Cthulhu Protocol Epilogue: Pudgy’s Home

Pudgy woke up and peeked out the window at Cobalt’s house.  The trees were frozen white, the ground covered with a light layer of snow, and heavy fog.  Pudgy Hope everyone has a good day.  As the morning came, the sun chased the fog away.  The icy trees melted, turning brown once more.  That meant, Pudgy could go outside now.  Hurriedly he scampered to the basement of Cobalt’s house.

Living with a Hedgehog means Cobalt had to make certain accommodations to his home.  Ramps on the stairs, and a little door for Pudgy to use in the back.  Pudgy slid down the ramp and landed on his rear end on the beige carpet.  “Wheeee!” Pudgy scampered to the little red door that was beside the big glass sliding door and opened it.  It was a cold day in Pennsylvania again.  But he could breathe, and no special equipment was necessary.  The hedgehog wanted to see what remained of his cabin.

Pudgy shut the door, and then scampered through the small yard behind Cobalt’s house, and then slid down the hillside. “Whee!” The hedgehog wiggled the dirt off when he landed below and looked both ways before crossing the road. It was clear, so he started to run fast.  Panting as he reached the other side and looked through a brown thorn bush that guarded the path to his cabin.  It was like Cobalt said. There were burnt timbers strewn about.  The stove pipe was lodged into an oak tree.  Pudgy frowned, and carefully walked through the forest.

Pudgy spent the afternoon looking around his cabin site, but there was nothing left. The hedgehog explored and started looking for a suitable site for a new home.  Cobalt was working on plans for a hobbit style house from Tolkien.  As the light started to fade, he decided to head back to Cobalt’s house.  As the critter reached the road, he saw Cobalt’s car drive past.  Scampering as quickly as he could, he scurried across the road, and started up the hill towards the house. Pudgy reached the door, and scooted inside as Cobalt said, “Pudgy, dinner…”

Early the next day, Mister Bear was wandering through the forest on a cold winter day, to go have a look at Pudgy’s cabin. He had watched the rocket launch and wanted to see if the hedgehog had returned.  When the brown bear arrived, he found burnt timbers strewn about.  A metal stove pipe was embedded into a tree, and now was leaking sap.  Sticking his tongue out, he caught a drip, and it was sweet.  “Must be a maple tree.”  Sniffing the air, he could see Pudgy was back.  And followed to scent past the imprint that was his cabin, and up a path towards a series of rock overhangs, with small caves.  The curious bear found a campfire and tent set up.  Pudgy had tools strewn about, with survey marker posts. Looking into the cave, “helloooo …. Pudgy …. it’s Mister Bear ….”  The bear wondered what his hedgehog friend was up to.

After some time passed, out scampered Pudgy with a mining helmet.  He waved, “his Mister bear!”   The hedgehog excitedly started telling about his trip to the moon, the dinosaurs, beating Harvey, returning with the aliens, touchdown in Britain, and recovery in Xanadoom.  All the while, serving the bear tea and assorted goodies from a small human sized cooler with a push button on the side.  After the tale wrapped up, the bear blinked and said, “wow.  You had a busy time. So, what are you doing up here?” Pudgy bounced happily, “Cobalt helping build Hobbit type house here.” The brown bear grinned and sipped his tea from a stainless-steel cup. “My word, that will cost a lot.  But I think Cobalt can do it. Can I come over too?”  Pudgy nodded, watching biscuits rise in a cast iron pan. ” oh yes, Pudgy will have party.”

Pudgy had made a bear sized biscuit and handed it to him.  As his friend munched, Pudgy nibbled on a much smaller one. It was a sunshine filled winter day, with no snow, which was nice. Once it warmed up again, Pudgy hoped Mister Dinosaur would stop by for a visit. After a yummy snack, Mister bear said his goodbyes, and wandered back to his home on the edge of the forest.  Pudgy returned to his digging work.  The hedgehog was widening and squaring off parts of the cave. Cobalt was going to buy a big metal tube, like the ones that go under roads when there is a stream, cut it in half, then position it in place.  It would act as a sturdy support to prevent cave collapse.  Then they could start building. Pudgy’s sections would be a lofty 2-foot ceiling height, and the big room would be 7 foot.

