Kodiak Queen: Chapter 11: Ice Bridge

In the hours that passed, the two bears and hedgehog were able to reach the start of the twin columns of Kodiak grizzly bears that lined the path to the Bear Mother.  Pudgy wiggled his nose, still wondering what would happen next, now that the chain has been restored?  Drew was huffing again trying to catch his breath, “my goodness … either the air is thin … or I am out of shape?”  Grandpa bear nodded, “well maybe a little … but you also were a human up until yesterday.  I am surprised you have been able to adapt so quickly?”  Pudgy hugged the panda bear from above, and wiggled his nose. “Mr. Drew is doing a good job.”  The two bears looked at each other, and then laughed.  

A danger call was sounded from Alabaster, as he was flying quickly towards the group.  He quickly swooped in to land in front of the assembled group.  “Pudgy, I found the ice bridge!  It is terrible!  There are so many dead animals, both bear and wolf.”  The hedgehog whimpered, “did you find Cobalt?”  The owl nodded, “yes, he was up in the front on the ice bridge with two monster bears covered in crimson.”  The two lead grizzly bears at the column looked down at the owl, and then towards the direction of the ice bridge.  Drew nodded, “that is not good.  But what can we do about it?  Yes I have claws, but I have no idea how to fight a wolf.”  The elderly bear nodded, “back in my younger days, I could have taken several on, but not now.  But still, we should go see if we can help somehow.”  Pudgy nodded, “Mamma Bear can wait, we have to go help Cobalt and the others.”

The ground started to shake terribly underneath their paws, causing the pine trees to sway back and forth aggressively.  The elderly bear turned towards the direction of the Bear Mother’s cave, and watched as the mountain started to glow with an ethereal pale blue light.  “It is happening …”  Drew turned to look at the mountain as he nodded with Grandpa Bear while the senior spoke.  The twin columns of bears all started to turn as well, in a well orchestrated dance, to face the mountain cave.  Pudgy wiggled his nose, watching the light intensify, and the Bear Mother emerged once more.  The light turned her body into a myriad of lights that resembled the stars above.  She roared, sending a shockwave throughout the island, and far into the ocean waters surrounding her lands.  

It was so loud, Pudgy covered his ears with his paws.  The noise made his insides hurt, and it felt like his bones were vibrating. One by one, the grizzlies in the columns that lined the trail to the cave began to roar.  Their tones were low, and guttural, sending a chorus of sound into the skies above.  Alabaster’s eyes went wide, and looked in a mixture of shock and horror at what was occuring in front of him.  The owls did not have anything that was like this, as each of their parliaments were led by a Grand Claw.  Having one bear, and a female for that matter, was foriegn to his thinking.  It is not that way wrong in any way, as many animal species were led by females.  The hedgehog didn’t have time for philosophical debates, as he was worried about Cobalt, and scared at what was happening with the Bear Mother.  

The critter slid off of the red panda’s back, and scampered over to Alabaster.  Calling out as loud as he could, “Alabaster, can you take Pudgy to where Cobalt was?”  The owl nodded, and his beak opened, but the hoot was drowned out by the chorus of roaring bears.  Positioning himself in front of his owl friend, Pudgy waited for Alabaster to latch onto his backpack.  The owl started to flap hard, and reached out with his talons to grasp onto the hedgehog’s pack.  Pudgy could feel the movement of air, and then his back raising up.  Soon he was being carried over the ground, and it moved farther and farther away from the little hedgehog.  The sounds of the bears very slowly started to decrease in volume, and Pudgy could hear his owl friend hooting incoherently.  

The lands in front of the Mother’s Bear’s cavern were wild.  Large meadows of tall green plants were flanked by thick forests of pine trees.  But everywhere the two friends looked, the bears were sitting and facing the cave, roaring into the sky.  Alabaster was flying as quickly as he could, and was thankful for the wind blowing in the direction of the ice bridge.  This made his flight easier, and increased his speed a tad, though carrying Pudgy was affecting his range.  The lands sloped downwards towards a wide channel of sea water that led to another island off the coast of the main island.  The humans once called this place Uganik Island, and there was a bridge of red ice that crossed from that island to the mainland.  This was the first clue to the hedgehog, that indeed something was very wrong here.  

