Cthulhu Protocol: Chapter 5

Far away in Xanadoom, Lord Doomcock’s computer started to chime.  He wheeled his chair quickly over, and saw the transponder was signaling. The air tanks discharged 2%, and the main tank registered Pudgy’s tank being connected.  There was no radio signal, nor video feed still.  As Pudgy unknowingly set off the transponder which sent data back to earth, there was a strong vibration sent throughout the dome.  The dinosaurs started to roar and screech, as they dodged pieces of falling rock from above.  The hedgehog peeked out at lead claw triceratops, “Everybody ok?”  The triceratops and long dinosaur nodded, “those moon movements have been growing in strength and intensity each day. Engineer Brachza, have you determined the source?”  The long dinosaur nodded, and pointed towards a wall, “I believe it is coming from the Ordari.”  Pudgy looked a bit confused, “Ordari? Is that the big Pyramid with flat top?”  The brachiosaurus engineer nodded, “it is our main power generation and oxygen generation plant.  The Alarian are refueling their ships per our agreement.”  Pudgy blinked, and lead claw motioned for him to climb back onto her.  As Pudgy climbed out, he shut the hatch and rode along with the lead engineer walking beside her as well.  They were soon joined by a raptor, who had a strange headgear on, with multiple colored circular lenses. Pudgy waved, “hello.” The raptor did not respond but grinned at the hedgehog with rows of sharp teeth. Pudgy peeked and saw three claw marks in bright green.  He recognized this was the lead science department head.  

The trio approached a white frosted glass hexagonal door.  Illuminated with a golden glow from behind, the doors opened, the chamber revealed a control room.  Maps of the lunar surface were everywhere.  Small dinosaurs scurried to and fro, between circular groupings of screens.  In the center was a huge tyrannosaur.  This one was different, with skin the color of the deepest darkest blue one could imagine.  Silver eyes glowed, watching the procession of the three lead claws and hedgehog.  Pudgy immediately was frightened and clutched onto a horn.  As the trio fanned out in front of the clearly in charge head dinosaur, they all bowed their heads, with Pudgy following suit. “Daedlus Claw, this is Pudgy the hedgehog from earth.” The tyrannosaurus started to bend down and examined the timid critter on top of the triceratops’s head. Glowing eyes locked onto him, and Pudgy felt like he was looking through him.  The room grew silent, as the Daedlus claw began to speak, “so, you are the one who landed on the plains?  There have been few attempts to land here.  We have seen to that.  So, why have you come here?” Pudgy was whimpering, ears folded.  The triceratops looked up, “Pudgy, please answer, the Daedlus will not hurt you.”  The tyrannosaurus continued to stare at the hedgehog.  Pudgy nodded and looked up. “Pudgy come to stop Harvey Cthulhu.  He is going to destroy the earth, then the universe.  Lord Doomcock and Cobalt helped Pudgy get to moon.”  The Daedlus narrowed his eyes, “oh, is that all. One …. hedgehog…. against a god backed by Alarian forces?  And how…. pray tell do you plan on completing your goal.” 

Pudgy whimpered and shook with fear stammering.  the large dinosaur roared, “TELL ME!”  The hedgehog started to sob, “Doomcock gave … containment …. crystal.  Pudgy …. need to …. touch Harvey with it.  Once …. inside…pudgy smash crystal.” The Daedlus claw blinked, “what crystal?”   Pudgy reached inside his suit and produced the Xanadoom crystal he wore. “It’s like this, but bigger” Pudgy put the crystal back inside his suit, after the large dinosaur nodded, “I see, a pterocrystal. Pudgy, please start from the beginning, tell us everything.”  Pudgy nodded, “it was dark, and warm, Pudgy open eyes and momma was hugging Pudgy.” The Daedlus snorted, stifling a chuckle, “perhaps a little further forward?”   The other lead claws were laughing in their guttural tones. So the hedgehog started to tell his story, about Doomcock, Cobalt, Harvey, and the aliens.  The critter acted out parts, which drew many looks and soon the whole room was listening. Like before, when he got to the parts with mister dinosaur, that drew immediate questions.  The Daedlus stopped the story, “so, one of our kind is in your … forest?”  Pudgy nodded, “yes, mister dinosaur is very nice. He lives in a big cave up the hill. He made an ion drive for the flight module. He has big story about time travel, but when he explains, make head hurt.” The Daedlus nodded, “I see. What else has mister dinosaur told you?”  Pudgy rubbed his chin, “for some reason he wants to go to mars. Pudgy doesn’t want him to go, Pudgy misses him.”  The lead scientist nodded, “he means Vrilonia. Our kind has colonized that world.” 

