Blood Fang: Chapter 1: Yukon

The ocean waves were high, as heavy gusts of cold sea air washed upon the surrounding lands.  The ocean waves crashed against huge supports of ice, that had sprung forth from the ocean floor, to support a massive bride of ice.  The span crossed from island shores of Kodiak Island to the Alaskan mainland’s coast.  As the relatively warm water crashed against the supports, shards of ice were falling from the bridge span above.  A mixture of melting sea ice water, and blood was pouring from both sides of the bridge into the waters below.  This resulted in attracting sharks, whose fins could be seen occasionally poking above the rolling ocean waters. 

Roars from massive Kodiak grizzly bears filled the air, as they charged forward at a phalanx of grey wolves.  The wolves ducked between the bears, and using their outstretched claws, raked the sides of the bears while biting anything that was in range of their mouths.  Teeth like daggers pierced the thick fur covered hides of the bears, causing more blood to flow.  The howls of the wolves responded in kind, as hundreds of wolves poured onto the bridge, replace each that was lost.  As the bodies of the fallen were pushed aside, the corpses fell into the ocean below.  The sharks swarmed, and feasted upon the bounty raining from above.  In the distance, a gathering of the alpha wolves was howling from a rocky outcropping that overlooked the bridge’s connection point on the shoreline.  Despite the loud cracking noises coming rom the bridge, and the sides beginning to splinter off, the orders to press the attack were given.  The subordinate wolves: white, gray, black, and mixed colors continued their forward movement into the jaws of the bears. 

A strange noise filled the air, causing all on the bridge to look up.  A blue winged creature was flying from the center of the island.  Rows of sharp teeth were in its mouth, and shards of red stained ice shot out of its mouth.  The ice shards struck the wolves at the front, causing them to retreat a short distance.  As the winged creature landed hard in front of the Kodiak grizzly bears, it charged forward with its eyes rolled back into its head.  The bears called out, “THE BEAR MOTHER SENT US THE DRAGON!”  Bears that were running on fumes were soon joined by reinforcing brown and black bears.  The bears had brought in reinforcements, and the wolves began to be driven back.  As the tide of battle had turned, more wolves began to fall into the ocean, especially when the dragon would sweep his tail across the bridge.  Howls of terror filled the air, as the opportunistic attackers did not count on this. 

Across the ice bridge, from the rocky outcropping, the alpha wolf howled loudly.  The retreat had been ordered, and the remaining wolves on the bridge began to pull back.  The loud noises only continued growing, as the ice bridge was exploding at a much-accelerated rate into shards of blood-stained ice.  Huge sections of the bridge began to slide into the ocean water, filled with frantically scrambling wolves.  The fortunate were able to make it to the next section of bridge, before it too splintered and began to fall.  The unfortunately fell into the ocean water, and swam frantically, before being snatched up by the mouths of hungry sharks.  The sharks at this point had swelled to such number, they almost rivalled the wolves.  Both sides: wolf and bear, retreated back to the safety of their respective lands. 

As the defeated wolves ran along the sea ice bridge, they fanned out on the rocky shoreline of the mainland.  Their heads and tails were low, and it was a mixture of frustration and exhaustion that had begun to sweep over them.  They forces filed past the rocky outcropping, with the alpha wolves, and collapsed onto the shoreline wherever there was space.  All turned to watch in the distance as the glowing green chain shot out of the mountains on the island.  It was too late; the bear’s demon mother had renewed her powers.  Those that could still move, headed towards the rocky outcropping, where a group of blood covered wolves stood defiantly.  There was a black wolf, and a gray wolf, who stood quietly behind the alpha.   At the forefront, was one with white fur, almost silver at the tips of each hair.  Peeking out from the drying red hue of the bear’s blood, were tufts of light brown.  Intense pale-yellow eyes stared out, watching as his deceased brethren floated on the ocean waves. 