A group of polar bears covered in blood were limping across the bridge, but roaring nonetheless as they crossed to the Bear Mother’s island.  The grizzly bears had carved a path through the trees, and the hedgehog watched as tired and injured bears of all kinds were taking the trail.  In reality, what the road once was a service road that the fish and wildlife agency for the United States had made to get service vehicles to key parts of the island.  The bears had just happened to widen and develop it further in spots.  Alabaster followed it, but was worried at how Pudgy was going to handle the unfolding scenes beneath him.  

Pudgy was whimpering, as he saw all of the injured bears beneath the owl as he flew.  They were lying along the trail on each side, bleeding profusely from a myriad of places on their bodies.  Shutting his eyes didn’t help, as he could still smell the foul odors in the air, and hear the laments of the bears.  Calling out to Alabaster, “why would the wolves do this?”  The owl sounded a call, “Grand Claw told our parliament to never speak to the wolves.  Stay in the trees, far away from the ground.  I am seeing the wisdom in his words now.”    This island did not have any grand mountain peaks, and was instead covered by forests throughout.  Their flightpath took the two up a large hill, and down into a valley, repeating several times.  Until they crested one final hill, to see the forests begin to thin into a grassy meadow that ran down towards a rocky shoreline.  

Pudgy started crying, as he looked out on the front line of the island’s defense.  Piles of the deceased were stacked, and rotting as far up to the treeline.  Alabaster hooted softly, “Grand Claw help us.”  The injured were limping still, heading towards the path into the forested center of Uganik.  It was also the first time that either could see the bridge of ice clearly.  The bridge was well beyond anything that Pudgy had ever seen.  Even the big red bridge in California was not this big, but just like that one, it was dripping red from the blood of the fallen defendender and foes.  The simplest way to describe the bridge was that it was a solid chunk that stretched from Uganik island’s cape to the coastline of the mainland.  It was twenty feet across, ten feet thick, and 30 miles long.  Alabaster wondered how it remained frozen, but noticed the blood from the wolves and bears was freezing along its surface areas. Something within was generating intense cold, which kept it from melting.  

As the owl flew closer, he saw a group of bears waving at them.  One was a large black and white bear, with a gray bear on its back.  There was also a large black grizzly bear waving as well, “Pudgy looks like they want us to land?” The hedgehog whimpered, “yes please … Pudgy knows those bears.”  The owl called out in greeting, and started to land.  Quickly they descended, and the owl coasted in to land in front of the gathering of bears.  The hedgehog looked up at them, while the koala bear jumped off the panda bear’s back.  “Pudgy, mate, did you get to the Bear Mother?”  The critter nodded, “yes Bill, Pudgy and Cobalt got there.  Pudgy was sent to a cave nearby, and freed the chain so it could connect to the sky once more.  When Pudgy got back to the trail that led to the Bear Mother’s cave, she started to glow and turn into stars. The other bears are roaring into the sky.”

Bo the panda bear nodded, “it is time for the ascension.  She will renew her bonds to the great arch, and be restored once more.”  The russian nodded, “da, ist good day for her.  But we still have this wolf problem to deal with.”  Pudgy tugged at the koala’s fur gently, “where is Cobalt?”  Bo nodded and pointed with an injured paw towards the bridge.  “He showed up many hours ago and flew overhead.  We had just arrived, when the dragon dropped from the sky and saved a group of brown bear cubs from wolves that had snuck past.  We had nearly lost the bridge, when two Kodiaks joined him, and charged the bridge with a brown bear.  Cobalt seemed to know that bear ….” Pudgy wiggled his nose, “that must be Mr. Bear, from Pudgy’s forest.  How was he doing?”  The russian nodded, “still moving.  He looks good with one ear now, which gives him character, da?”  