Pudgy turned, “r … really?”  The Daedlus nodded, “indeed. If he wants to go, and colonize, that means he would have left prior to the colonization trips began. Begin your research there.” The scientist bowed and Backed away. Returning his gaze upon Pudgy the Daedlus spoke, “continue.”  Pudgy started telling his story again, with the conclusion of him getting picked up and carried to the domes by the Razar. Then, the various section heads began intense questioning, because the hedgehog represented the most up to date information source they had on earth and its activities.  The hedgehog answered as best he could, though he wished Cobalt was here, he knew more than Pudgy did. Hours upon hours passed, which caused Pudgy’s speech to slur a bit.  The Daedlus nodded, “I see you have had a long period of wakefulness. Take him to his craft and let him rest. Pudgy, you are our guest, but be mindful of the fact I determine your fate.  Am I clear?” Pudgy rubbed his eyes and sleepily yawned. “Yes, Daedlus Claw, Pudgy understand.” The triceratops bowed and turned around to head back to the large dome where Pudgy’s lander was being kept. The lead claw spoke once they exited the chamber and were in the hall once again. “You did well, the Daedlus is intimidating to speak with.” Pudgy yawned, and watched the hall quickly pass by, because he had fallen asleep a couple of times.  When they reached the lander, pudgy opened the hatch, and climbed back inside. “Good sleep Pudgy. I will return upon the next sun rise.”  Pudgy waved, “night lead claw.”  

As he wiggled into his seat, the exhausted hedgehog fell immediately into a deep sleep. As the lead claw started to turn, she noticed the small rectangle box with circular lenses inside was pointed in her direction.  Pondering its function, she turned and headed off. But unbeknownst to her, Doomcock was watching.  Mouth agape, he had been watching for hours.  The scenes of dinosaurs building things, and armored military dinosaurs walking about, had fascinated him.  Using a much higher power transmitter array he had “acquired,” he was able to reactivate the lander’s communication system. The flight module recognized Pudgy’s presence and notified the future ruler of the earth. Doomcock had been sending messages, but as the lander was several feet below a stone, steel, glass and glass structure, there was a lot of interference. Pudgy’s terminal started spelling out Doomcock’s message one character per 10 minutes. “Pud.” Was what it said now. The lunar map showed mare undarum was the current location for Pudgy’s craft. Diktor took a sip of bourbon, and waited, prepared for a long night. He needed to know the status. 

Far away from the moon dinosaurs and their sleeping Hedgehog guest, Harvey Cthulhu sat on a white stone throne.  Scowling, he turned his head and stared at his Alarian advisers.  These aliens were not the gray variety with the large black eyes.  They were a tall race, easily 8 feet, with slender builds.  Their skin was milky white, though an iridescence could be seen.  They were long robes of satin covered with blue markings, triangular shoulders, and narrow eyes that glowed a soft azure hue.  “Lord Cthulhu, what is it?” The attendant asked, with his small toothless mouth turning to a frown of concern.  Harvey’s eyes glowed red, “what is taking so darned long?”   The attendant bowed, “I will check, Lord Cthulhu.  May the sun never set upon your reign.”  The attendant backed away, then walked away at a brisk pace.  The eldritch god, after his surface activities on the earth, had been flown via his follower’s spacecraft to the moon about an earth month ago.   Reuniting with his main body was not an easy task, under the best of circumstances. There had been many developments over the decades: the moon had been struck by all manner of cosmic debris, humans sent both manned and unmanned missions, and left all sorts of junk behind. And unbeknownst to him at the time of Diktor’s deception, inhabited by dinosaurs.  Harvey fumed as he sat on his throne and remembered the day that he met Diktor.  He was a blowhard, fool of a human, who was claiming to rule the vast underground realm of Xanadoom.  His family had no rights to that land and was putting up a grand charade of a front to claim dominion.  The eldritch God called him on his deception and reminded him of his human limitations.  A lord lasts maybe 100 years, a god lasts forever.  So Diktor, being the arrogant fool that he was, challenged the eldritch God to a race to the moon and back.  Harvey accepted, to prove how wrong the human was.  

