Pudgy Visits Doomcock Epilogue

Pudgy left Cobalt’s house when he left for work.  He scampered over to his cabin and unlocked it.  First order of business was to get the wood stove going, as it was a heavy freeze morning.  Pudgy had to get his home back in order, winter was coming.  The little hedgehog had made quick work of getting his cabin back in order.  The water wheel was working again, and the alternator was charging the new deep cycle battery that Cobalt had hooked up.  He swept his porch, and stacked wood pellets.  He had time to reflect, though he couldn’t help but feel a bit sad. 

His adventure was over, and Doomcock said he could not go back unless he allowed it.  Harvey Cthulu had been silent too.  Mister Dinosaur was missing from his cave.  Pudgy sighed, until a knock came upon his door.  He opened it and found a smiling dragon.  Pudgy ran up to Xylenia and hugged her leg and looked up at her.   The dragon grinned, “I am glad you made it safely back.”  Pudgy bounced happily and started telling her all about his adventure after he had left her in the cave.   After an exciting day of stories, the dragon hugged her friend, and headed back underground. 

Several days passed, with Pudgy returning to a sense of normalcy.  He spent the days getting his cabin ready for winter, visiting Cobalt at his house, and playing with his Dragon and Dinosaur friends when they stopped by.  But the hedgehog could not help wondering what Doomcock and Harvey were up to?  Cobalt had given him a tablet, so he could watch the YouTube channel, so he could listen to them when he wanted. But Xanadoom was more exciting, and he had only spent a short time exploring there.  He wondered what else was down there.  So, it was a complete surprise when Pudgy came back in from gathering firewood, he found a little letter on his table.  Sitting down at a chair, he saw the envelope said TO PUDGY.  He opened the letter and bounced happily as he read it.  It was from Doomcock.

“Hail Pudgy, it is I Doomcock, the future ruler of the world. I am glad you came to visit Harvey and I here in Xanadoom.  I thoroughly enjoyed our visit, and glad you made it home safely.  Although, I must admit that Xanadoom seems a little lonely now.    So, as of today I have issued the following decree, that you may return to Xanadoom whenever you shall wish to do so.  I have programmed the robot guards to recognize you, and enclosed is your official legionnaire identification card.  I humbly request though; you use the crystal to communicate first. I need to make certain preparations prior to your arrival.  Looking forward to your next visit Diktor Von Doomcock.” 

Pudgy found a wax seal stamped with his signet ring.  He also found a plastic security ID card with his name and picture on it.  The hedgehog bounced happily and placed the letter in a frame.  Hanging the prized possession upon his wall, he stepped back to examine it.  Pudgy still had the vest on that held the crystal, though upon further inspection, he found a pocket to store the card in, and tucked the ID card in its pocket.  Pudgy couldn’t wait to tell Cobalt all about the letter and card.

Hours passed, and as Cobalt got out of his Jeep, Pudgy flew out of a bush and started hugging him.  The man laughed and hugged his friend. While listening to the excited hedgehog, he inspected the legionnaire ID card.  Handing the card back to Pudgy he spoke, “Well, this is certainly interesting timing Pudgy, because recently I signed up on Patreon to support Lord Doomcock.”  Pudgy bounced happily and spent the evening at Cobalt’s home.  As they watched television, Pudgy looked out the window.  The trees had lost their leaves, so he could see the moon peeking out of the trees.  It was then Pudgy wondered, does Doomcock have a moon base?  The hedgehog got a glimmer in his eyes, and he pondered what the future held in store for Cobalt and him?  He was sure that another adventure was looming, however the question was: when?

By Cobalt

Cobalt is a normal guy that goes to work. Pudgy is his hedgehog friend who lives in a hobbit style home nearby, and goes on epic adventures. All Pudgy stories are copyrighted to Cobalt. Doomcock, Harvey Cthulhu, and Xanadoom is copyrighted to Overlord DVD.

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