The hedgehog was whimpering again, as the ground he was standing on was saturated with blood.  He could smell it all throughout the area, with other foul odors as well.  The thought of his bear friend hurt made him cry, causing the Russian to look concerned.  “Owl friend, perhaps you should take the hedgehog back to the Bear Mother.  This place is not for him …”  Before Alabaster could respond, the island shook hard, with a tremendous vibration.  Bo started to curse in chinese, and Bill’s eyes went wide.  Pudgy wiped his eyes with his paws, and then watched the bridge of ice start to crack.  Large chunks were falling off the edges, and into the churning ocean waters beneath the bridge.  The Russian cursed in his tongue, “the bridge is cracking?  Why now?”  

The Koala bear was not watching the bridge, and he started pointing back towards the Bear Mother’s cave on the main island.  As Pudgy turned around, he could see the sky had changed.  There were no clouds, no blue hue, only a spreading void of the darkness in space.  The ethereal beam of faint blue light had engulfed the entire island, and was shining straight up.  Bill started to cough hard as he choked on his own saliva, “Bear Mother … what is going on?”  The hedgehog nodded, “Pudgy thought she was going to go away, and a new bear would take over?”  The panda turned and shook his head, eyes similarly wide, “she has lived on this world since the day our kind descended from the sky above.  This is not a death, but a renewal.  The wolves wanted to stop that, since if she was gone, then their kind could spread throughout the world.  She keeps their kind in check, as others keep out kind in check as well.  Balance must be maintained, or calamities arise.”  

The land shook once more, and sickening cracks were continuing to form on the ice bridge.  The Russian pointed, “comrades, the bridge is cracking still.  Looks like the Mother has decided it is time to drop the bridge.  We need to help!”  The black grizzly bear started to run off towards the bridge’s connection point to the island.  Bo nodded, “Indeed, I concur … comrade.  Bill, keep Pudgy and our owl friend safe.”  The koala shot a look at the panda, “no bloody way mate!”  The koala scampered up to sit on the panda’s back, who only shook his head and laughed.  Bo limped along, towards the front line.  That left Pudgy and Alabaster alone, amidst the piles of the deceased bears that gave their lives to defend the island from the wolves.    

The hedgehog scampered forward, and climbed up on a rocky boulder that was sticking out of the ground.  Everything in his mind was screaming to go there to help, but there was also a loud voice screaming stay here.  Alabaster bounced up beside him, and stood silently watching the bridge.  “Pudgy, stay here, I will be back.  I will fly overhead, and see if I can find Cobalt.”  Pudgy whimpered, “Pudgy wants to go too.”  The owl turned to him, “no, I will not take you … you stay here. Promise me, you will stay here?”  The hedgehog wiggled his nose and whimpered, “Ok, Pudgy promise….”  The owl nodded, and then leapt from the rock and quickly flapped his wings.  The hedgehog watched the owl fly off as well, in the direction of the disintegrating bridge.  Turning back to the Bear Mother’s direction, “PLEASE BEAR MOTHER, HELP PUDGY?!?!?!?”  

Alabaster watched the scene unfold below him, as bears were racing off of the bridge.  Polar bears stained red were dragging kodiak grizzlies towards the island.  The group of bears that Pudgy and the owl had just spoken with had reached the bridge connection point, and was helping to pull the injured off from the bridge. The various clans had teamed up, and were working in unison.  Those fighting on the bridge that fell, would be dragged back by the others.  The largest ones were up front, and had formed an impenetrable wall of teeth and claws.  The owl sounded a warning call, and continued to fly over the bridge, and further out into the ocean strait.  But to Alabaster’s horror, he saw the bridge was continuing to splinter and fall apart.  The bears had sensed something was going on, and were slowly backing up.  

