to go there?”  The creature nodded, “so you know of its location?”  The elk looked a bit confused, “you would have to head far to the east of here.  You will run into a river, and follow it to the north and then east when it splits in two.”  The creature nodded, “I see, so it is not close.  But this is indeed valuable information, to which I will grant you leniency.  I will allow you time, so that you man rejoin your herd.  Then I will sound my call, to summon my friends.”  The creature motioned with his paw to go, and Loki noticed that black wolves too numerous to count were starting to cross through the fields of soybeans. 

The father turned as quickly as his body could manage, and then started to charge towards his daughters.  A little-known fact was that elk can run up to 35 miles per hour.  Though there are limits to the duration of such speed, which Loki was pushing out of his mind.  Only one thought was in his head: he had to reach his daughters and protect them.    Racing through the near flat pasture land, he reached another split rail fence gate that was locked.  Leaping as high as he could, he just barely cleared the gate, and landed on the other side.  Starting to charge once more, in time he reached his daughters who were still fleeting.  In the distance behind them, all four elk could hear the terrible howls filling the air.  Loki shouted out, “keep running, as fast as you can!  That creature sent the wolves after us!”  Isabella huffed out, “how many Daddy?  I can’t keep this speed up for much longer!”  Loki huffed out as exhaustion was starting to set in, “hundreds!”

The herd ran as fast as they could, until their muscles were on fire, and their legs involuntarily stopped moving.  No matter how much they wanted to, their bodies would not move.  Their exhausted father turned around and lowered his head, readying to make a valiant last stand.  However, the wolves were nowhere to be seen.  Pulling his head up, he lifted his ears, listening intently.  There were no sounds present, other that the occasional bird chirping in the skies above.  April huffed, “maybe … they …decided … to leave us … alone?”  Gretchen nodded, “what did the creature want … Daddy?”  The male elk nodded, “information he said.  He wanted to know where Pennsylvania was.  I told him to follow the rivers, and that it was very far away.”  Isabella looked at him, “that was a strange question.  What is in Pennsylvania that a monster would want to visit?”    The herd looked at each other, and their eyes went wide in unison.  April whimpered, “Daddy …you told them how to find Pudgy!”

Loki grumbled, “I like that hedgehog, I really do!  But when it comes to my daughters’ safety, I will always choose you over anyone else.”  The three does nodded and whimpered, as their father spoke.  They enjoyed the wild tales of hedgehog adventures he told them, and his exciting appearances in the stories.  The male elk looked towards the North East, “we need to get there first girls, before the monster and his wolf allies can reach him.  Cobalt should be there too, and a dragon would be extremely useful against a monster made of smoke.”  His daughters nodded in agreement, and started to slowly limp forward.  The male elk strode up in front of his daughters, and quietly contemplated what this meant.  It would appear that he once more would play a role in Pudgy’s adventures, and this one would be his most dangerous yet.  There were no helpful humans, or their works to assist them.  They were on their own, in a dangerous world, filled with predators and monsters. 

What Loki and his daughters did not know, was that a coyote was following behind them quietly.   He was making a point to stay hidden within the grass.  His light brown hide, meant that he could easily blend in with his surroundings.  As the days passed, the herd headed further and further to the North east.  They were following a long stretch of flat land, that was marked by metal signs with strange symbols on them.  The coyote looked up at the metal sign, “HWY 60 … Stupid humans and their illegible things.”  As the days turned into weeks, the herd passed many former human towns and cities along the way.  Pampa, Miami, Canadian, Glazier, Higgins, until they crossed into what was once a land called Oklahoma.  As they stopped outside of the remnants of a horse farm, the thirsty animals were taking turns drinking from a leaking well pipe.  The water was barely a trickle, and almost scalding hot.  Slowly they drank, while their father stood guard. 

Loki looked out onto the never-ending fields of grass, watching it blow in a cooling breeze.  “Finally, it is getting cooler out, I wonder if we are approaching winter?”  Isabella nodded, “I think so Daddy.  The sun’s angle is changing in the sky.”  Gretchen nodded, “Isabella is right, plus we are heading northwards.  Hey, did you ever find Mom?”  The male elk shook his head, “no, sorry girls, I never found your mother.  I suspect she is around somewhere, and we might bump into her in a place we least expected.  I am glad to finally be in Oklahoma again.  The wind comes sweeping down the plains…” April looked up from the well pipe, “oh … that is a bad joke.  I hate that musical.”  The father honked happily, and walked over to take a turn drinking from the galvanized pipe.  After a few minutes drinking, he noticed in the faint reflection of the steel tank, he could barely see a reflection.   There was something moving in the grass, trying very hard to be hidden.  “Girls …. we’re being followed.”

Slowly raising his head, he turned around to face out into the prairie lands.  Calling out, “I see you …whomever you are … show yourself!”  There was no response from the silent land.  In the distance, a coyote leapt out from a strand of tall weeds.  Barking loudly, he started to race towards the male elk.  Loki put his head down and charged forward.  Honking angrily as only an enraged elk could, Loki charged forth and quickly closed the distance between himself and their silent tracker.  The predator tried to dodge, but he was too quickly and flung his head to the side.  He impaled the coyote on his antlers, and with a quick movement to the opposite side, flung the body of the would-be attacker across the prairie.  The light brown coyote landed hard onto the ground, and barked as he tried to get up.  Loki stomped as hard as he could, and began to trample him under hoof.  In time, only a lifeless body of a coyote lay on the grass.  Loki shouted, “no one messes with my daughters!  YOU HEAR THAT MONSTER … NOBODY!”

By Cobalt

Cobalt is a normal guy that goes to work. Pudgy is his hedgehog friend who lives in a hobbit style home nearby, and goes on epic adventures. All Pudgy stories are copyrighted to Cobalt. Doomcock, Harvey Cthulhu, and Xanadoom is copyrighted to Overlord DVD.

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