 “Mark this day in your memories … the day the bears won … the day of the strange blue creature … the day of the ice bridge falling … the day of the demon mother’s renewal … and our fallen being eaten in the ocean.  Let vengeance burn bright in your hearts and minds …”  The words of the alpha floated on the air, until they were overtaken by the distance sound of roaring bears.  The leader of the attacking force turned, and the remaining half of his tail dripped blood as the wolf started to pad slowly forward.  The two subordinate alphas fell into line behind him, and the rest fell in behind them.  Black wolves, brown wolves, gray wolves, white wolves, mixed color wolves, and even coyotes from the distant bordering lands had answered the call.  When the packs had discovered the bear mother was weak, they had decided to break the treaty, and claim the island for themselves.  Charismatic alphas had stoked a frenzy into members of the packs, and convinced all to join the war against the bears. 

The subordinate gray wolf strode up quickly beside white fur covered alpha, and smirked at him.  “A rousing speech, but ultimately devoid of meaning.  Face it … Silver Fang, your grand moment has turned into a debacle for our combined packs.  We did not defeat the bears.  We did not claim the island for ourselves. You failed us… we should….” The alpha quickly lunged at the sarcastic sounding wolf, and bared his fangs.  Silver Fang was far too quick for his prey to respond, and his teeth quickly sunk deep into the neck of the young upstart.  The attack was too sudden, and there was no way to defend, resulting in the subordinate passing on.  As blood began to pour out of the wounds, the alpha twisted his head, and snapped the neck of his foe.  The lifeless gray wolf’s body dropped with a thud onto the rocky coastline.  The alpha turned to face the hundreds of injured wolves following, “Does anyone else have an objection?”  The remaining wolves lowered their heads, whimpering from exhaustion, and the head wolf turned to start padding forward again. 

At the gathering of the wolf packs, Silver Fang was appointed leader of the attack forces.  It was not because of his skill at hunting, but due to his ruthlessness.  The bears were demons, and all knew it was not going to be as easy as snatching bunnies from their warrens.  The alpha had proved his mettle, successfully coordinating attacks of the pilgrimage of bears that had been walking along the coast line to reach the island.  The wolf attack force grew along the way, as tales of glory filled the air.  The bears flesh had made the packs strong, and blood lust had taken hold.  The bears were tracked all the way to the bridge, where the wolves found an easy way to cross over to the island.  The battle was going well, until a stalemate had been reached.  The bridge had turned into a meat grinder, and the will of his forces began to waver.   

With the battle fresh in their minds, and the retreat in progress, the wolves continued heading towards the eastern lands along the coast.  The long twilight of Alaska’s summer sun facilitated travel a fair distance.  After a long period of time has passed, the remaining combined pack of wolves started to collapse onto the ground.  Silver Fang reluctantly ordered to halt their retreat, and slowly walked around and inspected the condition of his forces.  A trail of bodies was forming behind them, from the injured too weak to continue on.  The wolf force which had once numbered a thousand strong, was now quickly diminishing.  The smell of blood hung in the air, and the once bright red hues were soon being replaced by dark magenta as their wounds began to clot.  Some were licking their wounds, but most just fell onto the ground and went to sleep.  Having made the rounds, Silver Fang looked up into the sky and watched as the moon.  Whispering into the sky, “Luna … I have done as you asked.  I led our kind to attack the bears.  Yet you abandoned us during the battle?  What good are you?”

Wolves did not revere the Great Spirit as the other animals did.  They believed that they came from the moon, and were sent to the Earth to hunt.  Once a wolf was worthy, they would return to live with the Mother of all Wolves.  The moon was covered by trees of silver, and the ground was grass made of alabaster.  The hunting was plentiful, and all were at peace.  That was preached by the elders of the packs from the day young wolves are born, until the day they pass on.  Silver Fang shook his head and wiggled his round black nose, “a bunch of nonsense that was …”  The wolf grumbled as he started to lay down, and watch as the ocean waves crashed upon the shoreline.  The wave went in, and then back out, then back in, then back out, and soon he too fell asleep.  The alpha could not afford to fall completely asleep, and kept his ears perked up at all times to listen to the surrounding sounds.  The sounds of the ocean faded away, and soon were replaced by the beating of his own heart. 