A strange sound was mixed into the chorus of angry roars of the bears, which was the dragon.  Alabaster called out, “COBALT!  WHERE ARE YOU?”  The owl’s voice was drowned out by the sounds of battle, and only strengthened his resolve to get closer.  Further the owl flew over the bridge’s span, until the island was just barely seen.  A sickening cracking sound was heard, even overtop the sounds of the battle, as the bridge was cracking severely in the middle of its span.  However, this was the first sign of wolves.  Their kind was immeasurable,with a river of brown and gray flowing out of the mountainous coastline and across the bridge.  The owl had seen one wolf, and his Grand Claw told him they would run in a pack.  But it was always one or two, never thousands.  

The dragon roared again, more pronounced this time.  As Alabaster flew, he could see a line of ten massive kodiaks that were tearing wolves apart with their claws.  As quickly as one would fall, two more would take its place.  The howls of the wolves sounded like thunder, and they pushed forward despite their heavy losses.  The wolves did not seem to care if their kind fell, and leapt over the dead to attack the living.  There was no sign of retreat, even as a huge section of bridge cracked off and fell into the ocean below on the right side of the bridge.  A line of blue blood stood out from the sea of red, which the owl recognized to be of the dragon.  Following the line, Alabaster shut out the terrible worries in his mind, and heard the dragon roar once more.  Somehow, Cobalt had wound up on the front line of the defense, and was covered in a mixture of hues.  

“COBALLLTTTT!”  Alabaster shouted, but the dragon was not listening.  Banking to circle around, he could see the eyes of the dragon had rolled back into his head.  There was no thinking, only instinct, kill everything that approached.  The wolves were too numerous to count, and wherever the dragon thrust his claws out, would connect with a wolf of some sort.  Some wolves were as small as dogs, while others were much larger.  Long sharp teeth were bared, and they would latch onto anything that came in range be it bear or dragon.  Alabaster sounded a warning call loud, which got the attention of one Kodiak grizzly dripping in blood.  “THE CHAIN HAS BEEN RESTORED, THE BEAR MOTHER IS ASCENDING!”  Alabaster shouted down to the bear, who nodded and roared loudly.  Unfortunately the wolves heard the announcement too, and howled in a terrifying mix of guttural sounds.  

As a group of small wolves raced forward, Cobalt leapt over and ripped them to shreds with his claws.  The dragon started to feed, and tore the deceased apart in his mouth.  Turning to another wave of oncoming foes, he took a deep breath, and roared again.  To the owl’s shock, ice shards started to fly out and impale the oncoming foes.  The shards were not numerous, nor were they long, but still … that was something Pudgy’s dragon friend had exhibited before.  The bridge cracked loudly again, and a huge chunk splintered off the left side.  A pack of white wolves were on the chunk, and howled in terror, as they started to fall into the ocean below. The owl continued to circle, watching a chunk fall from the right section of the bridge, narrowing the path to Uganik island.  The bears all started to roar in unison, realizing it was time to retreat. 

The deceased were left behind, and the injured were being dragged as quickly as the tired myriad of clans could manage.  Alabaster watched in horror as the bridge cracked in the middle, directly across the span.  The wolves finally had realized as well, something bad was occurring, and had halted their advance.  The only ones still fighting were the dragon and a brown bear covered in blood.  Another sickening cracking sound could be heard, and the bridge started to disintegrate.  The ice chunks started to fall like rain from the sky, and melt in the violent ocean waves that ran beneath the span.  “Cobalt, let’s go!”  The bear said, while starting to back up.  It was Mr. Bear from Pudgy’s forest, who had found the dragon on the bridge and fell alongside his friend to battle.  

The dragon roared again, standing defiantly on the cracking center of the bridge.  Despite the imminent danger, some wolves continued to advance, and come into range of the ice shards.  They would fly forward, and impale the wolves, sending their kind to fall.  Opposite of Cobalt, the wolves were turning around and starting to run as fast as they could.  Just like with the bear side of the bridge, the wolf side was cracking and shattering.  Howls of terror continued to fill the air, as wolves fell into the ocean below.  The blood of the fallen had attracted the sharks, who feasted upon the victims of the battle.  Mr. Bear had turned, and was limping as he ran to head back to Uganik island.  Two Kodiak grizzlies were standing guard, and slowly backing up, in case of the dragon not being able to hold back the wolves.  