As the day progressed, Pudgy saw Cobalt driving his vehicle through the forest, with a trailer full of metal tubes.  Pudgy stayed in the cave and watched the trailer start approaching. His friend got out dressed in his rocket assembly outfit and waved at Pudgy.  Cobalt started moving large half sections of corrugated steel pipe, placing them in front of the caves.  Pudgy had fun running though the pipes and peeked out at Cobalt.  The hedgehog told his friend about the visit from mister bear today.

Pudgy had cut grooves through parts of the rock, so with a tremendous screeching of noise, cobalt forced the big pipe section into the cave. Arranging the other sections, pudgy could see how the layout was going to be eventually.  Cobalt turned around, “ok Pudgy, put out the fire, time for supper.”  The hedgehog nodded and extinguished it.  Cobalt scooped up Pudgy and got into the car with him. The two friends drove through the woods and headed back to Cobalt’s home nearby.   Pudgy was tired, but excited.

It was another cold, but sunshine filled morning. Pudgy was back at his new home site, building a fire.  Cobalt gave him a task to do.  He had a level and had to make all the ground flat.  A perfect task for Pudgy, after he was done with breakfast.  Today was oatmeal and tea.  Pudgy was busy with a little rake, and shovel.  Making little piles of dirt and rock, he would toss it to a growing pile in front of the cave opening.  Cobalt would be by later; he was going to put something called a French drain in.  Pudgy wondered if that was like a French dip?

Hours quickly passed, and Pudgy scampered to his campfire, and added a big log to it.  Setting up his cast iron pan, he started cooking bacon.  Well, needless to say, yummy bacon smells started to waft through the forest, and under the door of Mister Dinosaur.  Pudgy soon heard the familiar crunching noises of a large dinosaur walking through the forest.  The tyrannosaur instinctively headed to Pudgy’s cabin but found only a hole in the ground.  Confused, the dinosaur sniffed, turned slowly and spied Pudgy cooking in front of a cave.  In a matter of seconds, the large creature had reached Pudgy.  The little hedgehog waved and started telling him of what happened during his adventure.  The tyrannosaur listened and looked around the cave.  When the bacon was ready, Pudgy took a strip, and gave the rest to his friend.

The hedgehog ten broke open another pack of bacon to cook for his friend.  As they munched, the stories continued, through the build the house updates. Mister Dino was happy, and with the topography of the land, he didn’t have to bend down as much now.  Pudgy was finally at snout level.  The dinosaur was quiet, as he came to the realization that there were others of his kind still alive, and on the moon.  His hedgehog friend told them of him, so they were aware now.  What would happen next, the dinosaur pondered, as thick peppered bacon completed cooking.

Once the bacon was done, and Pudgy was done with his stories, Mister Dinosaur had to go.  The little hedgehog went back to work.  He stayed busy all day, until he saw Cobalt driving through the forest again, this time the trailer was stacked high with stone chip for driveways. Pudgy stayed out of the way and cooked supper, while his human friend worked.  After laying perforated piping, he spread the stones throughout the area, and behind the large pipes that was serving as the main roof / cavern supports.  “Why are you doing that Cobalt?”