“Luna has abandoned your kind … the great spirit ignores you …” An unfamiliar voice rumbled all around the alpha wolf, in a dark guttural tone.  Silver Fang opened his eyes and started to growl, “who speaks?”  Standing a short distance in front of him, was a translucent black wolf with glowing red eyes.  Its body seemed to be made of smoke, though within the twisting vapors, was magical energies interwoven with a red hue.   The same voice, almost with a demonic tone began to speak once more, “I am Blood Claw.  Seek out my pack, in the direction of the rising sun, past the snow-covered mountains, into the lands where humans searched for gold.  I will explain more.”  The alpha snarled, “I need not your help!”  The translucent wolf like creature laughed insidiously, “an offering to prove my words then … the black alpha is approaching to kill you now.  Now …. WAKE UP!”

Silver Fang’s eyes opened widely, and as Blood Claw had spoken, two severely injured wolves were approaching with the black alpha wolf.  Their teeth bared and claws ready, silently approaching to kill him in his sleep.  The white fur covered alpha lunged forward, and dove in between the would-be assassins.  His outstretched claws raked along their sides, ripping open fresh wounds.  The black alpha wolf howled menacingly, “you let us to defeat, not victory as you promised!  I will take control of the pack now, and tell tales of your failure to all who would listen.”  The white fur covered wolf laughed, and watched as the two subordinates fell on the ground, bleeding out onto the pale gray rocks that covered the shoreline.  “Your supporters were easily dispatched … I see not others to replace them.”  The black Alpha turned and howled to the couple hundred who remained.  The wolves’ eyes were open, but they were laying down with their ears up. 

“They will not follow you; do you know why?”  The black alpha stood defiantly, while watching Silver intently with pale blue eyes.  “And why is that,” the young wolf smirked.  The white fur covered alpha lunged forward at an astoundingly quick burst of speed, and came up from underneath to bite out his threat.  Fresh blood began to pour out from the wounds, and the black alpha fell onto the ground.  Silver howled angrily, and lowered his bed, continuing to bite at the fallen foe.  The subordinate wolves watched as he bit the head off, and then threw it into the middle of the packs.  The head rolled, and when it stopped, Silver looked at the group.  “If you have enough energy to attack me, then we do not need to rest further.  We leave now!  If you cannot make it, fall, die, and do not encumber the others.”     The alpha turned, and began to run at a fair pace, in the direction of the rising sun.  The other wolves stood, and began to follow along. 

As the day turned into night, and quickly back into day, the wolves proceeded to the east.  There were no more attempts to claim the mantle of leadership.  The white fur covered alpha had asserted his dominance, and it was without question.  Their numbers quickly lowered, as the dead fell, and the disillusioned wandered off.  By the time they had reached Port Mackenzie, which was just across the ocean bay from the city once known as Anchorage, their numbers were around two hundred.  Their travels took them into the high mountains, covered in snow.  Crossing over what was once the Canadian border, the pack reached the lands where the humans once sought gold from deep within the earth.  The mysterious wolf of smoke had not appeared, but somehow Silver Fang was being called towards a spot on the horizon. 

On one particular evening, the packs looked up into the sky and watched as fiery debris seemed to rain from above.  Streaks of light were too numerous to count, and the crafty alpha addressed the remaining pack forces.  “This is a sign; Luna calls us to the east.”  The tired wolves did not challenge it, though a growing number were starting to question where they were going?  As the days passed, the amount of actual darkness was increasing.  It was a sign winter was coming, and the chilling air was a reminder of that fact as well.  Another week of hard travel passed, when Silver Fang stopped at the crest of a hill.  The wolves all started to form up on each side of him, lining the hill.  At the base of the hill, was a wide plain of grassland.  Caribou too numerous to count had gathered, and were dancing happily.  Their heads were rocking back and forth, and in the center a gigantic green chain was sticking straight out of the ground and high into the sky. 