Though in hindsight, he should not have agreed to the condition.  Diktor asked how he would know that Harvey would not cheat and needed an assurance.  Harvey offered to leave a part of his form in Xanadoom.  Essentially, it was his consciousness in a small shell of flesh.  Easily, he could multiply his body into separate forms.   So, the day of the grand challenge occurred, and Diktor sent a rocket off blasting into the sky, and Harvey sent his body to the moon.  It was after the launch, when Diktor’s deception occurred, and he imprisoned him within the containment pod.  The body, now cut off from its consciousness, landed hard on the lunar surface and buried itself deep within the moon.  The resulting impact caused it to be buried under the lunar rock.  The dinosaurs then proceeded to further aggravate things, by building structures over his unconscious form.  The attendant returned, “Lord Cthulhu, I have news.”  Harvey rolled his eyes, “what is it now?”  The attendant bowed, “your faithful forces have advised that a small craft has landed upon the plains of insanity.  A small creature exited it, and was captured by the dinosaurs.”  Harvey’s eyes glowed with a fire rarely seen, “PUDGY MADE IT TO THE MOON!”  

The attendant bowed lower, “my apologies, Lord Cthulhu.  As I was acquiring the status of your body excavations, they informed me of the fly over and landing of the craft.”  Harvey extended a tentacle and grasped the advisor around the throat.  As he struggled, Harvey’s tentacled mouth contorted. “Have the dinosaurs done anything yet?”  The Alarian attendant shook his head, “They seem to be interrogating him, based on our spy reports.  We have forces in there.” The eldritch God was beside himself with rage.  He flung his attendant away, with the poor alien being thrown against a stone wall.  He fumed, as his mind worked feverishly. The ground beneath started to shake violently. His proximity to his unconscious form was causing the body to react.  Followers of the eldritch one was frantically trying to remove decades worth of debris, so they could reunite the two.  His second attendant placed a four fingered hand upon his shoulder, “please Lord Cthulhu, calm yourself.”  Harvey flung that advisor against an opposite wall. Steam started to erupt from his form, and his shell crackled. The Alarian sounded the alarm, a strange screeching noise.  The eldritch God exploded into a shower of silver sparks, which spread all over, and then down violently.  Holes the size of dimes were everywhere with the throne room, and as the one attendant looked through, he could see the floors beneath. “Sister, we have a problem.” 

Far away, Pudgy’s lander was shaking violently.  The moon quakes were severe, and the large dome where he was currently at experienced a severe amount of damage.  A few dinosaurs were hurt, which led to assistance by the science / medical group.  Pudgy offered to help and was tasked to bring supplies from the hospital to the engineering dome.  The hedgehog was also running messages between the leads as well.  The dinosaur doctors were busy but were glad for the assistance.  Albeit a hedgehog was not the best choice for carrying splints. As Pudgy was dragging a long splint, he was almost stepped on by the nice triceratops lead claw, who apologized. “Oh Pudgy, my apologies.  I am glad I found you, the Daedlus Claw would like to speak with you.”  Pudgy’s ears folded down “Pudgy need to help doctor.” The lead shook her head, and leaned down for him to climb up, “it’s not something that can wait.”  Pudgy nodded, and climbed up, then rode onto once more as she headed down the long hall to the central command dome. Pudgy tossed the splint to a nearby runner, who took off towards the doctors with the splint in its mouth. They reached the hexagonal doors, which opened haltingly.  The Daedlus was busy as various section heads reported the status of the various domes.  As the triceratops approached, the Daedlus dismissed them. “Pudgy, good to hear that you were helping the doctors.  When last we spoke, you had got to the part where your human friend was hurt building the rocket.  I need to hear the rest of your story.” Pudgy nodded and started to continue.  As the various dinosaurs coordinated repair activities, they too listened. Pudgy did not hold back any details.  The critter knew that they would know and would let him know immediately if he didn’t tell them.  Plus, they were a hundred times bigger, so it is better to have happy dinosaurs, than angry ones.  