The hedgehog asked, speaking around a pile of rock. Cobalt smiled, “well, when it rains, this will divert the water, so it doesn’t flood your home.  Plus, I’m going to make a cistern, so you can store water.  Maybe a well too.”  The hedgehog nodded and returned to baking a pan of cornbread. Cobalt finished his work, and then sat down beside Pudgy.  The hedgehog handed his friend a big piece of cornbread, and then scampered around inside.  “Wow, it’s so big in here!” Cobalt laughed, “yes, but just like the rocket Pudgy, once I put all the stuff in, it will be smaller

After wrapping things up at Pudgy’s home site, Cobalt pulled out his phone.  With Pudgy in his lap, they watched a star trek show, as the campfire’s flames danced on the logs.  The stars were out, and the moon clear.  Pudgy stared up at the moon yawning, “Pudgy hope dinosaurs ok.” Cobalt smiled and patted his head, “they’ll be fine. And I’m sure you will see them again someday just not for a while, ok?” Pudgy bounced happily, started to put out the campfire.  Cobalt carried him to the car, and carefully drove out of the forest.  It was time for bath, supper, then bed. 

The next day quickly came, and it was another sunshine filled, but extremely cold day in Pennsylvania.  As Cobalt was at work, Pudgy was back at his home site working.  There was a big stack of building supplies, and an excited hedgehog scurrying back and forth. There were little pots bubbling on a nearby fire.  Pudgy stopped for a break after a couple hours of work had passed.  Being very careful, he had put in 2 circular wood framed windows.  had also spread plastic down throughout, as the plan was for Cobalt to put concrete in throughout.  Warming himself at the fire, he sipped tea.  Watching as Cobalt drove up with the trailer loaded with supplies.  He had taken half a vacation day.  The hedgehog bounced and waved as friend got out of the vehicle.  The local home improvement store loved.

Cobalt, who was racking up rewards points like crazy.  Plus, cash back on the credit card too, which was then reinvested into the latest Pudgy adventure.  Pudgy looked at the receipt, stapled to a piece of lumber. It was 2 feet long.  When he spied what this had cost, he hugged Cobalt.  The man smiled, “don’t worry about the cost Pudgy. I can make it back working overtime.”  The lumber yard had cut sheets of 7/8″ plywood subflooring into horseshoe shaped pieces.  Using various lumber boards, he would build a frame, insert into the metal tubes, so the interior panels could be hung.  The two friends started working in earnest.

Hours passed, and Pudgy was in amazement at how much progress had been made.  The little hedgehog was exploring his new home.  The big section was 6 x 8 foot, with a 5-foot-high ceiling.  2-foot-high openings were on each side of the room, which led to the much smaller hedgehog sections of his home.  Cobalt had the walls up and had been working on the large round door opening for the big front door.  There was a small round door for Pudgy, which he scampered in and out of many times.  “Cobalt, can Pudgy stay tonight?”   His human friend laughed, ” well it’s supposed to be 20 tonight.  I don’t have your stove or fireplace installed yet, so there is no heat.”   The hedgehog scampered over to the fire, “ok, Pudgy make supper.” The hedgehog started cooking, while his friend hung the 4-foot diameter door on its hinges.

Cobalt opened and closed the door several times, checking its travel. Once satisfied, Cobalt went back inside the big room.  To the right was a small room where he would put the electrical system.  And to the left was a kitchen, then bathroom, then Pudgy’s bedroom.  His original cabin was 6 x 6 foot.  His new place was double in size, which was better. Once construction was done, he would cover the front of the home, and plant grass.  By summer, the home should be covered with grass and plants, which aside from the round windows and door, you would be able to tell a home was there. 

“Cobalt, supper…” Pudgy said while peeking over the lip of the door frame. He looked sad he couldn’t go through the big door. Cobalt turned and nodded and watched as his friend scampered back to the campfire. As he sat down, Pudgy had made cornbread.  The two munched, as the sun set, the temperature quickly started to fall. “It’s supposed to be 50 for the next 3 days, so I want to do concrete tomorrow.  Once that’s cured, we can finish your sections, I hope for you to move in next weekend Pudgy.  The big room we can take our time. ” Pudgy nodded and nibbled on his cornbread. “Hello, dearest Pudgy, hello Cobalt” The little hedgehog turned, and saw @Hecates3rd standing beside a tree. Cobalt smiled and waved, “hello Hecate, how are you?” 