“That is called a world chain.  The Great Spirit created those, to enslave the animals to his will.  They are not happy, but offering forced praise to a vengeful tyrant god.”  The voice was familiar, and as Silver Fang turned, he could see the massive black wolf.  It easily was double his size, and swirling smoke formed his body.   “Blood Fang …I presume?”  Silver said, while his subordinate forces whimpered.  Insidious blood red eyes glowed, while the magical wolf nodded.  “You presume correct. I see your forces have dwindled since last we spoke.”  The white fur alpha strode forward and shot the newcomer a look, “they were weak.  My pack is now the strongest of the former combined packs.”  Blood Fang nodded, “are they now?  Then this gathering of caribou should be no match for them.”  Silver nodded, “the world chain is similar to what the demon mother of the bears has.  What does it do?”  The smoky wolf shook his head, “I will explain that later, but we must attack at once.  The chain will not remain there forever.”

Silver Fang looked defiant, “I will not be given orders.  I am the alpha of this pack!  My pack members are hungry, we shall feed until we are full.  You are welcome to tag along.”  The black smoke wolf nodded, and then watched as the alpha turned and howled.  The combined pack started to run forward, filling the air terrible howls.  The caribou were too occupied with their celebration, until it was too late.  The wolves ran between the herds, and lunged at their prey.  Honking noises filled the air, as the caribou screamed, and watched as their fellow herd members were struck down.  Blood Fang charged forward, directly at the chain.  Silver Fang ran beside him, seeing what would be considered the alpha of these lesser creatures.  The lead caribou was covered with a beaded head dress of pine cones and flowers.  His antlers stretched in many directions, and had been broken off from years of battle.  Making an anger filled sound, he lunged forward with his head down. 

The antlers passed right through Blood Fang, and the confused caribou was soon deep within the smokey wolf.  Howling insidiously, the creature swirled his smoke around until he overwhelmed his foe.  Falling to the ground, the black wolf headed towards the chain and placed a translucent paw on it.  The chain started to shake, causing a deep vibration within the earth.  Silver Fang cautiously approached, and placed his front left paw onto the green chain link.  He could feel tremendous magical energy pulsing through the links that stretched into the sky.  “Such power …why did these lesser creatures have this?”  The smoke-filled wolf nodded, “this chain is a connection between our world and the next. Now … watch this …” The wolf strode forward, and directly into the chain.  The green hue soon was diminished, and began to turn white.  The white fur covered alpha jumped back, as the ground began to shake hard.  There was a faint cry of an eagle somewhere, as suddenly the chain exploded and the links began to fall to ground. 

The subordinate wolves looked up from their kills as they feasted.  The gathering of caribou was a welcome banquet, laid out before them by their Alpha and the mysterious newcomer.  The chain changing colors, and then falling apart were interesting, but hunger outweighed any curiosity or fear of the events surrounding them.  The only that was concerned was Silver Fang, as he watched the where the chain had once connected to the ground, started to burst with a strange white light.  Blood Fang looked into the opening, “no … nooooo …. This won’t do … Where are they?”  The alpha looked up at the large swirling smoke wolf, “what are you looking for?”  The light soon changed to a red hue, and the magical energies started to resemble fire.  “Ahhhhhhh…… there they are.”

Orbs of red light started to float out of the opening in the earth.  They started to circle Blood Fang, who howled insidiously.  “These are the souls of the humans … imprisoned by the so-called Great Spirit … deep within the earth.”  Silver shot him a look, “put those back.  We are finally free of the humans’ tyranny.  This world is better without them!  Why do you want them to return?”  The black wolf howled loudly, and the orbs began to split apart.  Suddenly, wolves of all colors started to appear surrounding them.   Silver Fang looked around, “what is this?  How are you making our kind appear?  They look almost fully grown as well?”  The natural wolves of the pack stopped eating and watched as the newly appearing wolves looked around confused.  Blood Fang called out in a loud booming voice, “the world chains are power.  We can turn this power against the so-called Great Spirit.  We have access to an unlimited number of forces.  I created in minutes, what would have taken years.”

As Silver Fang walked around, he inspected the new wolves who were standing in a circle around them.  Striding up to one, who was almost smirking, “what is your name?”  The brown wolf with white tufts looked a bit confused, “yo man … that joint must have been laced with something.  There’s a talking dog here?  Hey fido, you want a squeaky toy?”  The alpha looked cross, and immediately lunged forward, biting out the new wolf’s throat.  As the wolf fell and bled out, the others around him stayed quiet.  Silver turned back to the smoke-filled wolf.  “Where did these …creatures …. come from?”  Blood Fang laughed, “I summoned humans from deep within the earth, and turned them into wolves.”  The alpha cocked one fuzzy ear backwards a bit, “send them back.  They are inferior, I can gather a proper force within weeks.”  The smokey creature howled angrily, “we do not have the time for that.  If we are to defeat the so-called Great Spirit.”