Although when he explained about Harvey, the Daedlus started to scowl.  Once the hedgehog completed his tale, the room grew quiet, waiting for the Daedlus to speak. It started with a scowl, then a small roar.  Pudgy looked down at the triceratops eyes, “is that bad?”  She nodded and backed up slowly. Pudgy was pretty sure a tirade of curse words was occurring, though he couldn’t understand. When the Daedlus calmed down, he turned towards a half moon station with several goggle wearing long neck dinosaurs. “Cut the power and air to the Alarian!”  The controllers nodded and started working the controls Pudgy watched as the dinosaurs pushed wide brightly colored buttons.  Dinosaur controls were much bigger, to accommodate a variety of physical styles. One by one, the screens behind the station indicated the power plant was being diverted. And soon, a sound like a chirping bird started, a young rainbow-colored dinosaur with feathers motioned, “Daedlus, the Alarian are contacting us.” The tyrannosaur nodded and turned to a flat silver wall.  Light shimmered, as a picture formed.  The advisors to the eldritch god appeared.  Pudgy noted, these aliens were not the ones who kept visiting his cabin. They were much fairer and were worried looks.  “Daedlus, why have you cut our power and air supplies?”  The tyrannosaur roared, “did you think you could hide this from us? You seek to free the eldritch being within this lunar form.  The Alarian advisors nodded, “we seek to free our Lord from this prison.  To return him to the glory that is rightfully his.”  It was then when they noticed the hedgehog watching in the background. They pointed, “his presence incensed our lord, and sped up the reacclimating process.  

The body is stirring, now that the mind and soul has been restored.”  The Daedlus growled, “what does that mean?” The advisors smirked, “soon your end will begin, and the lord’s glory shall begin.” The video feed cut out, leaving a room full of confused dinosaurs.  As the tyrannosaur turned back, he looked at Pudgy. “I know, your craft has been receiving a message from the earth, us that your leader Doomcock?”  Pudgy nodded, “yes Daedlus.  It is coming slow. Pudgy think dome block signal.” Pudgy watched a nod, and a toothy grin formed. The Daedlus looked to the lead claw for the science and military forces. “I wish to speak to this Doomcock. His enemy, has now become our enemy.”   A trio of communication dinosaurs started working the controls.  Soon, on the wall where the Alarian had appeared, Lord Doomcock appeared.  The Daedlus narrowed his eyes and spoke. “Lord Doomcock, I wish to speak to you about an Eldritch God problem.”  Diktor was in his full regalia and nodded. “Indeed, I think it is best to compare notes. Might I inquire as to the status of my hedgehog however?” The triceratops lead moved forward and beside the Daedlus, which allowed Diktor to better see Pudgy. The hedgehog waved, “Pudgy ok Lord Doomcock.  Dinosaurs real nice, treat Pudgy good.” The Daedlus grinned a bit, “let us make plans.”