The woman smiled and strode over to the little camp. “I am, as well as can be expected.  What are thou two up to?”  Pudgy pointed, “Cobalt building Pudgy a hobbit house.” The man stood up and motioned for her to come over.  The curious woman walked over and entered with Cobalt. “My word, I did not expect this.  We can nearly stand in here.” Cobalt was bent over, “Pudgy wanted a room to be able to have visitors of human size.” Hecate watched as Pudgy poked his head out of a small round opening beside the room.  She stopped down and looked inside.  It stretched another 8 feet or so. “I suspect this is your home section?”

Pudgy nodded, as Hecate stood up, she smiled, “my word, you two hath been busy.” As the trio exited, Cobalt sat on the ground, motioning for her sit on the “chair” which was a log. Pudgy started to tell his grand tale of going to the moon and back. She watched the critter act out parts, listened while Pudgy told his tale, cobalt made the fire bigger, as it was cold and dark out now.  The stars twinkled in the clear night sky, and as the magical woman sipped her tea, she nodded. “My word, your adventure certainly was extensive Pudgy.” Cobalt laughed, “yes, it was.”

Hecate looked back at the house, and then at Pudgy. “I am glad you are safe now, and that you refrain from adventures for a while.”  Pudgy nodded and crawled up on her lap and hugged.  She hugged back gently and patted his head.  “It is growing late; I should be off soon.”  Cobalt nodded, “yes, I’ll be taking Pudgy back to my house soonish, after we wrap up things here. It was good seeing you Hecate.”  The woman smiled and nodded as she materialized in a cloud of smoke.  Pudgy landed on the log softly.  The man stood up, and started moving tools Inside the big room, along with the building supplies. Pudgy started to pack his little things up, moving them through his door, into the hedgehog section. Cobalt pulled the big door shut and latched it while Pudgy put out the fire. 

Once ready, Cobalt scooped up his hedgehog Friend, and got into the car.  Driving carefully through the woods, to head back to his home.  They would return tomorrow, and work throughout the weekend. Cobalt’s vehicle was parked in front of Pudgy’s new home.  Huge blue water barrels were in front, building supplies scattered about.  The front was now covered with dirt and rock.  Little circular windows were now sticking out of the hillside. Pudgy scampered about happily. Cobalt was on his hands and knees toweling concrete in the very tight Hedgehog section of the home.  He had completed the room to the right and had started the main area.  Pudgy wanted to help too, but there was no room.  There was tops, 2 inches on either side of the man.

Pudgy had his little hedgehog sized door open, though he couldn’t get in, as Cobalt’s body was blocking it.  As the man growled and smoothed, he would scoot back.  Eventually his head was at the door, which Pudgy bonked as he opened it.  The man grumbled, and kept working, “you owe me two cinnamon rolls for that!” Pudgy, “sowwyy Cobalt! Pudgy get to cooking now.” The hedgehog scampered over to the fire and started to prepare his cinnamon rolls.   The hedgehog watched as a black van with the Gideon’s Mob logo drove past, “hey, Pudgy know that band!”  Hours passed, and as the sun beamed through the tree branches above, the skies were blue, and birdies happily played.  The doors were open, and the concrete was now put in, and drying throughout.  The big room was a much thicker pad, since humans would be there occasionally.

As Cobalt sipped coffee from a big mug, the hedgehog was bouncing from too much sugar.  He had made cinnamon rolls, with extra icing. The man laughed, and peeked inside the large door opening, the dark gray color meant it was still wet. “Pudgy, we’re making excellent progress.”  Time continued to pass, and eventually Pudgy was sitting beside his campfire, sipping a tea.  Cobalt had taken the vehicle and trailer back to his house.   Pudgy looked through the forest, wondering when it would be safe to go back inside the home?  Cobalt was heading back, pulling a wagon through the forest, and up the hill towards the new home site.  Pudgy waved and watched as the wagon was pulled in front of the big door that led to the sitting room.  Cobalt smiled, Pudgy seeing all his salvaged cabin supplies.  The hedgehog bounced excitedly.