That plan would have worked, had the bridge not decided it was time to split apart.  The crack which Cobalt was standing on, suddenly and violently opened up.  A huge section about ten feet wide started to fall down onto the ocean water below.  The sections on either side dropped hard and were wedged at an angle.  Both bear and wolf were sliding down either section, until they dug their claws into the remaining ice.  The dragon roared, and started to flap his wings, taking off from the quickly melting chunk of ice.  He could not achieve flight, but instead leapt onto the leaning span of ice.  However, that plan did not last long, as this section also separated and dropped onto the ocean surface.  Despite the cold temperatures of the Alaskan water, the unnatural ice melted far too quickly.  

Cobalt was running as fast as he could, trying to flap his wings and gain altitude.  But he was so exhausted from battle, it was taking every ounce of his willpower to keep going.  As he ran along the ice bridge section, he started to see sharks swimming underneath the ever growing translucent ice.  Leaping onto the next bridge section, the dragon did not turn around.  Each section upon landing on the water, was quickly dissolved back into the ocean once more.  Once again, the angled bridge section split from the remaining main span, and started to fall.  Leaping, finally Cobalt caught a bit of luck and was able to ascend.  He flapped his wings as hard as he could to gain altitude. The bridge continued to split apart, and the ice exploded out of the sides of the bridge, falling into the water.  The deceased bears were falling into the ocean waters, and sinking beneath the waves.  

Alabaster quickly flew up beside the injured dragon, watching as blue colored blood dripped from open wounds all over his body.  Sounding a concerned call, “Cobalt, are you all right?”  The former human groaned, “I hurt all over.  No more Pudgy adventures,” the dragon said with a smirk.  The owl nodded, and watched as the remaining bears were able to evacuate from the bridge.  The remaining sections all split apart and fell into the ocean one by one.  The chunks melted away, and soon Uganik was separated once more from the coastline of the mainland.  The coastline of their island was seen, and both flying animals were thankful to have a chance to land once more.  

However, this was the first time that Alabaster had a chance to look.  Over the main island of Kodiak, the Mother of all Bears had grown to gigantic proportions. Each of her paws could touch the coastline of the main island, should she have decided to land.  Her body was full of twinkling stars, and golden eyes as bright as the sun was staring in their direction.  “Mother of God, what is that?”  Cobalt said, as he too finally got a look at what was going on.  Alabaster called out, “Pudgy freed the chain, so the Bear Mother is ascending.  It’s some sort of renewal.”    The dragon nodded, as he adjusted his wings to start to glide to land.  Flying over a section of tired, but jubilant bears roaring,  the dragon landed a short distance from the rock where Pudgy was still standing with his paws clenched together.  

The hedgehog had been watching in horror at the bridge falling apart, the bears and wolves falling into the ocean, and then the collapse of the ice.  When he saw Cobalt flying beside Alabaster in the sky, his heart leapt, until he saw the condition of his friend.  When the dragon landed, Pudgy started to cry terribly.  Deep gouges were cut into the dragon’s body, with scales ripped out all over him.  A bluish colored blood was pouring out of the wounds, causing the dragon’s hide to glisten in the faint sunlight.  “Cobalt!  You …..are…hurt….”  The hedgehog wailed, as he watched his dragon friend drop onto the ground.  Scampering up quickly, Pudgy could not find a spot that was not damaged somehow.  “So ….. tired…… Pudgy….”  The former human said, while his eyes rolled shut and his head fell hard onto the ground.  