As Pudgy was speaking to Doomcock, insidious laughter started to echo throughout the dome. The dinosaurs at their stations reported the laughter with its deep tones echoed throughout the hallways and connector corridors. Then the violent moon quakes began once more.  That same demonic laughter was throughout the pyramid structure where the Alarian ships were docked.  The advisors were standing on a wide ledge, overlooking the hangar bay with several craft floating. A chasm could be seen below the ships that stretched far within the moon. Slowly at first, a large glowing red eye opened, and started to focus on the advisors. “We must be careful and evacuate the faithful. His madness may cloud his judgement, now that he has been restored.”  The other advisor pressed a button on his collar, “all faithful, return to the ships, we will proceed to the agreed upon rendezvous in the polar orbit.”  They watched as various gray aliens began to disappear one by one.  The quakes became much stronger, causing chunks of stone to fall from the ceiling above.  The advisors nodded to one another and left 

Once the Alarian forces had been loaded. The large hangar doors began to open, and the ships exited one by one into space.  As they floated slowly out, huge black tentacles were floating around, reaching into the void of space.  The surface rocks were splitting apart. The eldritch God started to thrash, pulling himself out of the moon, gigantic clawed hands burst from under the lunar surface. The faint shimmer of green coloration returned to his blackened scaled skin.  The pyramid structure started to crack, and parts shoot out in all directions, floating into space, as his head began to emerge from the chasm below. “DOOOMCOCKK….I AWAKEN!”  His booming demonic voice resonated far and wide within the Dinosaur domes, and the Daedlus was doing his best to contain the fear of his compatriots.  They were still broadcasting to Xanadoom, and Lord Doomcock was reacting with a tirade of words neither Dinosaur nor Pudgy understood.  The hedgehog knew it was bad and watched him react in semi-real time as there was a transmission delay.  

Far away on Earth, one might think the awakening of the eldritch god, and potential destruction of the moon would make the news. But nope, the media continued to be too busy covering politics, and sports.  Though Comix Villain and his fellow villains were monitoring the moon activities with ground-based telescopes.  The black mass covered the moon, and rocks floating away, drew a frenzy of discussions. Frankun had even dropped big money on a Celestron telescope and was running a live video feed to LOVOC.  The alien ships could be seen in the live video feed.  The earth oceans were having huge tidal fluctuations, with higher than normal waves, as the moon went out of its normal orbit.  Even Snicklefritz had for admit, helping Pudgy was a good idea.  And from below in Xanadoom, Lord Doomcock had figured out a plan. “Daedlus, I believe I can stop this.  Pudgy, do you still have the containment crystal?” Pudgy was moved closer by the lead claw triceratops. “Yes, in lander. Harvey is too far away now, Pudgy could never reach. ” The Daedlus motioned with a small clawed hand, “continue … Lord Doomcock.”

“Harvey Cthulhu is too dangerous to be allowed to escape.  Using the crystal, if we can focus a laser through it, we will be able to create a void. Tear the fabric of reality and send him back from whence he came.” The Daedlus blinked, “while we can accommodate this, I must ask. How have you come to acquire this knowledge?”  Diktor sighed, “in my youth, I was a fool. I thought of experimenting with the void, and I attracted attention.  I thought my solution was smart, though I see now how wrong I was.” The dinosaurs spoke in their guttural language for a time. Pudgy waved, “you brought Harvey here?” Diktor nodded, “yes. I hope to correct this error of judgement shortly. Daedlus, Xanadoom has one satellite in orbit of the earth. I can send a beam of energy to help boost your output.”  Daedlus nodded, “we accept your plan.  Construction will begin immediately, and we will communicate with the coordinates in due time.”  The wall grew dark, as Doomcock faded away. Pudgy was left confused, but ready to help.  The dinosaurs spoke to one another for a while, and then looked at the hedgehog. The Daedlus spoke softly, “Pudgy, to do this, we will need a craft to use…. yours.  You will never be able to go home again.”  Pudgy’s ears folded down, and he rubbed his chin with his paw as he thought. The room grew quiet, as Pudgy looked up. “Pudgy will miss Cobalt, he is Pudgy’s best friend.  But if Pudgy does not agree, then everyone is hurt.  Pudgy says … let us get started.”  The Daedlus nodded, “you may reside here as long as you may live. But first, we must construct the means to our survival. Lead claws coordinate with Pudgy.  We will build a satellite and use that to collect and focus the Xanadoom energy beam. Both the Earth, and moon’s survival depend on it.” 