To the astonishment of the wolves, the former human who had just been killed by Silver Fang, stood back up.  His wounds were healed, and looked even more confused.  Silver turned back to him, “did I say you could get back up?”  The former human laid back down, and looked up at the alpha.  Blood Fang called out, “humans can come back up to seven times.  This means the hundred I summoned, represent seven hundred.  Can you imagine what we could do with a near unlimited number of forces?  We will take this earth back from the lesser creatures.  And when the time is right, we will strike down our former tyrant god.  Luna shall be rightfully returned to this world, and wolves will rule once more.”  Silver turned back to the smoke creature, “it will take time to train these … humans … I am still Alpha of this combined pack.  You are free to join, if you agree to my terms.”

The smokey wolf nodded, “I find your terms reasonable.  My pack will join yours, and we shall head to the next chain.  Our forces will grow, until we are too numerous to count.  Wolves will draw out the former Great Spirit, and under your wise leadership, we will reign supreme over this world.”  Silver grinned, “I like the sound of that.  Our howls will fill the air, and we will feast upon the fallen.  The spirit will be vanquished, as the Wolf Mother can roam free here and within her home upon the moon.”  The natural wolves howled upwards, filling the twilight air with their calls.  Soon they were joined by the former humans, who mimicked what the other wolves were doing.  Blood Fang also looked up and howled, a terrible guttural screech.  As the magical fissure sealed itself off, the ground started to shake once more. 

Silver looked around, and watched as huge cracks started to form in the tundra.  Calling out a warning howl, the wolves started to run towards the hill that they had launched their attack from.  Blood Fang also fell into line and quickly ran through the packs.  The ground shook violently, and began to sink quickly.  The bodies of fallen caribou fell into the resulting void.  As the last of the wolves made it to the safety of the rocky hill, they turned to watch the sink hole spread towards the north.  The smoke-filled wolf nodded, “well …that was unexpected.  It would seem that sucking out the magical energy, and the human souls, causes the ground to become unstable.  Let us all make a note of it, as we head to the next world chain location.”  The white fur alpha nodded, “agreed.  So, my smokey friend, where is the next chain?” Blood Fang howled and pointed his nose towards the south eastern skies, “we follow what the humans once called the Lupus constellation.  That was their old language’s world for wolf.  We will head to the land of painted horses.”

The wolves nodded, and fell into line behind their alpha.  The former humans were still confused, but with a sharp look from the smoke creature that resembled a wolf, they began to follow as well.  In time day turned to night once again, and the moon shone brightly over the empty tundra lands.  The new wolves were educated by the natural ones, and a pecking order began to arise between the converted humans and their elders.  As the pack ran, the new wolves spoke amongst themselves.  Their conversations horrified the original members of the pack.  The humans were terrible, most of which had been imprisoned somehow for astonishingly bad acts.  As worried wolves would check with their alpha, soon the words began to not be able to be dismissed.  Silver Fang looked at Blood Fang as they were running, “my pack is saying these … humans … are terrible.  Does that make sense to you?”  The smoke-filled creature laughed insidiously, “in time you will understand my choice.”  The alpha in the meantime would listen, and take the comments under advisement. 

The night skies continued to be filled with streaks of light.  Though with each passing day, they diminished until the sky was only full of stars.  The new humans were educated in the ways of the wolf, and soon were able to fend for themselves.  Trust but verify, the natural wolves were assigned to watch a couple, just to be safe.  Along the way, Silver Fang was able to convince some more natural gray wolves to join up with the pack.  By the time they crossed from what was the Yukon territory, into British Columbia territory, the wolves’ numbers had once more grown to near a thousand.  The birds that flew overhead sent warning calls, as the sight of the army of wolves passed underneath them.  They followed the tundra plains, avoiding the mountains, since it was far easier to run on rolling hills. 