Alabaster landed shortly afterwards beside Pudgy, and turned to face the sleeping dragon.  “Pudgy, I am still amazed by what is occurring.  Your human friend did not think anything of it, and flew into battle.  All my life, I was told humans are selfish, and care not for others.  But this proves those stories wrong …”  The owl trailed off, watching the bears start to sit down and roar towards the Bear Mother’s mountain cave.  The ground shook once more, causing both hedgehog and owl to turn around.  The Bear Mother’s body of stars were condensing, and she was returning back to her normal size.  A voice boomed over the lands, clear with a defiant tone.  “My children, I am restored once more.  Our foes shall never prevail, when our kind is united as one.  Let all remember this day, those who fell, and those who survived.”

The chorus of roars continued to fill the air, drowning out all other sounds.  The Bear Mother’s words filling their minds, all could feel the call to head towards the mountain.  Once more the myriad of clans began to move as one to the cavern on the main island of Kodiak.  The hedgehog turned, to watch the tired and injured bears starting to walk slowly towards the treeline in the center of Uganik island.  But Pudgy would not join them, he was staying with Cobalt.  One by one the bears would pass, offering a nod and a growl of acknowledgement.  Alabaster was amazed at the display, silently watching the procession beside Pudgy.  An unknown amount of time passed, and soon the trio of bears that had waved at them to land earlier arrived.  

The russian bear pointed at Cobalt, “Comrade …”  Bill the koala bear nodded as Bo the panda bear walked up beside the black grizzly bear, “Cobalt.  Pudgy, he gave it his all and them some.  Knocked the bloody bastards a good one.”  Bo was quiet, watching the breathing of the dragon slow down.  Alabaster frowned, noticing the dragon’s sides not moving as frequently.  A familiar voice rang out as a brown bear covered in wolf blood walked up.  “Hello Pudgy, I somehow figured you were coming.  Alabaster, good to see you as well.”  The hedgehog whimpered as he recognized his forest bear friend, “Mr. Bear!  You are hurt too!  We will never go to Alaska again!”  Pudgy started to wail uncontrollably, and was crying so hard his tears fell like rain.  

One by one, the bears formed a circle around the dragon.  They sat down slowly, and groaned as their muscles were on fire.  The exception was Bill, who scampered over to Pudgy, “hey mate, dry those eyes.  We have a job to do.  We need moss, as much as we can find.”  The critter looked up, “what will moss do?”  Bill smiled, “we can use it to bind the wounds of our friends.  Look, some moss is even on this rock…”  The hedgehog nodded, and between wails, he started to explore around.  The moss which the koala spoke of, really did grow everywhere.  It was a deep green, and thick.  It grew on any rock surface, and easily was pulled off.  A small, but growing pile of moss began to form in front of Alabaster, who was still watching the skies above the Bear Mother’s cavern.  

Slowly the large bear shrunk down, as the stars that formed her body condensed once more.  Eventually, she could no longer be seen, nor could the ethereal glow of the light from the skies above.  The skies above the mountain darkened, as the sun set in the distance, and the stars appeared once more in the normal places.  The moon was floating silently in the sky, half full, with its mysterious cratered surface.  The twilight faded, and soon the area was dark once more.  As the owl bounced to turn around, he saw the koala and hedgehog binding the dragon’s wounds with moss.  No one was speaking, as all were too tired to form coherent thoughts.  The Russian bear had already fallen asleep, and was snoring loudly.  

Bo chuckled, and rolled onto his back, looking up at the stars. The panda was going to stay something philosophical, but he too fell fast asleep.  Mr. Bear watched Pudgy and Alabaster, before noticing a familiar gray bear walking towards him.  There was a red panda scampering along beside him, and both were looking concerned.  It had been a long time since Mr. Bear was so happy to see his father.  If he had the energy, he would have run up to meet him, but it took all he had left to wave his paw and wiggle his left and only remaining ear.  Pudgy turned to Bill, “thank you for helping Cobalt.”  The koala bear nodded, and yawned terribly while speaking, “no worries …mate.”  