The dinosaurs roared, and the hedgehog roared too as best as he could.  As the triceratops started to turn, she spoke, “Pudgy, you are doing a brave thing. Are you going to be alright?”  Pudgy looked down and sniffled, realizing he would never see Cobalt, Doomcock, or anyone ever again. But better to know they are alive and well, than see them scared and potentially hurt. The hedgehog nodded and held onto her horn as she started to pass through the hexagonal doors.  An hour quickly passed, with Pudgy stripping out the various components from the flight module: his food and water, oxygen tanks, helmets, tools, and other components.  He was making a pile, until a small dinosaur engineer brought a metal box for him to put in his possessions. The taller engineers were busy taking measurements, making brackets and struts.   A shower of sparks sprayed, as grinders were stripping the heat shielding from the flight module. While the engineers worked, pudgy put the manual in the crate, which drew a look from the lead claw “Pudgy, what is that?”  The hedgehog nodded, “it is the manual how to fly lander.”  The lead claw blinked, and soon Pudgy was mobbed by engineers, who asked him to read aloud from the book. Pudgy knew he was going to have a long night, and opened a pouch of food, taking a sip.

Pudgy also shared his food pouches, as now there was no return trip, and squirted the cookie soup into a small dinosaur’s mouth when he got a curious look.  When the refined sugar hit, the dinosaur sped off like a bolt of lightning. The hedgehog watched as the module was altered and started to help pop the panels off, which revealed the air tanks. The engineering lead claw looked, “what are those?” Pudgy pointed, “oxygen tanks. If we take air out, can we use it to fuel rockets?”  The dinosaur engineers nodded and started to carefully work.  As they worked, Doomcock was activating all of the power plants in Xanadoom. Unbeknownst to many, Xanadoom had a surface base, as well as a satellite in orbit.  As he was preparing the delicate task of connecting the various parts of this plan, he noticed the flight module’s transponder deactivated. The future ruler of the earth signaled the dinosaur moon colony.  A young carnivorous dinosaur answered. He had a small horn, “yes lord Doomcock?” The lord nodded, “I lost communication with Pudgy’s flight module.” The Daedlus voice could be heard in the background “We are augmenting Pudgy’s craft, to send into orbit.  Your energy beam will connect, and then focus into the crystal, which powers the laser.” Doomcock started to choke, realizing what that meant.  Pudgy would never come back. “Is my hedgehog all right with this plan?”

The young dinosaur nodded, “he will be safe. He mentioned someone named Cobalt.  Can you let him know?”  Doomcock signed, “yes, I will.” As the feed ceased, the lord sat quietly. He had to do this delicately.  But for now, there was more important work to do.  The power cores were charging, and the geothermal power grid was charging up.  As the robot guards were on high alert within the realm, the time for orbital alignment was counting down.  Doomcock watched as Harvey continued to break free of the moon.  Far away, the Alarian watched as the eldritch god struggled to break free of the moon.  As the two advisors looked at the ocular viewing screen, Harvey’s body was not only changing color to a more natural green, he was growing.  “This is not good; he is growing too quickly.”  The aliens started to move their craft higher into lunar orbit, until one ship had a tentacle wrap around it.  In one horrifying movement, the ship was crushed, and imploded.  The short gray aliens started to float away into space.  The ships started evasive maneuvers. It was as they feared, Lord Cthulhu madness had begun.  The remaining ships tried to rescue their floating compatriots, dodging the flailing tentacles. The Alarian signaled the dinosaur colony. 