“Later today, Pudgy, we can get your things inside.  While the big room is not ready yet, nor the power system, or plumbing, you can spend the night if you want to.”   Cobalt said as he watched the hedgehog start to dance around in little circles. “YAY!”  The man laughed and smiled.  Cobalt resumed his work.  He had been making a stack of cut finish wood trim pieces.  Pudgy would have to finish the interior, as he could no longer fit within the hedgehog sections.  The plan was to use the big room as a place to store supplies, until he could finish the rest. Pudgy had noted earlier, that the weeping tile and French drain was working as expected, and water was trickling out of the drain openings.  With the appropriate catch basins, He figured he could have Pudgy’s water storage sorted out quick. 

Power would be an issue, as he would need to trench a hundred feet, and run the power cables underground.  The water wheel would be relocated to the stream, and disguised so the sewage authority would not be able to easily find it.  The man knew Pudgy’s friends would get tangled up if he strung the line.  Quickly the light started to fade, though the skies remained blue.  The sun sliding past the trees as it tracked towards the southwestern skies.  Cobalt had helped Pudgy get his possessions inside.  The wood stove was connected, its vent pipe connected in such a way to keep everything safe.  Pudgy’s bed was assembled, and he was putting on his official Doomcock bedding. Cobalt had dug two pits by the French drain exit pipes and sunk the water barrels.  As he connected the discharges, Pudgy peeked his head out of the small round Hedgehog sized door.

Cobalt smiled, and handed his friend supplies, which resulted in an excited hedgehog scampering back and forth. Once everything was inside, the man walked over to the big door, saw Pudgy peeking out at him. “Go ahead and shut your interior door.” Pudgy nodded and shut a small interior door that led to the main Pudgy living area. The big room floor was still drying, so there was nothing inside.  The small room to the right was full of supplies.  The tired man pulled the door shut and latched it. And sat beside the dying campfire.  After some time passed, he found Pudgy hugging his leg, looking up at him. “Boy, this was a lot of work.  We’re still not done, but done enough to have you move in.  Plus, I cut finish pieces.  You can keep working while i go to work.” 

The hedgehog nodded and kept hugging his friend.  Cobalt picked up Pudgy and hugged him gently.  After a long time of quietness, the hedgehog was set back down on the ground.  He scampered inside his new home.  He peeked from each little round window waving.  Cobalt waved back, and cleaned up the camp site, covering the fire pit with dirt and rocks, then wet down with a bit of water from his concrete mix bucket. Kneeling down, he looked into the doorway, “Pudgy, I’m heading home. Please be safe, no wild parties.”  The hedgehog rubbed noses with Cobalt. “Pudgy pwomise.”  The man stood, heading home.

It had been an hour since Cobalt left.  Pudgy already could tell he was going to like his new home.  There were no drafts, and when he fired up the wood stove, the area heated quick.  It was so quiet, and as he climbed into his bed, he wigged his paws in the air.  Pudgy got out of bed, and checked the doors and windows, they were all shut and locked.  The floors were cold, but with the stove lit and the heated space, the concrete was dry and cured in no time at all.  After adding fuel to the stove, Pudgy scampered into bed and fell asleep.

Pudgy woke up late the next morning, under all the blankies.  He looked up at the round ceiling.  The boards were tightly packed, covering the insulation he had put in yesterday.  As the hedgehog looked down, the rest of his living area needed worked on, but he was home.  His new home was warm and quiet, with beams of light shining through his little round windows onto the floor. Cobalt was going to sleep in today too, so the hedgehog decided to get up.  After breakfast, he would get started on his interior work.  Pudgy hoped everyone had good day.