The wolves started to drift towards the east, and after a few weeks, crossed into what was once called Alberta in the lands of Canada.  They had decided to rest outside of the remnants of a human town called Rainbow Lake.  Blood Fang had decided to take Silver Fang and a couple escorts to explore the ruins of the human town.  The buildings had all collapsed, and the roads had crumbled into pebbles.  Tall weeds were growing up through huge cracks in the pavement.  One of the former humans looked around, “darn it … not a single place is intact.”  Silver Fang looked at him, “what are you looking for?”  The black wolf nodded and wiggled his ears, “I was hoping for a whiskey and the services of a beautiful woman for the evening.”  The smoke wolf snorted, “all traces of human society have been wiped from this world.  I am surprised to find ruins here; I thought the world would have reclaimed this area sooner?”

The white fur covered alpha nodded, “it is strange.  The world is so quiet now.”  The former human looked at the smokey wolf, “are other human cities like this as well?”  The alpha snorted and spoke in a sharp tone, “did you not understand?”  The black wolf backed down, and then followed along behind with his head down.  The group returned back to the combined packs, who were resting along the shoreline of a lake.  Some were standing along the shoreline, mouths dipped into the water, drinking.  Mos had laid down, and were resting.  High mountains ran around the area, covered full of pine trees.  As the former humans padded past to rejoin with their fellow wolves, Silver Fang and Blood Fang stood next to each other.  The sight of close to a thousand wolves was a sight to be seen.  That fact was not lost upon the other animals in the area, who were choosing to stay away.  Far away from the wolves, the birds were in the tall pines, chirping excitedly.    

Blood Fang cursed, “darn birds.  Even this far away, they make too much noise.  When we control enough world chains, we can make their kind disappear from this world.”  Silver Fang turned to look at the swirling smoke-filled wolf, “what did you say?”  Without turning his body, the head turned at an angle that would not be possible for a living wolf.  “The chains are powerful, and can be manipulated to do many things.  If one were to say want all the eagles to go away, you could do so without any trouble.  The so-called Great Spirit decreed that no race of animal could possess more than one world chain.  Otherwise, a calamity would occur, and the world would be cast into the void.  Lies, mistruths, and falsehoods were spouted by the so-called Thunder Eagle.  Once … long ago … ancient animals controlled all of the chains.  They were strong, and did wonderous things.  Then a jealous tyrant god decided he wanted all the power to himself, and he cast them from this world.”

Silver’s ears perked up, “that sounds similar to the tale of Luna.”  Blood Fang nodded, and turned his head forward back to a natural position.  The Mother of Wolves once dwelled within the forests of the Gaia.  She was a kind and just wolf, and treated all with respect. Until one day, the other animals jealous of her gifts, conspired to cast her from the land.  Treachery was afoot, and the great spirit sent her to the moon.  The wolves were blamed as well, and cast to the wilderness in exile.  While the alpha had no love lost for the Great Spirit, he did not outright hate him, because he did not believe he existed.  “Don’t make the eagles go away just yet …they are good eating.”  The white fur wolf, and smoke wolf laughed in unison softly.

“We are not quite there yet, Silver Fang.  We would need to possess at least a hundred chains to make that much of a change to this world.  I suspect when we amass a dozen, we will attract the attention of our tyrant god.  Speaking of which, we have a long journey to reach the land of the painted horses.  What do you think of a diversion to the mountains?  The world chain of the big horn sheep would be of particular use to our forces.”  Silver nodded, “I am not opposed to a diversion.  It has been a while since I tasted the flesh of sheep. How much of a diversion is it?”  The smoke wolf nodded, “not too far … we still have by my estimation forty moon rises to reach the lands of the painted horses.  So perhaps thirty moons, then two moons to the land of the setting sun.  The mountains are steep there, but traversable.” 