In a couple of minutes, the elderly gray bear sat in front of his son.  “Junior, you look like you have been through a lot today. Sleep now, I will watch over the group.”  The younger brown bear nodded, and collapsed onto the ground, falling immediately asleep.  Drew looked at Cobalt, who was still bleeding, but packed with moss.  The little hedgehog was still frantically scurrying around, trying to bind his wounds with moss.  The koala bear fell over beside Alabaster, having run out of gas finally.  “Pudgy, how bad is Cobalt?”  The red panda asked with a concerned tone, which the hedgehog started to whimper.  “Pudgy can’t get the bleeding to stop, so Bill tell Pudgy to pack with moss.”    

As Grandpa bear looked on with concern, he watched the resourceful hedgehog work tirelessly, for many tense moments.  Until finally all wounds were bound as best as he could manage, and Pudgy too collapsed onto the ground.  In the distance across the water, a faint howl could be heard.  The wolves were safely away on the mainland, and could not reach the island.  “Once more, the Mother of all bears has been renewed.  To think, I would be alive when it happened …and with my son no less.” The elderly bear softly said while watching over his cub.  Drew nodded, “is it always this active?”  The gray bear shook his head, “not normally.  But then again, what do I know, since this only happens every couple hundred years or so.  None of us will be alive when the next renewal happens, or if we are, by that time … we might all be hedgehogs.”  

Drew and Alabaster laughed, with the eldelry bear joining in shortly afterwards.  Pudgy had curled up beside Cobalt, and was fast asleep.  The battle for the island was over, and the Bear Mother had been renewed.  A long rest was in order for all, and all to recover from their collective injuries.  There were a couple human towns on the island, now deserted due to their disappearances.  The towns, while not large, contained many things, of which was of great use to the bears.  There had been parties going on, and would be once again, now that they no longer had to worry about imminent attack.  The red panda looked up into the stars, wondering if anyone else he knew had come back?  

Without fanfare, or warning, small orbs of white light started to float out of the water and upwards into the sky.  Similar orbs appeared over the fallen bears, and also started their ascent above.  Drew, Alabaster, and Grandpa bear watched as the souls of the fallen began to return to the sky from whence they originated from.  The owl softly hooted, “peace unto thee.”  The red panda nodded, and watched in silence, as the orbs disappeared into the clouds now starting to roll in from the ocean.  Softly in the distance, thunder rolled in the clouds approaching the island.  “Looks like rain is coming,”  Drew said softly.

Grandpa bear nodded, “yes, most likely.  I would say we should wake our friends, but let them rest.  Rain will not hurt them, and if anything would help in the current set of circumstances.  Once it is safe to move, we will head to the former human town of Port Lions.  It will have things we can use to patch up our friends here.”  The russian muttered, “and vodka …. lots …. of … vodka ….”  Drew laughed, “I could use a drink myself.  It’s been a rough couple of days.”  The elderly bear nodded, “or a good scotch whiskey.  I have a taste for it, though I do not drink it often.  I fear though, now that the humans are gone, that too will disappear.  As bad as they were, they did make good spirits of which to drink.”

Alabaster hooted softly, “if you two will excuse me, I do not prefer the rain.  I will be over in that tree.”  The owl pointed at a nearby pine tree, and quickly flapped his wings to take off.  The bears watched as the arctic owl flew off, and landed up in the tree on a higher branch.  Drew waved, to which Alabaster softly hooted back in return.  The clouds thickened in the skies, and a soft gentle rain started to fall.  As with most things in Alaska, it was a cold rain, but thankfully not freezing.  The blood that drenched the lands was being washed away and into the ocean to be carried away by the currents.  The land would be cleansed, and the bears were at peace once more.  

By Cobalt

Cobalt is a normal guy that goes to work. Pudgy is his hedgehog friend who lives in a hobbit style home nearby, and goes on epic adventures. All Pudgy stories are copyrighted to Cobalt. Doomcock, Harvey Cthulhu, and Xanadoom is copyrighted to Overlord DVD.

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