Pudgy opened the interior door that led into the big room.  The concrete floor here was still drying, though he could walk on it.  Scurrying across, he reached the little room where supplies and tools were.  Once moved, the critter began hanging insulation and ceiling boards.  Pudgy had his own hedgehog sized tools and was making quick work of his round ceiling.  Next on the plan was to put round door archways, so he could separate bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen / living room.  Yesterday Cobalt had cut the parts, he just had to assemble it.

Pudgy chuckled, “today on renovate house show, Pudgy put kitchen in 24 hours.”  He pondered who the pretty host lady would be on his show?  Eris and Sammi Jo Billy Bob came to mind wearing a tool belt.  But given the height and style of his home, they would get stuck.  Cobalt would have to pull them out.  Now that the ceilings were finished, the lofty 24 inches had shrunk down to 18-inch ceiling height.  Pudgy was only 5 and a half inches tall, so he had room to jump. It was a bit stuffy, so he opened his front door.  It was a warm for Pennsylvania day, and a slight breeze entered

Hours passed, and the hedgehog had made a ton of progress.  Cobalt had brought supplies, and frosty’s from Wendy’s. So, as the two friends sat in front of the big room’s open door, they munched away. Pudgy related all the progress he had made inside, and how he loved his home.

Cobalt was very happy and patted his hedgehog friend on his head gently. “I will cut the parts, and you can work on the assembly throughout the week.  Your home will be done by the end of this week.”  Pudgy nodded, and watched as his friend stood up, and started unloading his wagon’s contents into the big room.  Inside and to the left was an unfinished hedgehog height section.  The metal pipe was visible, and the concrete floor was exposed.  This was due to the plan of locating the various electrical components there.  It would be a good dry storage area as well.  As Cobalt was kneeling, he was connecting various parts together, and bolting them into place.  Pudgy scooted between his legs and looked up at his friend.  Cobalt laughed, as Pudgy started to help string wire.  In terms of power consumption, Pudgy needed enough power to recharge a phone, and run 6 LED light bulbs.  While the power generation methods were not ready yet, exchanging a deep cycle boat battery was not difficult.  Cobalt would be over often anyhow, which would not be an issue. 

While his human friend worked on electric, Pudgy kept working on the kitchen and living area.  The two friends worked all day, and into the early evening.  Cobalt had made piles of building materials within the big room, all cut to size, and ready for hedgehog installation.  The electrical system was connected/tested, an ingenious system, complete with miniature pump, meant running water was ready.  A series of catch basins, weeping tile, and French drains meant that once it rained there would be enough water for Pudgy to use.  Cobalt continued to cover the front area with rock and dirt, except for the one side where he would need to trench the electric line for Pudgy’s water wheel electric generator line.  A couple big rocks disguised that spot well.  As Pudgy scampered out while Cobalt shut the big door, he excitedly spoke. “Thank you, Cobalt, for helping Pudgy!  You are Pudgy’s best friend in whole wide world.”  Cobalt knelt and scooped up his friend and hugged him. “You are very welcome; you are my best friend too.  Now please, be safe and careful.  I will not be over for a couple of days.  I took too much time off from work.”

The hedgehog nodded and bounced happily.  Cobalt set him down and handed him a new cell phone.  The old one was now stuck on the moon, plus this one shared Cobalt’s data plan.  Pudgy drug it inside of his new home and peeked out of his door waving.  Cobalt smiled and waved back and drug his wagon back behind him through the forest.  Pudgy watched his friend head home and wiggled happily.  He loved his new home, and once it got warmer out, he could plaster the ceilings, and paint too.  His home would be the best hedgehog house in the world.  Eventually it would be time to host a party, and he would invite Lord Doomcock, Hecate, Mister Dinosaur, Mister Bear, and all his friends over.

By Cobalt

Cobalt is a normal guy that goes to work. Pudgy is his hedgehog friend who lives in a hobbit style home nearby, and goes on epic adventures. All Pudgy stories are copyrighted to Cobalt. Doomcock, Harvey Cthulhu, and Xanadoom is copyrighted to Overlord DVD.

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