The Daedlus appeared on the screen. “Lord Cthulhu’s mad, and attacked one of our ships.” The dinosaur leader nodded, “ah, perhaps it is best to consider changing your blind allegiance?”  The Alarian turned off the transmission, looking at each other.  Watching in horror as another ship was imploded by a tentacle wrapping around it.  “All ships, we must evacuate. As the transmission signal was broadcast, the remaining vessels started to move away, watching as the eldritch God’s feet burst forth, and he broke his body out of the moon.  He had finally broken free of his lunar prison. Surrounded by a cloud of lunar rock and dust, Harvey’s gaze turned upon the Earth, floating off in the distance, a silent blue marble floating in the distance. But first, he had business to attend to upon the moon. “Puddddgggyyy…” the demonic voice echoed throughout the moon domes and the Alarian ships.  It was not a voice fueled by the movement of soundwaves through the air, but that of a mental thought.  And as the dinosaurs worked frantically on the lander, Doomcock’s satellite was moving into position.   Time was running out, and Pudgy looked up out of the glass top of the dome, looking at Harvey. Pudgy spoke haltingly, “Harvey … Please stop.  There is no reason to do this.” The God’s face started to draw closer towards the dome. “Why should I? I can do anything I wish. Once I deal with you, and your newfound allies, i will deal with that fool Diktor…” the hedgehog frowned, his ears folded down, and sniffled.  

As the eldritch God’s eyes fixated on the hedgehog, Pudgy started to float up as he was being psychically pulled up, then flung against the sides of the dome repeatedly.  The God laughed with an insidious tone, taking pleasure in the torment. The dinosaurs were concerned at what was happening to Pudgy, as he was flung repeatedly, from each side of the dome. But the god was fixated upon the hedgehog, they were able to drain the tanks of air and replace it with fuel and reversing the flow.  The large brontosaurus pushed the lander with its focusing array, containment crystal, and was as ready as it could be within the rushed time frame. As the airlock opened, the lead claw Triceratops roared, “stop it!” Pudgy was unconscious, floating in the center of the dome. The eldritch god turned his attention upon the dinosaur, “be QUIET dumb beast, how DARE YOU speak to a GOD! Once I extract my revenge upon Pudgy, I will destroy your colony, and the moon where it rests.  Then I shall deal with Diktor von Doomcock and remind him who rules this universe.  And when I am done, I will destroy this universe, and remake it in my image!”  A clawed hand with four outstretched fingers started to move towards the dome.  Pudgy opened his eyes weakly, having trouble focusing, as the room was spinning. He hurt all over and looked up at Harvey Cthulhu. “Is that so, Harvey?” Pudgy asked, with an unusually antagonistic tone.  God’s hand stopped, “what was that hedgehog?” Pudgy coughed, “you will destroy the universe? What about your alien friends?” The eldritch one cackled, ” I do not need them. With one snap of my fingers, I will wipe their kind from the universe in an instant.” 

Pudgy nodded, “pudgy see, they mean nothing to you … aliens …. you listen to Pudgy. We need to stop Harvey …” Pudgy’s body contorted, and he was thrust hard into the stone floor below. “Will you be quiet? Your adventures stop here and now!” The dinosaurs watched in horror as Pudgy lay motionless on the ground, while the brontosaurus had moved the lander into firing position. As the airlock sealed, the atmosphere was emptied from the chamber.  Once free of the dome’s interference, the transponder lit up on the Xanadoom control systems.  “Daedlus, fire the lander!” Doomcock shouted, as he activated the energy output.  The full might of his realm’s energy grid was outputting at 150%. The surface base started to glow, as the transmission tower shot a beam of pure energy into space, connecting to the satellite. As the alignment began, it relayed the beam, and fired it at the moon. In the control center on the moon the Daedlus roared, “FIRE!” Pudgy’s lander’s engines went to maximum thrust and started to lift off.  Blasting into space once more, sans one hedgehog.  The dinosaur engineers had figured out how to control the propulsion and flight control systems. So, teams of engineers were coordinating the launch of the array. The Daedlus watched on his main screen the energy beam coming towards them, “Where are we with the array? How soon till we can redirect the beam?”  The leader watched as a small circle that represented the craft moved on his screen. The lead engineer claw, “connection in 3…2…1….” the screen showed the energy beam connected to the craft. 