“The combined packs know not our destination, so it will be easy to steer them there.  I will keep your counsel to myself, and then announce our destination when we are closer to the diversion point.”  Blood Fang nodded, “a wise move Alpha.  I can see why you are in charge.”  Silver snorted and started to pad away, “I will go rest now.  We leave early tomorrow.”  The smoke-filled wolf watched as the alpha joined a gathering of original wolves, and laid down to rest.  Plans within plans were being laid, and the alpha was proving very useful.  The former humans were also adapting quickly to their new surroundings.  Not too many trouble makers had been lost, as the Alpha was a cruel task master, and the summary executions proved a very valuable method of control.  The smoke wolf stood silently, watching the twilight skies begin to darken, and soon the night was covering the area once more.

Clouds were blocking the moon, so only the red glow from Blood Fang’s eyes could be seen in the near total darkness.  The wolf did not need to sleep, and watched over the combined pack.  The light of dawn soon started to arrive, and once more the wolves were roused and began to move.  The pattern continued for thirty more moon rises, and they traveled a far distance.  The human roads in this area were still intact, and soon rusted metal signs could be seen.  The signs were in both English and French, and mentioned a place called Kananaskis Village.  Silver Fang stopped at a junction, with an arrow pointing to turn right to head to the village.  A former human gray wolf passed up and read out loud, “Kananaskis Village … twenty kilometers.  Great …how much is that in American?  Stupid commies and their metric system.”  Silver snorted as Blood Fang strode up beside the former human, “ahh this is fortunate.  You can read the signs, what else do they say?” 

The former human looked, “well Calgary is 50 kilometers that way.  Where are we going anyway?  And why the hell are we in Canada?”  Silver Fang laughed softly, and turned around to face the phalanx of wolves following behind him.  Calling out in a clear tone, “we will be heading to the mountains soon.  In two moon rises, we will feast upon the big horned sheep.”  The natural wolves howled happily, as sheep was extremely good eating.  Unlike birds, it was easy to strip off the wool to get to the succulent meat underneath.  The former humans kept their heads down, as the pecking order had been firmly established by this point.  Once more they began to move, and the group followed the sign for the village, and began the climb into the mountains. 

The human roads soon crumbled away, and once more the animals had to cross the open lands.  The hills became steep, as snow began to appear on the trees.  The alpha ordered everyone to be quiet, and pack began to move much more slowly, as they began to stalk their prey.  Higher and higher into the mountains they headed, until day turned to night, then turned back into day.  A creek was found, and the forces began to follow it as it ascended up the side of a mountain.  “BAAAAAA….”  The familiar sound of a sheep could be heard softly ahead.  The predators moved silently, slowly ducking underneath fallen trees, and up the rocky covered shorelines of the creek.  The trees in the area had lost their leaves already, and empty branches swayed in the wind.  The pines stood stoically, while gently rocking back and forth in the frigid mountain air.

Due to his size, Blood Fang brought up the rear of the attacking force.  This was just as well, as he preferred to let others fight on his behalf.  This also let him keep an eye on the former humans, who sometimes would start to wander off.  The smoke-filled wolf watched as the sun began to set once more behind the mountains to the west, and the shadows of night began to spread.  “BAAAAAA……” The noises of the big horned sheep were growing in volume and frequency.  It was not too far from their home, and more importantly their world chain.  In time his plans would be realized, and he had just the army to do it.  The Great Spirit would be vanquished, and then there would be no one stopping him from ruling the heavens with an iron paw. 

The forces stopped for the night, and camped along the rushing creek waters.  Their bellies were empty, and moods soured, but tomorrow the wolves would fight the big horned sheep.  They would feast upon the fallen, and cast the rest off the side of the mountain.  As the wolves began to rest, far above them, a white owl was watching quietly.  The owl leapt from the tree branch, and started to fly in the night sky silently.  Circling the skies above the sleeping wolves, it was soon spotted by Blood Fang, whose eyes began to burn red with hatred.  The owl banked hard, and started to fly as quickly as it could to the east.  The smoke-filled wolf laughed quietly, “go on and fly back to your Parliament.  They can not stop me, or my army.”

By Cobalt

Cobalt is a normal guy that goes to work. Pudgy is his hedgehog friend who lives in a hobbit style home nearby, and goes on epic adventures. All Pudgy stories are copyrighted to Cobalt. Doomcock, Harvey Cthulhu, and Xanadoom is copyrighted to Overlord DVD.

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