Daedlus, shall we fire?”  The Daedlus roared his approval, and as all dinosaurs roared, the array redirected the beam straight at the eldritch god.  The Xanadoom crystal acted like a prism and focused the beam tighter. Striking the center of Harvey’s chest, pushing him away from the moon. The God thrashed, as he was pushed violently into space, away from the moon. “NO, HOW DARE YOU! I am a God; I am your better.”  As he continued to be pushed away, the beam started to widen, and envelop him into a bubble of golden energy. As Pudgy regained consciousness, he looked up and saw what was happening, and pulled out his crystal from beneath his space suit, it too was glowing golden. Holding the crystal tightly, “Harvey bad …. you hurt people, dinosaurs, aliens.  Pudgy no like you anymore! You go away forever!” Pudgy’s crystal shot a light beam straight up, which connected with the lander.  The eldritch god roared in pain mixed with fear, as the bubble started to change from containment to destruction.   An explosion of energy burst out of the lander, which destroyed it, as the final beam blasted Forth, obliterating Harvey Cthulhu. The mental roars stopped, and every silence commenced. Pudgy’s crystal was glowing bright green illuminating the dome with a soft bright light. Pudgy looked into the crystal but saw nothing.  The light faded and dimmed.  Tucking it back into his space suit, the hedgehog dropped onto the cold stone ground, and passed out.  Harvey Cthulhu was defeated, and the day was finally saved.  The dinosaurs roared as they cheered, but there was no waking up the hedgehog. 

Far away Lord Doomcock was cheering as well, putting the power grid into outage mode. The satellite and surface transmitters were fried. As Xanadoom grew dark, the lord of the earth realized the nightmare was now over.  Collapsing into his chair, he poured himself a bourbon, and toasted his hedgehog charge and dinosaur allies.  A couple earth days had passed in the blink of an eye.  Lord Doomcock had received reports on his hedgehog legionnaire’s status.  After the events of the Cthulhu incident, Pudgy had been injured.  He was being cared for by their medical staff.  There had been no signs of Harvey, nor of his Alarian allies.  Their craft had scattered during the encounter with the Eldritch God. Xanadoom had returned to normal, though there was one major difference: silence.  The robots did make noise as they moved out and about, but there was no talking.  Harvey for all his faults, talked incessantly all day long.  It was a unique experience, one Diktor almost had forgotten about. It gave the ruler a time to reflect upon the events as of late.  And how to break it to Cobalt, that Pudgy was never coming back.  He had to be delicate, and that need for awareness of Cobalt’s feelings, had struck the normally eloquent lord silent.  For he too was saddened by the loss of the hedgehog’s presence. Yes, Pudgy was alive, he was far away, out of teleportation range.  There was no plan B for rescue, the lander was the only plan. 

The robots, having been ordered by Diktor, were disassembling the containment chamber that used to contain Harvey. The materials were being repurposed for various repairs to the power cores. It was as lord Doomcock surveyed his power plant; he pondered many things.  “You son of a,” Lord Doomcock turned, and saw a robot carrying a beam.  It beeped at him as it carried out the task assigned.  “I could have sworn I heard Harvey….”  it sounded like his voice but was faint.  Shaking his head, Diktor went back to work.  The Daedlus had recommended setting up communication channels between the moon colony and Xanadoom.  Steps were being taken in both locations to allow better communication. The future ruler recognized that having a contact up there, would be advantageous to his designs.  Pudgy could be connected to Cobalt also.  What Doomcock thought he heard, and dismissed, was in fact Harvey.  It was an errant communication from right before Pudgy changed the crystal from containment to obliteration.  The eldritch God’s anger was such, the psionic wave was cascading into the earth. Though it was a whisper, the danger had passed for now. Harvey woke up, hurting all over.  He was floating in a void of black space, with no light visible from any direction.  As the eldritch one opened his eyes, he extended his limbs and tentacles trying to loosen up as well as determine where he was. “You jerk think you have stopped me? I’ll be back in an instant, and boy you’ll be sorry!”

By Cobalt

Cobalt is a normal guy that goes to work. Pudgy is his hedgehog friend who lives in a hobbit style home nearby, and goes on epic adventures. All Pudgy stories are copyrighted to Cobalt. Doomcock, Harvey Cthulhu, and Xanadoom is copyrighted to Overlord DVD.

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